Nokia also offers Words with Friends and Draw Something for free to Lumia users

Update: Users are reporting download issues with Draw Something and compatibility. Your mileage may vary.

Nokia had originally offered Draw Something recently to Lumia owners but the game was quickly pulled for what seemed like connection errors. Now that game and its companion, Words with Friends, have both returned to the Nokia Collection.

Interestingly, both games are completely free though these do have ads to cover their costs. That differs from the games we covered here last night, which will run you $2.99 to play but do not have ads.

Both games are available now and will work on Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. You can download Words with Friends here and Draw Something here in the Nokia Collection. QR codes after the break…

QR: Words Friends Nokia        QR: Draw Something Nok


Reader comments

Nokia also offers Words with Friends and Draw Something for free to Lumia users


Ditto... Sux too because draw something is so buggy it does t even work! Even tried the Nokia version.... Update soon please so it's usable

I have a Lumia 900 still and I get an error message saying my phone has to be updated. They haven't released 7.8 yet.

It was the link, searching the store allowed me to attempt an install ending in error 8000ffff.

Hi, i'm for Malaysia.. I manage to download both apps free but both apps stuck at start screen forever.. must restart to close it.. really failed.

This is good from Nokia. It's better to give some apps for free or launch them before they're available to the general public than to segment the market by having exclusive apps for Lumia phones.

Uninstalling. Just bad ports that run horribly. Words With Friends is 10MB and Words By Post is only 2MB and they gives a rats behind about the platform.

Does seem kinda backwards. You figure Nokia would've got the no ad version and everyone else get the ad supported version.

>>> Draw something starts and works on Lumia 710 but theres a critical bug in it. Sometimes it goes into a infinite loop. :S

Don't these two games look horribly outdated on a WP, goes to show the difference In the design language. A straight up port of an ios or android game just doesn't cut it. I know we need the apps but when i load these up on my 900 it kinda makes me cringe. Feels like i just turned my 900 into a 3gs, lol, its that bad. I know over time major devs will take more time designing their apps for WP.

I hate that the Nokia, the zynga, and the tmobile ones are all different apps. I bet this will affect updates and someone will get screwed.

this port of draw something is a turd. i can only connect via wi-fi, othewise it eternally sits at the pencil animation. also, whenever i get notifications that it's my turn i'll launch the game and find that no games are even listed. and about every 4 or 5 times i launch it i get a message that i can't be logged in with the credentials that were used last and i have to enter my username/password again. so...i have it installed but haven't been able to successfully play.