AT&T Lumia 920 Windows Phones still not being shipped to all yet

Yellow Lumia 920

AT&T has been in the firing line with the launch of the Lumia 900 and now the Lumia 920. Customers have placed orders for numerous versions of the Lumia 920, but it appears as though orders are not being processed with speed and are causing concerns with those who are eagerly awaiting their new Windows Phone.

A number of threads have been created over in our community forum, which have each accumulated a number of responses. Some of our readers have even resorted to tweeting out some humorous jabs at Nokia:

"We've discovered how to make objects invisible Invisibility cloak now a reality, scientists say, yet there's #StillNoYellow920 @Nokia @NokiaUS @selop"

While many are complaining that they've received no word from AT&T or Nokia on what the situation is with orders and stock available to fulfil customer demand, there have been a few reports of customers actually confirming their Lumia 920 is indeed being shipped (and we've even got ours from stores, but our Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry is having difficulty finding a store that has a Lumia 920).

If that wasn't enough, the Lumia 920 are experiencing teething problems with many reporting battery life issues. We've just published a poll asking for readers to vote for how their Lumia 920 has lasted through usage.

But if you're not interested in reading into the problems surrounding the handsets, you can place an order for the yellow Lumia 920 on AT&T's website. Be sure to join the conversation on our forum. You can register a free account with Windows Phone Central, which takes a matter of moments.


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AT&T Lumia 920 Windows Phones still not being shipped to all yet


Lucky. The AT&T stores here in Los Angeles don't have hardly any 920s in inventory and definitely NONE in red. :(

AT&T told me they can't cancel my order even though the phone hasn't shipped yet. I'm gonna give them an earful tomorrow about this.

Haha! Awesome! Thanks for promoting our new hashtag! 
If there are others out there that still have yet to get any info on their Yellow Lumia 920 Pre-orders, follow the saga by adding your voice to the convo! 
We all just want our sexy phones.

I ordered mine at 4:30 am on pre order day and called ATT today which they couldn't tell me anything about my order. But I'm going to wait for it.

What color did you order? When did you order yours? I want mine:( I pre-ordered a yellow one on the first day but still says processing and other bs like that. grr.

I did the exact same thing.  Called AT&T yesterday and after 35 min of the run a round, I was hung up on.  I was finally able to speak with someone who knew what I was talking about and she said that they did not have any supply of them and would ship when they got them in.  I decided to email Nokia and see why they have not shipped any of the yellow they so heavily promoted everywhere.  I was told 5 times by the rep that he could not give me any info that AT&T was in total control of this.  It was when I asked to speak with his supervisor that he said he would work with AT&T to resolve the issue.  I then had to wait another 15 min while his boss got her "chat tools" up and running...  I'm sorry but you work in the service dept. I guess you were sitting there playing Angry Birds and had to pull it together when you were called upon.  Needless to say after working my way up the chain of command, I was asked to give them 24 hours to figure out the issue.  So don't go looking for help because you're not gonna get it.  I love WP and a user of the first gen Focus.  It's just a total shame that neither of the "Premiere" partners seem to care about the customer.  DON'T PROMOTE SOMETHING ALL OVER THE WORLD IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE THEM AT LAUNCH!

Yes!  Totally agree.  Or send an update and let people know it will be late.  My friend pre-ordered a red HTC from Verizon and was told upfront it's back-ordered and won't be shipped until 11/22 (which happesn to be T-day so I doubt it but at least he was told it was back-ordered)

This is also affecting Best Buy and other Retailers. They only sell the Black in store, and color versions are online. But the online warehouses don't have any of the color versions to send out. I had an order canceled from in-store pickup because they could not get one shipped. They checked all store local and in other states and none had the color phones. The .com warehouse also didn't have any colors only black. It was going to cost me $100 extra for the white (can't price match online) but since I couldn't get it I saved $50 by getting the black instore and price matching Walmart.

I ordered a Red one Friday the 9th at 9am on the phone an have yet got nothing so I am guessing it's the yellow and red 920's that are the problems

I pre-ordered a Cyan on the moringin of the 7th, and it hsowed up around mid-day on the 9th.  No problems here.

