iPad Mini advertisement theme played on Lumia 900

Apple's iPad and the new iPad Mini aren't the only devices that can play relaxing tunes using an on-screen keyboard. A Lumia 900 can also fire up a piano and enable users to create some inuitive tracks. An iPad Mini advertisement has made use of an attractive and effective melody (Heart and Soul), which has been performed using a Windows Phone.

Lino Napoleone has used the Lumia 900 to create the same melody that's played in the iPad Mini advertisement, as can be seen in the videos above and below. While nothing major, it's still fairly neat.

Source: YouTube, via: Windows Phone Magazine Italy; thanks, MechTree, for the tip!


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iPad Mini advertisement theme played on Lumia 900


Next video with a keyboard should be playing "Anything you can do" from Annie Get Your Gun.

Oh cool. Do you have a Twitter handle so I can keep up with your progress. Would love to have the app once it passes certification.

I think of these little posts as stocking fillers (should you believe in Christmas and Santa Clause), they're cute but have some relevance. I apologise for forcing you to click on the headline and wasting your time.

What MS needs to do is have all the touch devices running WP7, WP8 and Windows8, line them all up and do a "slip n slide" with the piano app, show how long it would be, then do the apple ipad/mini which would sounds like a blip with the slider skin burning trying to slide on nothing after to show off the consumers choice in devices with windows

or literally have a  orchestra with all the devices showing how much more sophisticated the MS products are vs the minimal Apple choices.

Shame he couldn't sync the video and sound, ends up making the Lumia 900 just look super laggy.  Next task - recreate Apple advert with a Windows 8 Phone and a Surface.  *Makes note*

If not for the fact my sister annoyed the hell out of me with this song when I we were kids, I'd find it amusing. I mute the iPad app when it starts.

Speaking of advertisments, theres was a white Lumia 900 product-placed in the hands of a black chick in the latest (or the one before that) episode of "The New Normal". I'm too lazy to submit that as a newstip.

I saw the iPad mini ad tonight and thought I hope the next iPad mini ad features a good fart app. I mean Piano apps and fart apps are the deciding factor for me when purchasing a tablet. I wonder what other amazing apps in the iStore exist these days. I've heard the latest count of good quality apps in the iStore is well over a quatrillion gillion.

That iPad commercial is so annoying. It gets fast forwarded even if I have to get up off the couch to get the remote!!! Lol.