Nokia Contacts Transfer, transfer your contacts with ease

Nokia Contacts Transfer

If you are new to Windows Phones and are dreading having to find a way to transfer the contacts from your old phone to new, we may have a solution for you.

For those opting for the Nokia Lumia 920 or 820, Nokia has the Contacts Transfer app that will facilitate the transfer of contacts from Symbian, Android, iOS and Blackberry phones via Bluetooth.

The Contacts Transfer app has a setup wizard that will walk you through the transfer process. From connecting the two phones to the actual transfer, Nokia's Contacts Transfer takes the headache out of switching to Windows Phones.

Contacts Transfer is a free app exclusive to the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.  You can find it in your Windows Phone Store under the Nokia Collection. You can also follow this link or scan the QR Code below with Bing Vision from your Nokia Lumia phone.

QR: Contacts Transfer from Nokia


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Nokia Contacts Transfer, transfer your contacts with ease


I just don't understand this. All covered devices also support exchange, so... It makes infinitely more sense to have an exchange provider sync and back up your contacts for you.

Correct. My thoughts exactly. Yet, there's still a large part of the world still on POP and IMAP email. It's such an easy immediate productivity boost when we take our business clients from POP/IMAP to Exchange and device-syncing is a huge part of that.

Ditto. Btw outlook.com and my office's exchange I dont need this. That said, helped a friend with this on their new iPhone a few weeks ago. She had no clue contacts were backed up by exchange. The guy at ATT was clueless and almost duplicated them all.

Contact transfer was available in my Lumia 800 as well; I have an aExchange account so I never used but it was there.

So, will it not just transfer all your contacts from Gmail?  That's how my contacts are set up, and I've always used Gmail to sync contacts.  It works great.

Will it work for Palm? I'm finally switch from webOS to WP8 and I have a Palm pre 2 so I hope it will transfer all my stuff over.

Well if you are coming from a previous windows phone, you contacts will transfer instantly from you Microsoft account. No need for this. If that is what the commenter above it referring to

Got a hotmail account, gmail account or yahoo all of these facilitate contact syncing. Not to mention outlook or exchange.

"app uses features your phone doesn't have"
App only supports the following resolutions

  • WVGA (480x800)

Pretty useless for a new Lumia 920 I'd say

I had that same issue using the link provided in the article. It seems Nokia has updated that app and is now "Transfer My Data", which I downloaded (with no issues) and will try when I get home to get some contacts off my old iPhone.

Have a same issue.Don't really understand WHY????? is so dificult to copy contacts?????My partner have a lumia 610..has already this app on the phone no need to download it.Have a lumia 920 and don't have this app....And also not able to download it?????Honestly nokia WTF????????

ive used the app to transfer my lumia 900 contacts to my galaxy note 3 . where can i find the transferred contacts in my galaxy note 3 ?