So did I. And I got an email yesterday saying that even though I never got the pop-up promo about the free wireless charger, they'd be sending me one anyway; I didn't need to do anything about it.

I placed my order through phone support on Friday and got it Monday. Maybe that's because I opted for the black one instead of a pretty color this time though.

As of right now, my order status still is unchanged, still says pre-order processing. My transaction email I got after ordering my yellow 920(last Wednesday at around 1:30pm) says it will arrive on or around the 14th, so there's still hope. It just makes me uneasy that I've not gotten an update yet after all the issues AT&T is having with this launch.

Also whats with the yellow taking longer? It seems like they used the yellow one to advertise the phone for most of the conferences. You;d think it would be the one that's first and most available.

Me too! Ordered on the 7th (yellow) from the AT&T store. Was told it would arrive by 1:00 on Friday - but my order is still showing as processing. I just wish they could update people who ordered, by email, to give us a status. Am disappointed by the lack of yellows. Am half-tempted to cancel and get the HTC.

We ordered on Saturday Nov. 10th. My Cyan is still being processed. My cousin ordered the black one and he already received his phone today.

No word yet on my Yellow Lumia 920. Wondering if a free wireless pad is worth paying t-mo 100$ while i wait for it to ship along with my phone :|

Dates all around the globe have been pushed several times and I am starting to believe Nokia is producing phones at to slow speed. The tweaks to finish the camera on official keynote wasn't complete and Nokia is really pushing them self with the time frame, just as Windows Phone 8 OS seems to have been pushed in a tight time frame to be complete. And still Microsoft seems to have been making compromises with some functionality to make it, leaving our some small funktions. I believe all steps to making WP8 happen have been on a too tight frame and you could say that maybe it all wasn't really ready for release. Getting the thing out there before Christmas might prove to be the down fall of WP8.

Im of cause speculating. But it all seems rather plausible.

Att told me just now they would have better order status later tonight or tomorrow morning. Said all the phones are backordered 7-10 days although my order does not say backordered. My email said 11/14 but I figured that would not happen. Just hurry up and send me my phone. They did not wait to charge me my upgrade fee to my bill and take my money from my bank account!

After issues on the 7th, I cancelled my orders and purchased my red 920 in store on the 9th. That same day, I ordered cyan for my wife, and it arrived today.

Still beats Rogers. They just had their latest soft launch and still no word real availability. The website shows that the orders are being processed for 2 days now.

This roll out by Nokia has been abysmal. No carrier seems to have a proper supply of the device and all they have to offer is 2/3 devices for a few lucky consumers. AT&T is just the same.

With roll outs like these, how does Nokia, or for that matter, Microsoft plan to get anywhere? And what's so wrong with telling consumers a set date so they don't have to call the stores a million times to see if they have the device or not.

My gut feeling is telling me that they honestly did NOT expect to have such a huge demand for this phone.  I mean, you don't want to build TOO many and then have them not sell because that's a waste of money right there...just sitting on the shelf.  So, I truly think they only built a few to prevent the units from sitting and not being sold.
But with the response they're getting, I'm going to bet that the next shipment of L920s is going to be much larger.
I just wish my Cyan L920 would ship already.  Go figure, I was going to pre-order it on the 7th until the guy told me that there was no guarantee they'd have it for Friday and that it was not going to ship to the store.  I wanted it on the 9th so I cancelled and went in on the 9th to find out that they never had the cyan one.  I went ahead and placed my order and as of today at 8:40am, still pending shipment.

Ordered 3 Nokia 920
1st Phone Preorder Black at 7:15 am Wed 11/7/12 with Overnight Shipping $14 Web site had not posted the charger offer at that time, Phone Arrived Thursday 11:15am. Call CS Saturday and they will ship charger later.
2nd Phone 920 White picked up Saturday Morning at ATT Store, no charger need to wait till they come in.
3rd Phone Cyan order online at 11:55 am Saturday 10th. Got e-mail Monday saying there a problem with credit card, and need to place a new order. Called in on phone 11-12-12 to reorder the same phone order for Cyan 920 at 10am.y. The status is still pending at 4:00 pm 11-13-12.
Its a big mystery if they have the Cyan phone in stock and when I could expect it.  I would be nice to know I may change the order if I new it was going to be a delay in getting the Cyan.

