Nokia to offer free wireless charging plates for those who purchase a Lumia 920, 820 from Phones4u

Nokia Free Charger

Nokia's 'Free Wireless Charger' page has been live for a while, but registration isn't quite ready / open yet. The Finnish manufacturer has however published the terms and conditions, which reveal exactly what will be on offer and who will be eligible for said free gear. Those who purchase either the Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 through Phones4u will be able to claim a free wireless charging plate.

To be eligible for the free offer, a promotional Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 must have been purchased through a Phones4u store, online or via the call centre between November 2nd and December 31st. This is restricted to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland and opens tomorrow, November 16th. This appears to be a somewhat similar deal to the free Lumia 820 wireless charging shells for O2 customers.

Registrations for the plate must be completed at least 14 days after purchasing the qualified Windows Phone where personal information and the device IMEI number will need to be entered. The wireless charging plate will subsequently be sent within 28 days of form completion. A pretty neat offer to further incentivise the purchase of a Lumia Windows Phone. be sure to get in touch with Nokia should you be unsure if you'll be eligible before making the purchase.

Source: Nokia (terms); thanks, Malte, for the heads up!


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Nokia to offer free wireless charging plates for those who purchase a Lumia 920, 820 from Phones4u


Nothing for the Canadian folks who didn't get one either? We just keep getting screwed a little more on this release...

Dang so not for US customers. Sad because the Best Buy Mobile I went to didn't get any with the 5 phones they received and I knew of this offer so I didnt' press the issue to get a raincheck. Might have to contact AT&T and Best Buy.

I payed 599€ for this device and get nothing but people who bought it on contract get a free charger? That's not fair,..

Well welcome to democracy. I also bought mine and got nothing free. Unfair? I guess unlucky will be more presise, 

Its a promotional offer with Phones4u, so if you purchased a Lumia 920 (on contract or other) from Phones4u, you are eligible....

How hard is it to understand?!?

"Registrations for the plate must be completed at least 14 days after purchasing the qualified Windows Phone" This is a little ambiguous, and could be read either as "must be completed within 14 days" or "must be completed after at least 14 days have passed." Just a heads up ;-)

You get a code on a sticker in the box with all the other bits and pieces. I am waiting delivery of my white 920 from phones 4 u and my free wireless charger!!!

I bought my Lumia 920 in a phone4u store last week and there was no evidence of a sticker (other than the one on the box with the IMEI).  To be fair, the staff in the shop knew nothing about the free charger offer either - I had to point out that their display indicated they were offering this; their advice was to wait until this week when they expected to get stock in store and just show my receipt.  Since then, they've not had any stock and @phones4u on twitter have told me to check out the offer on the web.
Currently waiting for http://www.nokiafreecharger.com/ to go live to see exactly what they are expecting.

OK - now the site is up and accepting entries, it looks like you need to wait until 14 days have passed before ordering your charger (the drop down for purchase date is currently starting at 2nd November and working back).
I'm still concerned that I never received a sticker with the "unique code", though.  I'll have to give the helpline a call...

Well crap! That site was half the reason I decided to buy my 3 phones at Best Buy instead of AT&T direct. Should have known was too good to be true.
Now I have to fork over $50 each for wireless charger(s).

Don't want to rub salt in,but... EE in the UK are also offering free wireless charging pad with 920. Got mine (white) Monday instore with phone (black).

Are they? I got my 920 at the weekend and didn't get offered a charger... Got any POS proof that i can use when i call them up?

Yeah, i didn't get a charger either though i did get some free headphones. Would love it if i could get some proof to call them up as i really wanted that wireless plate!!!!

hey has anyone else noticed to fools at zdnet bashing the crap out of microsoft? whats up with them ive seen like 9 stories posted just knifing microsoft in the back.

Phones4U were also offering the first 500 web customers a Nokia Play 360 nfc enabled speaker too!
I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky 500!

Nope, you won't be one as I was one and had my order for the 920 back on the 5th Nov.... So you're a bit late to the party :)

They are not elsewhere and this is more Phone4u related than Nokia. I would certainly not hold my breath. 
I buy around 3 unlocked phones a year and never have i received anything for free. 

I got mine from phones4u and i also go a free Nokia play 360 speaker (awesome) with my black 920.. Just waiting for the page to go live so i could get my charger!

I got mine from phones4u online. Does anyone know where this so called "unique code" is?

@Stjimmie - did u order online or instore?

I ordered mine online, the emie number should be on the phone box ,the bit you pull out, its a sticker with barcodes and some numbers.

Purchased mine unlocked from clove. Paid £528 for it and get nothing.. Oh well... Such is life.

Just called them as i didnt get a Sticker/code... They told me to leave the field blank as its not mandatory. Think they expected the stickers to be missing on some... now I have to wait a week before I can order my one...

Thanks for the info - you've saved me a call to work out what to do as I didn't get a code either.  As you, though, I need to wait until Friday to actually apply.

I had a small sticker with what looks a bit like a QR code (but isn't) on it. It's a 9 digit code so I'll give that a try when i can register in a week's time.