Nokia and HTC Windows Phone 8 hardware coming soon to M1 Shop, Singapore

M1 Shop

The Lumia 920, Lumia 820 have joined HTC's 8X and 8S Windows Phones over at the M1 Shop. The mobile phone retailer will provide an option for those residing in Singapore to make the purchase with the choice of four high quality Windows Phone 8 handsets. 

According to the website and product listings, each and every Windows Phone is expected to be made available by December. Good to see a strong offering for the market, but we're yet to see Samsung's ATIV S listed. It'll be interesting to see how all four handsets will be priced, and if shortage issues will be present.

Source: M1 Shop; thanks, Mousehunt, for the tip!


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Nokia and HTC Windows Phone 8 hardware coming soon to M1 Shop, Singapore


Against the law to sell locked phones.
Also, as far as I know, no annoying Telco apps cluttering the phone.
Come to Singapore! The telcos are usually quick at rolling out updates too :D

OMGGGGGGG THANKS!!!! This is definitely better than my plan to buy online... At least I can test it out right away...

Man, I'm waiting anxiously here in Malaysia, where I've not seen one WP handset in the wild ever.

Depends on the telco, although there's probably 2-3 apps at most. In any case, this is Windows Phone after all, even if there are you can always uninstall them. :D

Yes, no locked phones here...it's the law :-)
But we have to wait till next week still for WP8...come to daddy!!!

preorder already started, I just got mine done at funan and im getting free charger plate cause im within 150 preorders...mostly selling by 8th decamber but we will have prize and confirmation day by Tuesday next were. All phone will be unlocked here in Singapore. Can't wait my yellow lumia 920. Best phone ever so far...

Singapore has the best Telcos in the world! Also Nokia Singapore has already put up the 920 on demo in Causeway point and Jurong point