Ordered 3 Nokia 920
1st Phone Preorder Black at 7:15 am Wed 11/7/12 with Overnight Shipping $14 Web site had not posted the charger offer at that time, Phone Arrived Thursday 11:15am. Call CS Saturday and they will ship charger later.
2nd Phone 920 White picked up Saturday Morning at ATT Store, no charger need to wait till they come in.
3rd Phone Cyan order online at 11:55 am Saturday 10th. Got e-mail Monday saying there a problem with credit card, and need to place a new order. Called in on phone 11-12-12 to reorder the same phone order for Cyan 920 at 10am.y. The status is still pending at 4:00 pm 11-13-12.
Its a big mystery if they have the Cyan phone in stock and when I could expect it. 

i ordered mine sun night and it still says processing. they took the money put of the acct. i figured since it was the holiday it wouldnt ship but i didnt think it would be backordered. itll be here eventually.

Preorderd my white 920 day b4 launch day and got it the following day just got an email concerning my black charge pad is on the way supposed to b here tommorow

My 920 ghosted out yesterday when it ran out of battery. I already had problem with like like many others have with their battery. But this time it stayed in the Nokia splash screen and wouldn't boot into OS at all. So took it back to ATT store only to find that there are no black 920 in stock anywhere near. The store rep placed an online order for me telling me it might be shipped in two days to the store and I can pick it up before this week. But based on these story, it doesn't seem to be going to happen. The order status is still "In Progress".  Damn.

My 920 ghosted out yesterday when it ran out of battery. I already had problem with like like many others have with their battery. But this time it stayed in the Nokia splash screen and wouldn't boot into OS at all. So took it back to ATT store only to find that there are no black 920 in stock anywhere near. The store rep placed an online order for me telling me it might be shipped in two days to the store and I can pick it up before this week. But based on this story, it doesn't seem to be going to happen. The order status is still "In Progress".  Damn.

Horse pucky! Nokia doesn't have the inventory to meet the, face it, relatively small demand. Sad. BTW, I'm still waiting for my high gloss yellow Lumia 920.

"Horse pucky! Nokia doesn't have the inventory to meet the, face it, relatively small demand."


Most people are getting their phones just fine. It was already known the yellow might face delays. The color distribution at AT&T was a little scattershot for sure, but I think that's really dependent on what the store decided to stock.

By and large, phones are in stores, maybe not the particular color you want... and that's not unheard of for new phones with multiple colors.

According to my guy at AT&T, the colors sold out at his store in a couple days, but they still had black in stock and were expecting to get another shipment this week.

I ordered my Cyan Lumia 920 on Friday the 9th as they only had black in stores and i just got the shipping notice today so it will probably be a few more days before it is here but man it is kind of crazy how much delay there has been.  (on a side note I went to the store on Saturday to see if they had gotten anything after I showed up friday morning and they said they had sold out of the 20 or so black that they had in stock which is great for Windows phone 8)

I ordered on Nov 8. Next day, the status was "backordered," but the order has since progressed to "Processing." I only wish I had waited a couple days so that I could use the AT&T Premier coupon for $50 off (code: Tweet50). I'm doing budget shipping; I'm not in a rush.

I pre-ordered my Yellow 920 at around 2:00 PM PST last Wednesday. The status on the AT&T website has been listed as "Processing - pending shipment." AT&T has no idea what's going on and suggested I wait it out.

It has been made clear, at least to me that the yellow would be the last to be shipped.  Last I heard myself was the 12th.  I ordered a red 920 within 6 hours of the ATT release.,  Regular shipping was sent USPS priority and since my office was closed Saturday and yesterday was a USPS holiday, I just got my red lumia 920 today.  Tracking was slow to offer any real guidance from USPS.
Absolutely love this phone, greatest thing since sliced bread.  Once the app store gets better, a large majority will buy a windows phone until Apple or Android can fix its next OS with something like live tiles and kids corner.  Right now there is no competition...imo.  My wife used my 920 as a test, but is now choosing not to replace her Iphone and going  with the 920 instead of the iphone 5.  Saves us a few dollars and makes her happier.

Ordered mine on Friday day of the launch at 1PM ET and received it the next day (Saturday) with the additional one day shipping cost. I was completely shocked at the speed.

