Poll – What 3 missing features do you want most in Windows Phone 8?

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Okay folks, we asked and you answered. Yesterday we posted an open discussion on what you thought were some missing features from Windows Phone 8, knowing what we know so far (which is actually a lot due to the SDK leak). We were curious and Microsoft is curious.

In turn we received over 600 well thought out and detailed comments on the issue and we poured over it, trying to distil the top requests.

Looking over the comments we picked what we thought were the top nine most requested and talked about features that are evidently missing in ‘Apollo’. You can now vote on those nine by choosing the top three features that you want the most come to Windows Phone.

The poll is open till Monday, 6AM EST


Don’t worry if your feature didn’t make the list—Microsoft is no doubt looking at your 600+ comments and we’re sure someone important is taking notes. 

Our results will be given on to Microsoft for future consideration, so please pass it a long for others to vote. If you are using our app, please use m.wpcentral.com to take the poll.


Reader comments

Poll – What 3 missing features do you want most in Windows Phone 8?


What windows phone 8 needs
1. Data Backup  Why? All machines need to be reset because of one thing or another. Being able to restore your phone data just makes sense. No one likes losing everything to technology failures or the occasionally stupid mistake. If microsoft made a way to un-brick your phone using a system backup or restore the world would rejoice. Backup needs to be integrated into zune.


What wp 8 does not need
2. Notification Center  Why? No one needs a centralized place for all their notifications to congregate. When I get a new text a message flashes at the top notifying me to check messaginghen it goes away. When I have an alarm or an appointment the alarm or reminder makes itself know immediately for me to handle on the spot. The ability is already in the phone. That's what the messaging and calendar tiles are for.

Yep. Don't need it and don't want it! This is not iOS or Android this is Windows Phone period! I want my notifications in my face and not hidden in a Notification Center. I've missed too many appointments in only 1 month of trying Android because of that stupid Notification Bar. When I have a reminder I want to be reminded loud and clear not with an unnoticable descrete notification. Keep it the way it is. Live tiles and snoozable alarms are all the notifications I need! If you want the Notification Center then you simply are missing the point of Windows Phone and should look elsewhere to address your needs.

What windows phone 8 needs
2. Customization   No need to ask why that's what we are all a buzz about. That's what this poll is mostly comprised of and what is needed are options that please buisness,casual and hardcore alike. I have no real answers for this one topic there are so many options. All I can say is windows phone does not need to copy features from other competitors it needs to out maneuver the competition with new or enhanced features and functionality. That's all I have to say hope Microsoft can give its products and services the Midas touch.

For all you people that say we don't need notification and etc.. Tell me what do we do when he have a cnn that has breaking news or weather app that has emergency weather alert but miss the 3 second notification and can't put the tile right at the top because of other important tiles ...how will we get notified unless we check each and every app for breaking news........u people that are against a notification center are just against it because the other platforms has it , well guess what all os use one another ideas so if u can't come up with a better idea maybe you should just shush!!!;;;

Guys, we need to be honest with ourselves. For some reason we chose WP over Android/iOS and I don't think it's because it had fewer apps or a reduced market share. WP is simply different for its cool environment, its homescreen and its people centered integration.
Speaking about the options listed in the poll, I don't know. I don't need (I wouldn't even use) a background besides the lock screen's. I am not in for the Notification center, close button,   and not even for the folders thing. Kind of unuseful to me.
Personally, I love my wp (been a Focus + Titan user) and I am not thinking on switching the platform any time soon, but I have some notes on the features I lack of:

  • Usage counter is a must (Include, at least, user resetable minutes and data counters) .
  • Wifi should always be there, even on locked screen. (wonder if it's just me...)
  • Skype should always run on the background. Always.
  • I have a Titan and I love to have this feature but certainly tethering capability is a must on every WP.
  • Make Zune play music and videos directly from Skydrive. There are some cool apps out there but they're so so buggy and simply not the same as zune would play local mp3s.
  • Fix all the bluetooth limitations. An average user should not worry wether his phone will work with his (quite expensive) wireless sound system (or any other bluetooth device) or not. 
  • I guess we actually DON'T need a notification center but real time notifications instead. Some apps just take forever to make their notifications show up.... or they have to be opened regularly in order for notifications to appear which is simply ironic.
  • I think the orientation lock should also just be there.
  • Having the big letters classification over the app listings is useful, but I'd rather make it optional, I personally don't like it.
  • Maybe screenshots.

What do you guys think?

Choosing MP3/zune track for ringtone and alarms, so easy, so much better, so much fun

I'm all for WP8 and all the upcoming MSFT goodies but, I'm in desperate need of a Music service to be able to migrate from iPhone. By that I mean iTunes music store just opened in my country so I shouldn't be expecting any Zune service anytime soon.

Not sure if its been mentioned (not looked through all the comments), but maybe if the colour schemes were the same/similar as what's now featured in Windows 8.

First, replace this horrible calendar (month view) !! Does anybody like it ??? on my lumia 800 it's unreadable because it's not good.You can make better
Next, the screen shot! I can't believe it's hard to add it...

Another thing I want is an option to select multiple photos for sharing via Facebook or hotmail. Doing one at a time is painful

None of those features matter.  The only feature that needs to make the cut is the ability to take screenshots.  Period.

I can't believe this isn't on the list...
The ability to customize how you are alerted for diff calls, messages, texts. Blackberry has had this ability for almost a decade. Droid has this. This was something that was discussed before and there was alot of support for it.

One thing I'm really missing is the option to change from "Ring + Vibrate" to "Silent" fast (like when going to bed, meeting, whatever). Because only "Vibrate" is in most cases not enough and turning your phone off is often also not an option.
Only way now is to go to the settings and turn both off there.

The ability to turn of the SMS Preview that is shown in the toast notification!  What a privacy nightmare this is when my phone is on my desk or being used in my car for GPS.