Official WordPress app for Windows Phone bumped to version 1.7

Windows Phone WordPress

It surely has been a while, WordPress. We last covered the blogging app for Windows Phone back in October last year when the official offering hit version 1.4. The WordPress team has since released a number of updates, and as of yesterday we're now at 1.7.

Enabling bloggers who own Windows Phones to connect, manage and create articles on WordPress installations, the app is a must-have for those who require convenient access to their websites. So what's new?

Aside from the all important support for Windows Phone 8, which has just been released, the latest release includes the following:

  • Added support for Local Drafts
  • Added support for Post Formats
  • Added image positioning option
  • Now available in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal).
  • Translation updates
  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements

You can download WordPress from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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Reader comments

Official WordPress app for Windows Phone bumped to version 1.7


Are you saying the service sucks or the app? Cuz I'm liking the service. Dunno how I feel about the app since there's nothing to compare to

The fact that hardly anyone uses Joomla anymore doesn't really speak for it...
Anyway, there's an app called UpdateMyFeeds that handles more than Wordpress alone (but no Joomla as of yet, but the developer want to add more in consecutive updates) :)

I always experience the app to be glitchy with some annoying buggs. I hope they fixed it this time. Will try it again later.

Too bad the Wordpress WP app is a usability trainwreck.
That app desperately needs a redesign, but this time without a retarded monkey in charge of the UX.

I hope this updates fixes a terrible issue making it unusable for me. Any post using the "more" line would only save words typed up to that point when publishing it.

Hi there, I just updated to the newest version, and while I like the new features (especially being able to save a local draft), I have a big problem: I can't find the option to set a maximum photo size anymore, so when I post photos they look like this: http://picsandvids.selfishmom.com/2012/12/04/sorry-another-test/. Since pretty much all I use this app for is posting pictures, it will be useless for me until I can fix this. If I can't fix this, does any know how I can revert back to the previous version?