AT&T Customers line up for the new Windows Phones

AT&T Store in Irving, Texas

Today's launch of the AT&T Windows Phone 8 devices was sure to draw lines at some stores. Dare I say it was a perfect storm type event with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X on the same day?

Readers are reporting a mixed bag with some stores not having any of the new phones in stock to stores with plenty Lumia's in stock but no 8X's.  WPCentral reader, Jignesh, sent us the above picture from the AT&T Store at Irving, Texas of customers lining up to buy the new Windows Phones.

WPCentral reader, Charles, reports an AT&T Store in Dallas, Texas only had one Lumia 920 in stock.  In contrast,My local AT&T Store had plenty of the Lumia 920 and 820 models but limited colors (black, white and red). The 8X's are reportedly arriving on the UPS truck this afternoon.  The Customer Service Reps were helpful and had their Windows Phone sales pitches ready for customers looking for new phones. They even swapped out the large billboard sign from the iPhone to the Nokia Lumia 920.

AT&T Store Availability

If you are heading out to your local AT&T store, you may want to check out AT&T's website first. Pull up the listing of the Windows Phone you are interested in and just below the "Add to Cart" button you should see a "Check in-store availability" link. Just type in your zip code and you should be able to see which store in your area has the phone in-stock.

If your hunting a new Windows Phone today, good luck. We hope you find the Nokia or HTC phone you're wanting.

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Thanks, Jingesh, for the tip and picture!


Reader comments

AT&T Customers line up for the new Windows Phones


No. The 2 AT&T stores I went to in Queens, NY didn't even know what I was talking about, and they didnt even have the plates

You can ask them about matching color...they can do it. They did it on two 920s i bought. They add the price, and discount your phone instead.

First I was told that it was online only offer. Then, I pulled out my focus and brought up the WPCentral article about the free charger plates. So, the agent agreed and put in an order of my charger for $50 and discounted my phone for the same amount. So, my phone turned out to be 50 dollars, plus the $50 for the charger. As a customer, I am still happy even though my plate will be arriving in mail.

the stores in los angeles have a ign stating you get a plate, but it's not available in store. they have to order it for you.

WPCentral: You mentioned that you were collecting accessories for the new phones.  Please keep your eyes open for a car mounting kit that includes wireless charging.  Combining wireless charging w/ Bluetooth would make for a killer setup in my car!

This is the most briliiant idea that I have heard all week!
For those that are wondering, the black charger is the only one that is given free. Other colors are not part of the promo. If you got matching colors from stores, you got lucky. AT&T will be tracking that.

That was my first thought when they said the line was in Irving. Don't forget, that MS campus is right next door to the Nokia Campus.

At the Irving store where I took this picture on the post had good stock of lumia 920, but not in yellow and cyan, I want yellow so returned empty handed. I will order mine over the phone.

I feel for you guys sitting out in the cold. Pre-Ordered mine online wednesday and it was on my front porch yesterday by noon! Also, I just spoke with a rep about the charging plates and they will be mailed at a later date. He said they're basically creating 2 seperate orders when you pick up the 920 and when they get more stock they'll start mailing them out.

Was at Tmobile corporate store yesterday and the manager let me hold the Lumia 821, man it looks gorgeous and contrary to what everybody is saying the phone feels lighter and thinner than my Lumia 900. I didn't get to try the camera though but but screen obviously is an improvement over the 900. Im now kinda confused whether to wait until 11/15 when the 821 goes on sale to make a decision between the 920 and 821 or just go ahead and replace my cyan 900 with a yellow 920 for the sake of Pureview and Super HD Motion + screen. Of course I cannot use the 920 on Tmobile network for now but I have 10gb data with tethering and I have been using my Radar as hotspot to my NL900.

It's a sad day that Nokia At&t Msft don't have their supply chain in order. Maybe hire Tim Cook.I have my cyan L900 and not upgrading for $439!

Will try to pick one up here in Ohio after work. Stores don't open til 10 am, so no way to get one on the way to work

A few stores around me said "limited availability" this morning, and the others said "not in stock". That was for the red 920.

