Huawei Ascend W1 to make an appearance at CES 2013

As one of the Microsoft's launch partners along with Nokia, Samsung and HTC, Huawei has been an awfully mysterious company in the Windows Phone ecosystem. First there was complete silence for a long time, then we had the whole situation in the US.

Just when people are starting to forget about this company, there was a short outburst of rumors and leaked pictures of its Ascend W1. We reported that the Ascend W1 probably won't be available for consumers in 2012, now we're able to relay reports that provide the Windows Phone a more definite launch time: January 2013, at next year's CES.

We also published a number of leaked photos of the Ascend W1, in both white and blue designs. It's believed the white version, an early engineering prototype, won't make it to the market.

Source: WPDang


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Huawei Ascend W1 to make an appearance at CES 2013


Honestly, I still can't make head or tail about the whole "spies for the Chinese" situation. I see both sides, but who's really to say they are spies and who isn't? There are too many clouds and no clear air to tell.

But you clearly don't watch enough TV, logic_bomb so obviously you know nothing of this. They use their phones to collect sophisticated data about people like umm, how many times do you play angry birds in a day or whether or not you follow Justin Bieber on Twitter. All that stuff is "super cereal"!

TV is the biggest brainwashing machine in humankind! And google, microsoft, nokia and other collect this data too. How do you think wp8 has improved if there was no usage data? All companies do that.

One example, microsoft collects our data in zune and xbox musix, the music we see then in zune wp7 and xbox music wp8 is just the result of your personal data! The second example is social networking companies, they collect even more data. But if you dont want just dont use it. The same is here with this device, and compare it to an lumia 900 920, 8x...

Pullkit, your attitude proves you're a know it all who just wants to shove his own $#1^ down others throats. I don't always believe everything I read, see, or hear. And I don't have time to deal with pretentiousness. I'm done with you.

Sarcasm can be pretty hard to miss on the internet...especially when the comment is laced with references to Angry Birds, Justin Bieber and South Park.

They'll have a chip inside to record secrets such as your favourite foods, mothers maiden name, and childhood hero

It will capture your favorite color and number information. Also known to extract your mothers secret cookie recipe.

I am more interested in what ZTE brings next year. This is a good mid-spec device, but ZTE is rumored to be giving both a premium device and a phablet device a shot with WP8. Shows a ton more excitement for WP then this ascend W1 alone does.