New Verizon commercial boasts about the Lumia 822's simplicity

Now that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are all theoretically selling Windows Phone 8 devices--assuming you can find them--it's time for the carriers to begin rolling out commercials. We've already seen a few from AT&T featuring Will Arnett (which have been running heavily on Hulu+ via our Xbox) but now it's Verizon's turn.

Their first commercial features the Nokia Lumia 822 in white--the better of the three colors, in our opinion. It starts off talking about how complicated technology can be with someone unfolding a large instruction sheet, something we're quite familiar with when purchasing gadgets. Instead, the voice-over talks about how when something is "truly advanced" it shouldn't need any explanation at all, which is when they trot out the Lumia 822.

Windows Phone OS is a rather simple and intuitive solution for mobile phones, though we're not 100% sure it is instruction free. Still the conceit of the ad is spot on as it shows off Office integration and even name-drops Data Sense for monitoring your consumption. Not a bad ad at all.

Did you get a Verizon Lumia 822? If so, how are you liking it? Let us know in comments...

Thanks, Steve K., for the tip!


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New Verizon commercial boasts about the Lumia 822's simplicity


OMG! Pitchforks...roar...burn the traitor!

I think this Windows/Windows Phone thing is no big deal. They're clearly drawing the connection between the desktop OS and the phone and for all intents and purpose, they pretty close to being the same.

Bottom line: who cares if they call it pumpkin pie, so long as people buy it

"Exclusively with Datasense"

Do we know which carriers will allow datasense? Or are they saying only that device (on their network) allows datasense.

I bought a white 822 when my Verizon store opened yesterday morning. So far in very pleased. This is a big step up in every way from my Trophy.

Even though I have the 920 and its superior hardware wise to the 822, I'm still envious of the Verizon network out here in west Phoenix.

Nice I'd love to see mr can you hear me now using a windows phone wonder what his home screen would look like

I just hate how they advertise it like you can only get a simple (windows) phone at verizon. the features are windows phone not verizon.

Really what??? Yeah the phone is as sharp as Combat on the 2600, so what, resolution is so overrated. Combat was(is)  lots of fun. Truth is screen is VERY vibrant and clear, no jagged edges on text, I've seen peoples retina iphones before and the tiny screen size is way more noticeable than the pixel density. And this phone has really great reception too. Much better than the trophy.

great about it has a microsd slot. Wish lumia 920 had also microsd slot even thou lumia 32gb is big enough. But it's good have a backup for storage

Loving the Lumia 822 so far. I got 3 of them for my wife, daughter, & myself. My girls just love it to death! I found it to be much lighter than I anticipated and I think it looks an order of magnitude better than the leaked images we all have seen earlier. Oh, and the screen is amazing despite it res specs.

I've had the 822 for about 3 months and love it...removable battery and memory are a must for me. Super smooth is with no lag!