I preordered from ATT as soon as possible (first thing on the morning of the 7th) and I finally got my black Lumia 920 today.

So from what I'm seeing it seems like people who ordered yellow haven't heard anything. That at least gives me a little piece of mind.

I kind of wished I held out for a cyan 920, but I bought a black one and I've had no problems with it.

still no yellow I ordered it the morning it was released, for my wife, I have the 900 already, wish nokia or ms would be nice enough to take care of people who went through wp7

I was informed by the store manager of my local AT&T store that Pittsburgh was the only city in US that got the yellow because of Steelers.

I called around to a couple of stores and some had a single red left (which I don't like at all) and I found one store who had a white and a black for my brother and I. I love my white 920!!

My Yellow 920 has not shipped yet either. But I ordered it the very first day, before the news about adding the wireless charger to the order. I did not cancle it and reorder, due to all the trouble people were talking about here with regard to that.
But today I did get an email from ATT saying, to paraphrase "you were supposed to add it to your order, but we see you did not, we are awesome and are still going to be shipping the free wireless charger when we do get around to shipping the yellow 920s!".
So, sucks not having it, but I can wait a few days for the Yellow!

Re yellow again, there was a post here at WPCentral, that specfically said the Yellow would nto ship until or after the 13th!
They simply must have made the other colors first, and we are waiting on them to be made. Well, more likely shipping from China now.

I ordered a cyan 920 by phone from AT&T yesterday. The representative told me it was backordered and might be December. He gave me free shipping because of it. The phone was $449 and included the charging plate (was given choice of black or white).

I ordered my yellow lumia 920 from ATT at 8:00 Am the morning they went on pre order. Still have not received it and its Tuesday the 13th. Order info just says processing. ATT told me it will ship out today or tomorrow. They didn't have the free wireless charger deal yet but surprisingly I got it in the mail today. Wasn't told they shipped it either, actually ATT told me ID have to call and order it after I got the phone activated. So here I'm thinking I got my phone in the mail when I saw it at my door after work today and its the charger plate that I wasn't supposed to get any time soon and the yellow phone I was supposed to have today isn't even shipped outta the warehouse yet. Go figure.

I placed an order with Att Premier on the 8th for a Cyan L920. I called last night to see if they had any details since my order still said "Preorder Processing". The lady told me that they hadn't even gotten 920s yet. What!?!? I then started looking at availability of the white and black on ATT's website. I just kept thinking that I'd be upset if I saw someone with a Cyan. Then I thought about THE MS STORE DUH! I waited for 10am and called to see if they had any Cyan available. The lady told me she wasn't sure but they did have Black, White and Red. I would've settled for Red, why not. I went to the store and they had Cyan!!!!! Yeah! I cancelled my preorder and bought it! It didn't come with the free charger but oh well. Its fifty bucks and I see it as I can use the refunded money or see if whining to AT&T helps. :) A note about the MS store, the store in Austin, TX was very nice and the people were cool as heck! If AMD goes under or if they lay me off I will apply to the MS Store. ;P. Typing this on my Cyan Lumia 920. :)

So you can't buy a Lumia 920 online and you can't buy one -- at all, in any color -- in downtown Seattle. 
Did they or didn't they launch a product?

I ordered my Cyan NL 920 yesterday, and it shows in processing. :(  Had to call stupid at&t atleast 10 times before one sensible lady was able to add free wireless charging pad with the order, others kept asking me why I am not upgrading to iPhone 5 and had no clue of the free charging plate deal.  Cant wait to get my hands on Nokia, my last nokia was 3315, a.k.a The Hulk.

I wonder how difficult it is for Nokia to meet the initial demand vs iPhone... I assume Foxconn does pretty much all the assemblies?  Or is it simply Nokia's own factories?  Just curious.

If u turn of the weather channel background task your phone will last much longer. I noticed this same issue when I had that app in my 900. Since the 920 comes preinstalled with this app I suspect that may be a reason people are having battery issues. Monday I was dead after a day at work with it on, after full night charge. Today, no weather app and I am above 75%. Similar usage both days, demoing it to curious people at the office. It is night and day.

