SkyDrive usage stats and new desktop features go live today

Odds are if you're using Windows Phone that you're using SkyDrive, the cloud storage and syncing product from Microsoft. The file hosting service offers users access to their data through a web interface as well as clients for every major mobile or desktop operating system. The desktop clients in particular were released about six months ago and Microsoft has just shared in a blog post that usage has doubled.

Today, the team has also announced a few new features to the service that make using SkyDrive more powerful. Read on to find out what...


Selective Sync

The first new feature detailed by Microsoft is selective sync and it's exactly as it sounds. Users can chose to have a majority of their desktops folders and files sync with SkyDrive, but on a specific device only chose to sync specific selection. This scenario is suited for portable devices, like a tablet, where storage space isn't a luxury. Check the video out below to see the feature in action.

A new way to share and app updates

SkyDrive also has a nifty new way to share documents and pictures. You can now just right-click and select share to send your files, this will open your web browser and from there you can select which method you want to send it. In addition, a few days ago the team released an update for Windows Phone 8 and Android. If you're curious about the Windows Phone update you can read what's new here. For Android users, they can look forward to:

  • Upload all file types from SD card
  • Rename SkyDrive folders & files
  • Custom sort orders for every view

You can download desktop versions of SkyDrive here or wait for the update to roll out if you're already using it. Windows Phone users can grab it from the Marketplace or use the QR code below.

SkyDrive QR to Marketplace


Source: The Windows Blog



Reader comments

SkyDrive usage stats and new desktop features go live today


Another benefit is that you could synch a few docs from your work so you can see them on your WP device without having it download all your personal stuff to your work PC.

The selective sync feature is exactly what I need. I have been holding on to Windows Live Mesh because of the absence of such a feature.

I will still hold onto Live Mesh because of the 5GB free storage. Why can't MS just add that to my 25GB :(

Does anyone else want to see them allow multi-account sync?  I have separate skydrive accounts for work and personal use, and I would like to be able to sync them both to my home machine (Win8 Pro).

same as with the messenger app, and you can't add another windows account so had to install the desktop application as well

Mesenger is going.
Use 1 account. Stop trying to push sh*t uphill.
If you are avoiding paying the 6 pounds per year for 20Gig of space - then you deserve to have a complicated life :)

Where is a Linux client? I'm pretty sure its classified as a "major operating system" and does not have any attention from MSFT.

Which distro though? I highly doubt they'll open source it into a package for users to make their own package for their respective distro. In the meantime, web access works fairly well.

Are you one of the trolls over in the Google Drive for Linux 'Google Group'?  I'm kidding.  Why should Microsoft put out Skydrive for Linux?  Don't they now, for the most part, serve the majority of Skydrive customers catering to Windows-based PC's and devices along with Android?  

Linux lunatics are the most anti MS people on the planet so why would they even want to use SkyDrive? Plus their user base is small anyway.

Nothing worse than Linux zealots. They spend their whole life on Engadget comments hating on Microsoft. Well suck it down, and use Dropbox. Microsoft is not hear for you to slag off one minute then get a handout the next.

That needs to be a commercial, show more of WP8 and W8 as it is missing ten seconds and it would do well. Need more ecosystem greatness.

Yep, and I want to see so many commercials from win8 and WP8 that people talk about how annoying it is to see another Microsoft ad

When are they gonna update the calendar in Outlook! Throws off my whole groove when perusing the online suite :|

I know :( I wonder why they haven't done it yet? According to the Wikipedia (so this could be completely off) but Hotmail calendar was updated around the same time as People and Skydrive... 

You can't get to SkyDrive from a WinRT Surface? Or you can't utilize the desktop client? What about the Office docs you're working on? You're saying I can't save them to SkyDrive?

Now the only missing thing is mirroring your synced folders from any locations without copying to the SkyDrive folder. Also, direct PC-to-PC sync without the cloud!

And also not just PC-to-PC, but Device-to-Device, PC / Tablet / Phone. Syncing like Dropbox, without the cloud when all devices are in same WiFi network or connected via BT.
// chall3ng3r //

Uhhh....   Why would I get another copy of Skydrive for the Phone?   I don't think there is a new version.   It doesn't sync files on the phone.  It just lets you get access to them AFAIK.
But maybe Win8 phones are different.  Mine is WP7.

Is there a way we can use Skydrive on each of our devices so the files are always ready to be clicked but DO NOT reside on our local drive?  I want it to work like my office server.  When I'm online I'd like to link to it directly but offline I don't want it taking space on my local drive.  It just waste's valuable local storage - especially on Tablets and Phones.

SkyDrive is already like that on all devices, but the only thing is you need to be online unless you're on a desktop that stores the files locally and syncs them down when you go online. Not sure how else you would expect to store files offline and accessible without them being local. Its either local or online.

I think that SkyDrive is becoming the go-to online storage for the plethora of features, the integration across windows phone 8 and 7.5, the desktop, the surface...While there is room for improvement, it is very solid choice.

Ok...im still looking for these new usage stats. The article says nothing about it and yet boldly proclaims it.