Service Alert - Windows Phone Store temporarily down

Just a mini-service alert, the Windows Phone Store (for at least those in the US) are having some issues that are "intermittent". Sometimes we can't even view and app let alone download it, yet other times we can get through (error code 805a01f7).

Needless to say it is annoying but Microsoft is aware of the issue and actively working on it. Best bet is just to give it a few hours while they figure it out and hopefully it'll get fixed right quick.


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Service Alert - Windows Phone Store temporarily down


Funny, I just experienced this issue when tapping on a the Drive option from a Bing search result took me to the app store but then couldn't connect. It told me to try taking my phone outta airplane mode, I was like wtf?

It appears to be a sign in issue, all of my email accounts have been permanently "syncronizing" for the last hour, and skydrive app wont refresh either

Download statistics for my apps have increased in the last few weeks. Thats WP8 phones joining the party...

Had issues earlier downloading. However it seems to be working now for me.
Nokia Lumia 920 in Arizona.

After seeing how many retailers/service providers are running out of nokias, i kinda get the feeling that microsofts servers may be getting a little overwhelmed by the apparent popularity of WP8, The good news is that they will sort it.

Yeah. I just picked up the 810 a few hours ago and was trying to reinstall all my apps. Thought WI-Fi or a bad data connection may have been to blame. When it proved to be just as slow or not working at all on the web site, I started looking to see if others were having similar issues.
Well, here I am. And, I'm relieved to know it's not the brand new phone I just grabbed. ;)

Complete Marketplace (hey, I'm still on WP7.5 :P) blackout in Croatia, too, but it appears to be working now, I've managed to install a few apps, no errors whatsoever. A few hours ago, however, I was getting error 80004003, even the website was down. :S

What for app? ;o Because I've bought my mobile yesterday .. and I can't open marketplace .. It opens but .. if I want to install whatsapp for example .. it shows that error code again .. ? :(

I thought something was up. It was slower than usually today when I was looking at it. I guess this explains it.

FYI, Just ordered a nother Nokia Lumia 920 on our account from the AT&T site.  The red, yellow and cyan are all sold out with no option to order.  We had to choose black or white for that line!!!

Same here, it appears to be sign in issues at the core, all of my email accounts are at a permanent "Syncronizing" state and this seems to be causing issues in SMS, Email and marketplace
Even my skydrive app wont refresh giving a "Make sure you're connected" type message,
If i turn WiFi and data connections off SMS works again, but just not while theyre "trying" to sync

A bit poor on Microsoft's front. Added to the mutltitude of bugs in the OS won't help enamour people with the new phones!

Just got my Lumia 920 yesterday (upgraded from an original Focus) and have been having a heckuva time getting my apps reinstalled. Some go through, some don't. Seems to have more issues with the ones it has to reverify that I purchased them before. Same type of issues exist on the windowsphone.com site, too.
It's extremely frustrating to finally get some great hardware and have the OS ecosystem take a step backwards. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.

I know how u feel got an 8x on T-Mobile but can't download many apps I was able to get wpcentral and metrotube though. Love the phone but I want easy ring and NBA scores and alerts apps

Problemo in India was working a few hours earlier, seems to be annoyed with me for trying to download so many apps in a single day

In the Netherlands I'm getting this error too since yesterday. It sometimes occurs when accessing the marketplace, sometimes when swiping to the 'Free' (gratis) section and sometimes when selecting an app. 
Service niet beschikbaar.
Marketplace is op dit moment niet beschikbaar. Probeer het straks opnieuw.
Foutcode: 805a01f7

Hey een klein vraagje, heb je dit kunnen oplossen of niet? en hoe dan? want ik heb juist mij Nokia gisteren gekocht, en dit is niet echt leuk als ik dit al heb wanneer ik Marketplace open en whatsapp probeer te downloaden ... :(  pffff ... :( kan je me hierbij helpen? Bedankt!

I bought it on 15th, and it is not working now at all.. cant even update apps... It keeps on saying error 805a01f7 Market place not available at the moment.
Microsoft is such a big company, how can they release a software even without making necessary testing of their products.
Sell it up and buy android

Got new Nokia Lumia 800 this morning with Windows 7.  Marketplace errors ALL DAY so far.  Just want to cry - not what you expect from a brand new purchase.  Cannot find any recent info on this problem anywhere - have been searching, resetting & rebooting for hours. 

Got new Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7 this morning & have been getting the marketplace error all day. 
Not what you expect from a new purchase - instead of being excited, I just want to send it back.  Various google searches seem to indicate that this is an ongoing problem.  Very frustrating that there is no recent announcement from microsoft, who must be aware by now - I have reported it as I'm sure have many others.  So upset.

Just got my phone and I created an account already,yet when I try to download anything,nothing! No number for customer support or anything?

Same problem in India.I know this is very late but I just got my Lumia 625 a week back and it was working perfectly till this evening. From then onwards It kept on saying error 805a01f7 Market place not available at the moment. What should i do now? Any suggestions?

I think everyone is getting this error now again. Im getting same error too. I think its to do with WP8.1 or something.