This afternoon I received an update for the weather app but I'm still having issues with my battery and an overheating unit.  I've already order a replacement unit but reading all theses posts about shipping delays has me a bit worried.  Good to hear you're unit is doing better though.

Go to a Microsoft store if you have one close. I went to the Delaware store and they had all colors except Yellow. Easy purchase. CYAN!

High gloss yellow is my color of choice and no one carries it in-store in the USA. Online retailers are forecasting 1-2wk delivery on the yellows.

The decision to allow preorders Nov. 7th and in store purchases on Nov. 9th was for quelling the masses wondering when we could purchase the new Lumias. It's obvious they don't have the inventory to meet demand and they knew we'd wait for preorder deliveries.

Bait and switch.

Oh boy-the irony (careful what we wish for),
Not too long ago we were wondering why most folks weren't giving WP's a second look. Back then we already knew it had agreat and fresh UI with many possibilities.  Now that our wish is coming true about the platform getting more traction and recognition, we find ourselves unable to find the units we want because every store we visit has depleted their stock and back orders/delays are spreading like a wild fire. Man, isn't that a "female dog".......

I ordered a red and yellow one on the same day same time. Both on the 7th but were not processed till the 8th. Neither have came. I figured that with the yellow but I can not figure out what the problem is with the red. I talked to ATT on the phone and the woman said 3-5 days. But it just bothers me to see that people who ordered their phones later than I ordered mine are getting theirs faster. Makes no sense. I wish someone knew what was going on. Or atleast have someone notfiy people of what is REALLY going on. behind the scenes. 

Woot, I got a white one today! Luckily I have 4 Microsoft stores around me, so when AT&T and bestbuy failed me, I called each store to see which one had the white in stock. Also got to check out the surface in the meantime, sexy device, too bad about RT though.
But AT&T and bestbuy are not doing windows phone any service. Both had some in stock (just black), but refused to sell it to a non AT&T customer. If I didn't have enough reasons to hate that company already...
So best bet is to get to a Microsoft store if there is one near you.

I ordered my CYAN first thing Thursday the 9th.  Had to fly out of town for work, but wife called me today and said my phone arrived today, can't wait to get home and switch from my crappy droid! #FridayCantComeFastEnough

I ordered my red 920 on Wednesday at like 10am and was told I'd get it by last Friday but it just flipped to shipped now.

I ordered one from att online and they canceled my order!! They said numbers didn't match up so it was canceled. BS. Now I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for the, to credit my account with the money. (Off contract price). Going to go to the AT&T store tomorrow to see if they have any in stock.

Not only AT&T does have problems shipping 920s. I am living in Germany and over here only a few black ones have been shipped. I preordered a glossy white and it has not been shipped since the release date on 5th november. Latest estimation is 15th.

Ordered my cyan fireball on the 7th, came today. Gets to about 87,768 degrees after about 5 mins of use.

Five att reps had five different solutions. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it sorted out.

Mine became a space heater in my pocket at work the other day. Battery died in 4 hours from a full charge. But now its back to lasting only 10 hours. What's the deal Nokia? 

I will FINALLY be getting mine tomorrow...... Pre ordered  the 7th. I cant blame AT&T or MSFT. This was a total USPS fail. When Icalled to find out why the Delivery Confirmation stated the 10th it woud be here and its NOT, the lady at USPS acted like i was a freaking moron. Asked me if I remembered Mon. was a holiday.LOL. Yeah bitch i remembered. That wasnt why I was calling. I am calling because YOUR service said DELIVERY ON the 10th. Spoke very condescendingly to me, which was infuriating. No wonder USPS LOST 5.2 BILLION $$$  LAST QRTR. 

Ordered  a cyan one on the 7th, shipped out on the 8th and arrived on the 9th. Paid for overnight shipping. No wireless charger yet though. AT&T keeps telling me that it will be shipped at a "later date."

I ordered a red on the 9th (after going to a few local places, none who had red), got an email last night that it shipped. Glad I ordered next day shipping.

well at least i'm getting a wireless charger, it shipped yesterday so i will get it tomorrow.  it would be really nice to have a phone to be able to charge with the wireless charger!!  still showing processing for the Yellow 920 that i ordered on 11/7

I pre ordered mine on thursday 8th at the store. The guy said it should be ready to be picked up on the 14th. I asked why the long wait and he said that they had to get rid most of the 900s first.

