HTC 8X available at Target for $129 with T-Mobile contract

HTC Target

The HTC 8X is available at US retailer giant Target for just $129.99, when taken out with a new contract on T-Mobile US. The Windows Phone has its own product page on the retailer website showing off features included as well as the attractive discounted price.

This is -of course- a handset that's tied to a contract, so what's the catch? Minimum plan charge is $59.99 a month, which includes unlimited minutes, SMS and a data add-on. Unfortunately, the HTC 8X listed at Target isn't currently available, and sports the following notice:

"Due to overwhelming demand, the nationwide supply of the Windows Phone 8X is limited. All orders approved by T-Mobile will be reserved and shipped when available."

The Lumia 920 isn't the only Windows Phone suffering from higher-than-expected demand levels. Walmart's inventory system has also revealed a low price of just $150.

Source: Target; thanks, jossueinacoma, for the tip!


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HTC 8X available at Target for $129 with T-Mobile contract


that's..."better" but still shameful compared to ATT pricing.....and T-Mo moved a LOT of 710s, you'd think they would have got better pricing from Nokia.

And more importantly, I just confirmed with Verizon Customer service the HTC 8X will be available in stores TOMORROW, 11/15. I also called the local store and confirmed with the salesman there I could pick it up at 9 AM tomorrow.  YAY!

HTC messed up on the pricing and lack of better memory but this phone is magical. The front facing camera is so crisp and I could see myself using that for Skype a lot. Went into my local T-Mobile store to get a feel for the 8X and the Lumia 810. The 810 is a lot more capable but the 8X design is just spot on.

Agreed! I had a look at it today and man, HTC outdid themselves with the design on that thing. I wasn't a fan of how narrow the phone was. It made it look very tall, which I don't think looks right (see also iPhone 5).. I prefer a wider phone because its nicer for videos and is easier to type on.

Good to see more phones hitting the shelves... Even if on the shelves really means delivery.

I have a funny feeling when the 8s comes out there will be more colors available for the 8x..... Ill wait

The target order website looked identical to the wierfly order website for these phones... I'm guessing they're coming from the same place. My local Target said they'd have 2 Lumia 810s and maybe an 8x in stock tomorrow but didn't know if they'd be the same price in store.

If anyone here is a Tmobile customers value plan. This Friday and Saturday you can get the Nokia 810 for $99.00 with $99.00 mail in rebate, so you pay nothing. The HTC 8x remind me of an iPhone 5 skinny and tall, not for me.

I felt the same way about the HTC 8X. I held it against my HD7 and while its much thinner, it is taller, the width is about the same yet the screen seems smaller. Decisions, decisions...

The shape of HTC 8x is like a chocolate donut bar and it's not what I want, but Nokia 810 is well sized, that's what I'm getting Friday.

I don't know I was focus looking at the Lumia 810 and was planning to buy it until she said about the special offer this Friday and Saturday. Maybe the HTC 8x is included also but not sure.

Radio Shack looks like they have the same pricing, $129.99 with new account - ships when available, free FedEx 2 day

And how is it different than AT&T or VZ pricing? The plans are cheaper too, cant understand why people are complaining about this.