Rum Run now available at the Windows Phone Store

Rum Run for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone game Rum Run is now available in at the Windows Phone Store. We took an early look at the game a few weeks ago and found it to be a challenging time management/strategy game set on the high seas.

You play the role of a ship captain who is tasked to deliver food to a starving village. You buy/sell rum and food at various ports to finance the operation while dodging storms and pirate raids.  You need to feed 100% of the village before they run out of the food.  If they run out, the game's over.

Rum Run

Rum Run currently has five maps to conquer with more on the way and ship upgrades to help you tackle the trade industry better.  Rum Run is a fun game to pass the time with and while it may not be action packed, it is plenty challenging.  We did learn one tip that might be helpful. There is a way to battle the pirate ships that try to steal your rum.

There is an achievement in the fifth map called Behind Enemy Lines. You earn it by sailing one of your ships in to the volcano on the map. Once earned, your ship gets canons, capable of sinking the nastiest of pirates. Your canon feature remains in place if you go back to the previous maps, giving Rum Run a nice re-play value.

There is a free trial available for Rum Run with the full game running $.99. You can find Rum Run here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Rum Run now available at the Windows Phone Store


"There is an achievement in the fifth map called Behind Enemy Lines"
people typically associate achievements with XBL.  No different than if someone mentions trophies they will associate it with PSP/PS3

I achieved something at work the other day, I didn't get confused and expect 20G in return, because it was an achievement not an "Xbox Achievement"

Nice to see more games comming to the WP8 platform. I'm really happy that i switched from Android to WP

The thing I love most about this game was that it was created by four students who created it for Imagine Cup (www.imaginecup.com) and competed at the world finals in Sydney earlier this year. And now it's available as a proper game for Phone and Windows 8. The achievements were in the game from day one and add a nice dimension to a non-Xbox Live game.