Got my Cyan 920. Ordered it from AT&T Premier around 9am EST on the 7th. It was delivered on the 9th. My black wireless charging pad that AT&T Premier prompted me to add to the cart for free showed up Monday. I got no notice of the charging pad having shipped.

I absolutely love this phone.

The email stated I would receive this on or around the 14th, yet the website still says pre order processing...I ordered this in the morning the first day wtf????

I placed an order for both a red and a black 920 on 11/10, only the black one shipped on 11/13, and status pendng is on the red one. BTW they only had two white ones left in-store. Expected delivery date is the 11/15 can't wait!

I walked into an ATT store on Friday and ordered a cyan 920. It arrived yesterday, but no charging pad.

ordered a yellow 920 on the 9th which said it would start shipping out on the 12th.  order status update is still pending shipment.  kinda upset as i have a few coworkers who went to an at&t or MS store to pick one up on release day but they're not the yellow model.  oh well, good things come for those who wait =)

I got my Cyan 920 on the 10th (ordered on the 7th). Had to call AT&T support several times though to get it. Also I was not offered a free charging plate (bought off contract) nor have I received any confirmation for shipping of the of the 2 chargin plates I ordered

Ordered on the 9th and got my cyan 920 yesterday with wireless charger! AT&T sent me an email notification when the devices shipped USPS, and I tracked it from there. Not seeing any of the bugs people have written about and I used it continuously for 5-7 hours after receiving it.

I'm not a fan of the vibration motor, it does buzz... but you can turn it off and it still gives you small feedback on pressing the capacitive buttons without the buzz.

The only thing that would make this phone better would be making it a little lighter, but its by no means uncomfortably heavy. That has to be the most overblown thing I've ever read in reviews. I do prefer the dark blacks of an AMOLED display, but this screen is really beautiful anyway. The camera does leave pics a little soft, but 90% of people will still be perfectly happy with its performance. Low light shots are simply stunning.

I pre-ordered Yellow on 7th. On 8th I was told that it would ship on 9th and would reach me no later than 13th. I talked several times to AT&T Customer Support. The only thing they can say is that they have no idea when they will have Yellow ones in inventory and will start shipping. And for the information they gave me earlier about it getting shipped on 9th, they simply said that they apologize for the misinformation.
I ordered Cyan from Walmart as well for my wife and I believe it is going through the same story.
UPDATE: I called AT&T Premier Support again, and I was told that my phone has been shipped and should arrive by Friday afternoon. I was given tracking number as well.
UPDATE: I called Walmart Wireless and I was told that they were going to have a limited number of Lumia 920's coming in, and orders would be fulfilled on first-come-first-serve basis, so they couldn't guarantee that I would get mine shipped.

I just received mine Red Lumia920 after 4 days, I ordered on thursday. Now i dint receive Headphoes and wireless charger with it. I am very tired of this ATNT now. they cant even do one thing properly. 

Pretty sure to everyone talking about the charging pads that it was clarified they would NOT ship with the devices, so please do not complain when you do not get the charging pad with the phone as that was never the intent from my understanding.

I ordered 2 Lumia 920's from an AT&T store on the 9th.  My cyan showed up yesterday and the my gf's yellow is still pending shipment.  I was planning on calling today to complain.  I have check for store availabililty and there still is none.  This is crap.  I left Sprint because of the these phones.  All cell phone companies suck.

AT&T is horrible!!!! I ordered my 920 online, they canceled my order yesterday. The lady told my. It would be 24 to 48 hours. Now a lady calls and tells me it would be 24 to 72 hours. And my AT&T about a hour away has 15 in stock. Now I have to wait for the money or my paycheck on Friday. Att is horrible. Hands down.

Ordered a yellow Lumia 920 last Friday. Order still shows 'processing'. I talked to AT&T people at two different numbers and on two different web chats before a third web chat revealed it's backordered.  The only guy who could really even talk orders with me on the phone had no clue and just wanted me off the phone - he kept saying 'You don't have to worry, I'm sure it's going to show up soon - it probably already shipped and our system just hasn't been updated yet.', then started telling me to call the store because they'd have a better idea (even though they don't ship them). Calling the store did nothing for me, of course - they just told me to call the shipping number.

