Audible gets updated for Windows Phone 8 with Voice Commands

Looks like it’s a good day for Windows Phone 8 users. First they get an update for Kindle to fix loading issues and now Audible (which has had a few crashes too) is now patched in addition to getting some new features.

Yes, version 1.4 is now live in the Windows Phone Store and as far as we can tell, has fixed the stability issues. In addition, you can now do a doublewide Tile and even use voice commands. The voice command feature works by simply holding down the Start button to launch voice command and then saying “Audible…My Library” or “Audible…Play (insert book name)”...

Overall, it works quite well though it is a bit specific. For instance, we had to say “Audible…Play the Bourne Ultimatum Unabridged Part 1” which is a bit longer than we had planned. In fact, it requires you to basically memorize the whole book title, as there is no fuzzy semantic ability with TellMe voice command.

Anyway, enough talk. Head to the Windows Phone Store here to pick up version 1.4 now and get listening to your audio books ASAP. Thanks, Julian W., for the tip!

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Audible gets updated for Windows Phone 8 with Voice Commands


What about playback speed adjustments?  I want to switch to Windows Phone 8, and I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts.  I like to listen between 1.3x and 2x, and Windows Phone 7 does not have this.  Does anyone know if Windows 8 will?

I am waiting on the exact same thing. I have an iphone and I want to switch to WP8, just waiting on variable speed narration.  I like listening at 2x speed. The audible website just says they are waiting for windows to support it. Hopefully it will now.   

Very cool! Let's hope they update it for more generic names soon. I hope lots of apps will include this over time... like "WPCentral... Forums". ;)

I was able to get it to work without stating the whole title. Instead I said primary title and the part #. For example I am listening to, "The Stand; Unabridged Edition" which is six parts. And I simply say, "Play Audible The Stand book 2." And it works fine.

Voice Commands is a pretty awesome feature that I hope devs implement in their apps. I'm working on a Note+ update that enables Voice Commands and Speech to Text (dictation), and it's looking great, if I say so myself. Hope I can release it soon.

Can anyone else verify that after downloading the new version, the help/about screen still shows version 1.3?
Sooo disappointed with this app - for the past 4-5 months, I haven't been able to use it.  I've tried on a Samsung Focus, Nokia 900, and now Nokia 920 and the same thing always happens - I can download audiobooks, but as soon as the app closes, it doesn't recognize anything has been downloaded - I have to re-download the audiobook.
It's driving me CRAZY and appears to only happen to me (based upon the lack of compaints in the app reviews).
I keep thinking every update will fix the issue, but as of tonight, still no go.
I've tried tech support, but no help - they refuse to transfer me to a true tech who might understand the issue.

As I click on the article link to update Audible ... I get to the WindowsPhone page for the app. 

It says verions last updated 11/26/2013.  That is the same app which is on my phone.

WHEN will the update be available?  "Version 1.4 is now live suggest that the Audible App is currently alive in it updated form in the store.

This does not seem to be the case.  Have I missed something?