Windows Phone 8 OS gets extracted, hacker analysis begins

If there is one thing we can say about Windows Phone 8 is that it is reportedly very secure, specifically  during the boot process. But that doesn't mean that the OS cannot be "dumped" and looked at for exploits or--the holy grail--to be back ported to older Windows Phone 7.x handsets.

That process has now officially begun over at XDA Forums where a user named 'neilgoco' has managed to get his hands on an HTC 8X engineering device. That means it is more 'open" and has access to developer tools not found on the commercial release.

The dump so far is 14GB and due to his slow internet connection cannot be directly shared, though he is looking to share it physically via a 32GB flash drive for others. He's also been able to glimpse at what appears to be the OS partition (2.29GB, sounds accurate) and a few other "hidden" ones as well.

This work is of course all very preliminary i.e. it's like discovering the cave but the real hard work is yet to come. We wouldn't expect any usable results for a few weeks at minimum but more likely a few months. Still, for those in the community this is always a lot of fun.

Source: XDA Forums; Thanks, mcmaui, for the link!


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Windows Phone 8 OS gets extracted, hacker analysis begins


There is difference between hacking and piracy. E.g. Internet sharing on Nokia 920 requires a sharing account from att. Why...?
I'd like a hack where I don't need att's blessing. But should be able to create a hot spot using my current data that I have paid for.

I'm facing the same problem on my Nokia Lumia 810; T-Mobile branded. I usually go for unlocked International phones but the Nokia 920 version didn't have penta-band radio to fully function on T-Mobile Network.

Nah, if they still work,  with WP 7.5 you could get a marketplace changer and download apps from any marketplace. You could trick your phone to show as a Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, etc and have access to download or buy their apps...

School, then books outside the scope of school, then in forums and some unsavory sites, then trial and error, and often with some real world developer experiences mixed in...

That is so true! I have no programming skills, well maybe one semester on c prog. But I learned how to cook ROM for my windows 6.5. I like windows phone 8 like it is now, so I haven't been toying with the ideas of cooking,hacking.

I'm gonna laugh my ass off at the anti 7.8-whining-haters when this is running on old handsets. Just like when Microsoft said that dx11 wouldn't run on XP. It's bull and we all know it.

Clarification: MS never said WP8 *can't* run on WP7 just that migration to it is not practical.

You have to completely zero out the device which is very risky on one handset and extremely risky on thousands. What would people do if their phone "bricked" (and we mean really bricks)? Take it to their carrier? Deal with HTC? What if the phone is more than a year old?

So it was more about pragmatics than whether or not the hardware could do it. Surely MS even had early builds on WP7 devices whilst in development.

I would think also, to keep a standard of the OS. First and 2nd devices MIGHT be able to run WP8 but, they would not perform as well as the dual core devices and that is why current devices wont get it.

Never mind 1/2 the apps that would not even run on a single core CPU (games mainly)

So easy, offer a swap program where you send your phone in and have Nokia "zero out" (lol) a 900 and send it back to you.  Simple.

I was wondering what excuse the apologists would respond with.  It would cost the shipping of the device, and a minimum wage worker to plug in the phone and press a button to flash the phone.  I'd think $50 would probably cover it, which I'd gladly pay.

Yeah plus optimization could be an issue too. I would expect wp8 to be optimized for higher end hardware not the type of stuff u find on wp7 handsets. None the less once i receive my 920 next week will be open to flashing more stuff on my focus just to play around with it.

So, it's wpcentral's policy to encourage piracy of commercial software?  What next, providing torrent links to get free copies of Windows 8?

Jailbreaking is not necessarily advocating piracy. A lot of the WP7 ROM stuff added features, extra customisations etc