I was going to go wait in line this morning, but I headed online to check availability, and all stores in my area only had red, white and black.

I'm obsessed with the yellow, so I ended up placing a preorder for it online. I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

^This. Not to be a buzz kill, but the Note II was released today as well. Would be nice though if every person in line wanted the Lumia 920, but I doubt it.

I live in Abilene TX. No problem here with the phones. Got a red 920. About 4 people asking for the Windows phone.

Currently at my local AT&T store. No line, just a queue of about 10 people. They ran out of everything but Black too. I hope they can hook me up with a discount since I feel I got Rick Rolled by my L900.

Just checked the Dallas store on central expressway, one with "limited stock" on the red 920 per the ATT site.  The most knowledgable guy in the store (i.e. the one that knew what i was talking about out of the 5 I asked) said that they never got any red except for the display model.  He said they could order it for you in store and ATT was using Fedex overnight to send them out.  Given the weekend though that means Monday...  Highly dissappointed, strongly considered the black just so I could get my 920 today, but was quite impressed with the red in person despite its glossy-ness.
As a side note they had managed to stick the security sensor on all the lumia phones so that the wire coming out of it blocked any use of the camera.  Given that this was one of the things I really wanted to try it was a bit of a dissappointment.  I wonder how many stores have done this since the lumia photo sensor is near the center of mass of the phone, understandably putting it there keeps the phone balanced in the security sensor craddle...  Nokia needs to go to this level in their marketing considerations.  Having their display phones not be able to demo a key feature is not going to help. 

The Beltline store had 1 red when I was there, but it sold by the time I checked out. They only got 1 red, 2 whites and 5 blacks in. There is a Garland store still showing limited stock on red if thats not too far versus waiting.

Is that dude at the front of the line in the jacket really wearing a windows 8 jacket, or is that some other logo that appears to have live tiles?
if so- NERD!!!

Don't be upset, it is a World Wide situation. In Europe only the blue 8X was available at first, black is available now, yellow and red are 2-3 weeks away. As to the 920, black is slowly becoming available, cyan, red and white hard to get at most stores that have the 920. Many countries are still waiting for their 920s / 8X. As to 820s and 8S they are also 2-3 weeks away in most places. Oh well, I am lucky as I have a Euro non LTE 8X and it is great!

My glossy white lumia 920 is out for deliver; looks like my charging plate shipped yesterday, but won't get here until Monday.

Yeah, I didn't pre-order, and they said that they order the wharging plates as the phones are purchsed, then overnight or 2-day them. Weird thing is, they said it would ship today (Friday), but would probably be here Wednesday. OVernight would be Monday and 2-day would be Tuesday if they don't ship on Saturday.

Mine had the black 920 and 820. They said the white 920 was coming today, and the red might show up Monday. There were no 8Xs, and they said maybe Tuesday on those.

This is absurd (but also a good thing for WP in general). Every AT&T store within 30 miles of where I live is listing the 920 as OUT OF STOCK. That's 11 stores overall. Either that or they haven't received their shipments of the phones yet

What color are you looking at on the AT&T site? Look for white, red, or black not on the yellow and cyan pages, the stock update will likely show availability in your area if you live in a large metro area. Staying on the yellow or cyan pages, which are only online colors, will make it appear that the 920 is not locally in stock.

Yea now I feel dumb because I realized that like 10 minutes after I posted that. I completely forgot that those 2 were online only. Anyway, I went back to check on the other colors and there were a few still in stock. Still kind of surprised that many of them still turned up to be out of stock on the in-store options. I'm really curious to see how Amazon handles the pricing and what not... I would much rather have an unlocked version. Thanks for the heads up though

I know it may not be the same since I preordered my phone on the at&t website, but mine said it was canceled through an automated voice service. I called the order management line and got it straightened out. I even confirmed the shipment of the charge plate. I finally have a tracking number for the phone. Here's the number, and be sure to have your order number ready. 1 (866) 391-0749

Definitely the length of the lines depends on if you live in a big city or small town. But just to make sure you get the phone and color you want, it is best to check availability :)

Yes the colors will be available, though yellow is to be shipped at a later date, I believe Nov. 12th if you order online. Not sure about stores but availability may be limited if each store only stocks a limited amount of colors. You can check it online before you drive over to the store.