This whole launch has been handled very, very poorly by AT&T and Nokia.

The sad part is that I know I could walk into the AT&T store today and buy a black one.  That's it, though - only black.

Ordered cyan on Friday night 11/09. Got email today it is backordered. Few more days I will enjoy my white LUMIA 900.

Just received notice that my yellow lumia 920 shipped today and tracking on FedEx says it willbe here Friday!  Things are finally moving...somewhat!

Like many here..I ordered a Yellow on Nov 7th. After reading all the posts here..I went back to my "order procesing" e-mail and WOW, now says shipped! I have a question though..I may not be available to be home when the 920 arrives via FEDEX. this Friday, Does anyone know if ATT/FED EX is requring a signature? Or will they just leave the package? I don't dare call ATT they will never know..thanks..if anyone knows please If they DO require a signature and I miss the driver I'd have to wait for a redlivery on Monday

Yes, I am a premier customer through my employer.

I also ordered my wife a cyan on on preorder day, it came on the 9th. It did NOT require signature. That was via FedEx. Signature requirement may depend on the destination city.

I called Fedex. I was told YES it will require a signature, I'm in NY on Long Island....guess maybe every city may be different re; needing a signature..sort of a pain if you can't be home..:(

I ordered my the morning of Pre-Order on the 7th...Friday the 9th ATT canceled it for no Reason.
Friday the 9th I called ATT and they said they were sorry and placed the order for me over the phone.
Monday the 12th it was canceled by ATT again.  I called and talked to a supervisor.  She admitted it was a problem in their system.  She told me to order online again or go to the store.
Why didn't I just go to the store?  Well my number is for Houston, TX where my home is, but I'm currenlty working up in Minot, North Dakota and won't be back home until February.  Have to order online to keep my existing number (which I'm not giving up).
The supervisor also told me if there is another error, they will force the local store here in Minot to sell me a phone even though I'm out of the area.  So the order I placed on Monday is still processing even though they charged my credit card.  For about two hours on Wednesday the site said "back ordered" and then went back to "processing".  I paid overnight shipping also.
I ordered the Cyan unit.  This is just instane.  Why can't they have a better supply chain and logistics system?  Amazon and many other stores can have highly proper products ordered and shipped with no problems.


I am an AT&T premiere member and I ordered a Cyan 920 from an AT&T store in San Fran on Nov. 9th, around 3:00 p.m. My order status for both the phone and charging plate are stlil "pending shipment." Doesn't say backordered, though. When I ordered it, they told me it would ship in 3 to 5 business days. I have no idea where that number comes from, but I'm trying to be patient. Tomorrow is business day 5, so we will see. But I'm surprised to hear that some people have received their Cyan and some haven't. Seems so random. This is frustrating, but oh well. Hopefully the phone lives up the hype!

Not a big deal MAYBE, My Yellow 920 is supposedly arriving tomorrow Friday the 16h..after being orderd on the 7th..Premier customer. BUT the e-mail I got said part of my order is still backordered...and if not in stock wihin 30 days will be cancelled. Cus service told me it's the charging plate. I'm sure glad if she was RIGHT, I'll be getting the PHONE at least and not JUST the charging plate BUT I don't know why it says if the backorder is not in within 30 days, IT will be cancelled. Hopefully that's a mistake as it was supposed to be free. Definitely this luanch is a bit random and nuts. I HATE Iphones..but they get the launch right at least..this is a bit nuts. :(

I ordered a Red 920 and a Yellow 920.  I got the Red 920 this past Monday and am still waiting on the Yellow one.  I spoke with an AT&T CS Rep tonight and was told there was somehting like 972 orders for the Yellow one that were on backorder.  Not sure why.  I would think that Nokia would get the yellow one ramped up as they have been pushing it like crazy.

I ordered my cyan 920 Saturday 11/10. Got an email saying it'll ship within 3-5 business days. So it's officially been 5 business days and at&t still hasn't shipped it from their warehouse.
I went to the store I got it from, which is pointless because they always give me the same answer. "call 611 for customer service". Ended up call and all they did was look at my order and said something like "yup it hasn't shipped yet". No help!