Verizon Lumia 822 Shipping

Verizon has started shipping Lumia 822 Windows Phones

Verizon has started shipping its Lumia 822 handsets, according to confirmation emails being sent out to customers who have placed an order and are eagerly awaiting their new Nokia Windows Phone. Estimated delivery date? November 15th.

We've had one of said confirmation emails sent in by a reader, which has had personal information stripped (but order numbers have been verified and cross-checked with the order confirmation - both can be seen above). This is good news for those awaiting for Verizon to move its stock, but bad news for AT&T customers who are still battling to find out what's going on with the Lumia 920.

We have heard from some that grey versions of the phone are not shipping due to stock issues, though we cannot confirm that at this time.

We previously looked at Verizon's website, which displays a November 13th shipping date for all Lumia 822 versions) and some of the available HTC 8Xs), so it's good to see the carrier following through with its promise. Nokia's mid-range Lumia 822 is available for $99 with a two-year contract and the flagship HTC 8X will run you twice that, $199, with the same two-year agreement.

Thanks, Jason, for the tip and photo!


Reader comments

Verizon has started shipping Lumia 822 Windows Phones


I preordered my Blue HTC 8x on 11-9 and it still doesn't show "shipped" e-mail saying it shipped as of 8:30 pm EST.  Waiting....

Same here... @VZWSupport on Twitter claimed it would ship today. No such luck. Wonder if it'll actually be in store on Thursday.

Same here. Althought the lady at the store said it (black 8X) wouldn't ship until the 21st. My pre-order email shows shipping on the 13th and I definitely didn't get a shipping email yesterday so who knows.

Same here. I ordered mine on the 9th, and the order showed it would ship by the 13th. I called Verizon last night to ask what was up and the rep told me that it would ship today and that I would get an email confirmation. We'll see.

I'm psyched for you pre-orders but I need to feel it in my hands first. Still looking seriously at Samsung. The Ativ T500 is a sweet tablet w an Atom processor. I've played with it at Staples and would buy it if they had one.

I got my Lumia 920 at the att store on Saturday. I thought they were available pretty much everywhere at this point.

I'll be picking up an 8x in store as soon as they are in stock I dont need the hassle of preordering

I do notice there are some who have to comment on everything every where, even if they have no idea what they are talking about. You know who you are... If you don't, trust we all do...

My Grey 822 shipped tonight. Wish it wasn't Fedex though. They usually get here after I leave for work and UPS is much closer to pickup missed packages.

Still not a peep about release date on
I went into a store and they had no clue when they would be recieving WP8 devices. WTF is the big secret? Do they want the sales to be low?

They just launched a DROID.. Hence why the Note 2 is coming almonst a whole month after all the other carriers and the WP8 phones just are being ninja shipped without formal announcement. Makes sense. Verizon = Droid Line

There's no way the 8x is coming out this week.  Complete radio silence by Verizon, and no reps know anything.  In my area, AT&T only has dummy phones.  I still have yet to see an actual phone.  Not sure if this is a VZ or HTC issue but I havea a feeling we're in for a long wait...

I confirmed with VZW that all HTC 8X phones are delayed (nothing shipped on the 13th as previously promised). They'll ship on the 15th and not arrive until Monday, the 19th. Will be in stores the same day as the DNA on the 21st. 

I've talked to VZW today and they could not provide a date for shipment of the HTC 8X.... I hope camera531 is right, I would love to see my phone ship today. :-(  I feel like Big Red really dropped the ball with this Windows Phone launch. I'm curious if the fault lies with them, the manufacturers, or Microsoft. I'm guessing Microsoft since it seems to be impacting all Windows phones. On the bright side VZW did email a "sorry for your trouble" email with 30% off any case in their store, too bad there was no promo code and it didn't automatically apply itself to my account. Another 20 minute phone call to customer service resolved the issue and now my case will likely be here before my phone. (Otterbox Defender).

Update: Shipping Confirmation and tracking Number received. It looks like camera531 was right. Thanks Big Red for telling me it won't ship until 11/25. You're full of crap.