Limited 920 and no 8X by me = weak but windows/wp 8 presence heavy in store. Customers asking about iphone/S3 not being told about WP...

Yeah, there is a lack of training and also many sales people have a preference for iOS and Android. Since WP8, anything less than iOS6 or Android 4.2 is pretty much obsolete... I think many Android users are disillusioned about their OS. WP8 is great!

Amazing that store had a line. I went to one within 5 miles of that that opened at 9am versus 10am like most Dallas stores. Walked in about 10 mins after open and was the first to buy it. Stock sounds very limited in Dallas and I'm guessing it will be similar everywhere else. With 8 phones in stock at my location (5 black, 1 red and 2 whites) that store's line would have meant no phone for me being 10 mins late.

I'm shocked there is a line, seems like a great sign. Limited inventory isn't great, but at the same time, hopefully stores will get deliveries today and tomorrow and most importantly, maybe stores selling out and reporting needing new stock will convince AT&T that its time to start actually promoting the phone if stores have lines and sell outs within the first hours available. I've seen nothing in the way of AT&T promotion.

Only thing I've seen is a football commercial that has the 920 in it but not called out. Was interesting to see so much advertising inside the store. Plently of Windows focused posters as well as specific 920 posters and holiday themed pieces.

The guy I talked to when I went to the ATT store today said they would be getting in more colors(including magenta) in store soon. He didn't say how soon though, just that they get new shipments everyday. They only had a couple of black ones at that store.

The store I went to in Framingham, ma today had only about 4 people there for the Lumia 920. Sadly no charging plates!

Checked 3 stores. One had only black, one had black or white, and one didn't get any. Went back home and ordered the cyan online. Wish I had done that the day they were available for online preorder.

Nokia is dropping the ball. I been to 3 AT&T store and call the Microsoft Store and none of them have the 920 in colors. On a good note I have seen 5 black devices sold.

What a mess. I tried to pre order last wednesday and both times the orders just got stuck as pending. Called customer service and there was nothing they could do. So I'd figure I'd stop by AT&T or Best Buy to pick one up. AT&T had 1 white one, a couple red, and about 5 black. What kind of launch is that! There was a line and I was 5th and wanted the white but it was already gone when my turn came. So frustrated. The Best Buys around me only had the black and only at a few stores. Most of them had none. Neither AT&T or Best Buy had the HTC 8x. This launch by AT&T was a complete fail.

Maybe they are trying to create buzz by having a limited supply. People always want what they can't get.

I got my Lumia 920 in the downtown San Francisco store.  I was about 10th in line an hour after they opened.  The rep told me that this was the biggest crowd they'd ever had (except, of course, for iPhone) for a new phone.  Beat out any Android phone including SG3.

All the reps were wearing windows tee shirts, but the display phone was in the back corner. Lots of people in the store and the reps were still hovering on the other phones. Heard one last night tell a lady she made the right choice getting an iPhone. No 8x to be seen and they scrambled around asking each other about a charging plate. Seemed very unconcerned and uninformed about the new release. Won't bother me. I'm in!

They think they're cool and all but when they refer to winmo and how windows 8 came out yesterday I wanna smack em. ATT needs to hold their reps accountable. And yes a rep told me windows 8 came out on Friday. :P

Went to AT&T store Downey, Ca (Los Angeles) Got the Nokia920, chargepad in the mail, since they never received them, nor the HTC. Reps or "consultants" were all decked out in Windows shirst, pens, lanyards...etc. Manager had an S3 but said he was going back to Nokia. They said they had sold a few that day, fyi

Typing this on my black 920. I was on fire for the red one but it was too slick and got smudges galore. Gorgeous but not my cup of tea. This matte is perfect for a borderline ocd person. No lines where I went but they had sold out of red upon my return. Far cry from when I bought my focus but the reps still need training. Love this thing. So sexy. :D