Official Windows Phone Central v3.1 app now available

There aren't many things that I am certain of in this world. But something I know for a fact is that after a big app update, the public are amazing at finding bugs that a developer would miss.

With that simple fact I direct you here to find the v3.1 update to our official Windows Phone app. This is entirely a bug-fixing release which addresses several areas mostly within the forums, a few are listed below...

  • Fixed 4 forum response bugs which caused the app to crash
  • Fixed 2 instances of live tile refreshing causing the app to crash
  • Implemented an improvement for the live tile not rendering bug (more on this below)
  • Fixed a design oversight when viewing videos with the light theme
  • Fixed a bug where old or saved offline articles would cause the app to crash
  • Added bitmap caching to certain image viewing pages to hopefully resolve memory problems on certain devices

I should comment that the bug which causes the tile to incorrectly render with the word "windows" on black rather than our logo is not fully fixed in this version, but should occur less frequently. The good news is that I am currently testing a build which I believe has completely fixed it, you'll find that soon as a v3.2.

As always your feedback is welcome in any form you chose to give it to us, but to answer 2 questions up front:

  • A Windows Phone 8 version is currently being worked on, but right now supporting Windows Phone 7 is my priority to cover all of our users
  • A Windows RT app is in the early stages of design, don't expect it soon but it will happen

With that I bid you happy browsing, reading and posting!

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Reader comments

Official Windows Phone Central v3.1 app now available


The best app in the marketplace.  Really shows off "metro". You should go show those poor saps at WMPU how to make a proper app. LOL.

Since this site will be covering Windows tablets and Windows 8, I'd suggest renaming it to Windows Central; just saying...

I'd actually like a setting to filter out non-WP news. It was interesting to hear about the W8 & WP8 launches, but I couldn't care less about W8 now :P

You're not alone, I have that too but George updated his 920 without issue. So I blame MS and the Store...give it a few hours.

I'm not seeing it on my focus s with att either. I'll check again in a few hours to see if it shows up.

Sorry if this has been asked/answerd before but... Why isn't it free?  Aren't the other official apps on the Mobile Nations sites free?  I don't remember having to pay for my iMore or AC app.

Depends how you value the quality of each app i suppose. But ultimately WPCentral don't pay me for the app, my only revenue comes from the app. Of course there's the free trial version which lasts for ever...

I bought this app 2 years ago and its by far one of the most useful, updated apps on the marker place. The developer always response to my emails, and as a developer myself, its nice to get a little something for our time.

Yep is so cheap and I use this every day. As someone else said, I'd be happy to  pay again - Jay please have a donate button somewhere - $20 NZ  here for you - might buy a beer in London after you're done with the RT version ;)
Keep up the great work - as a dev I know its hard to find time for this stuff. And I'm sure you havent covered the cost of your hours - would have been better off working at McD's if it was about the money!

It's not the money or anything like that, I was just curious.  Since there seems to be a unification of all the sites under the Mobile Nations umbrella, it would only make sense to give the app away.
Not understanding why they just don't pay the developer.

You mention a windows phone 8 version. Will you please consider a windows 8 app to use on my surface? If I say please again will that matter? (please)

I do, but it's a Windows Phone dedicated site and I'm sure there are numerous other users out there who would like to know when Verizon is getting the phone.  At least judging from many comments I've read in the past.

You will be covered, the fixes he mentions here are for the 7.1 OS (7.5) app. The WP Store detects which OS you have and DLs the proper XAP to your device.

Nice work Jay. Am i alone in not being able to view/ activate links in forum posts when viewing the forums via the app? Asking too much? or is it on the list?

Very difficult to do whilst keeping performance high but we'll see. Certainly images aren't likely thanks to the overhead they'd add

Awesome. I know I've sent in a handful of crash deports. Hole they are helpful. Keep up the good work. I love the app and I am generally not too keen on forum replacement apps.

Jay: By the way, can you do an article or share with us what the cause of the live tile becoming black is? I am a developer myself, and I've seen some strange behavior with creating custom tiles. It might be related.

It's down to how you thread the app. You have to be on the main UI thread to let things render properly. For now just ensure you're not putting anything on a background worker or addressing static methods from within the static class with an absolute reference. That's done the trick for me

Thank you. I bought the app the other day when I realized how invaluable this site has been to me. The site and the app are both terrific and impressive.

Question, when the wp8 does come out, is it going to be a update to the current app or is it going to be a whole different app where we'll have to make a new purchase?

About to get that right now! But I would also like to point out a bug where, when I go to view a video, the "HD/SD" choice appears as a black box. The buttons are still there, but you mostly need to press and hope for the best.

Assuming that you mean 3.1 as that was the update, really? Seems to be absolutely fine on my device now? Did I somehow miss it in the one I submitted?

Do you mean WP8, and if you mean it's not available then it's likely still rolling out on a couple of marketplaces, give it time

Nice to see that we receive constant updates and I hope that in the next update you will fix the problem with video: if you press to watch a video it will pop up that video quality menu with SD or HD and if you swipe to left/right that menu doesn't disappear. I would like to to see wide live tile with the last news. Good job guys, keep it like that.

Great work! I appreciate the constant improvements. I wish more app developers took the interest in their apps that you have.

Ok I have a strange issue. I have already downloaded the update of the app and I restarted the phone to make sure. But everytime I go into Market Place it keeps telling I got one update to download and it shows WPCentral app. Everytime I click on it nothing happens. Really strange

Just out of curiosity, why would I buy an app when I can go to the website for free.  What's the benfit here?