Lumia 920 on AT&T price drop to $49.99

Lumia 920 on AT&T price drop to $49.99

From this Friday AT&T will be offering the Lumia 920 at any of its company owned retail stores for $49.99. Of course you’ll need to sign a contract for two years with voice and data, but at least the carrier will be matching both Amazon and Walmart.

This Friday will see plenty of ‘crazy deals’ but this still some compelling pricing from AT&T who are already selling the device for $99.99.  The deal is available from this Friday 23rd to the 25th for those of you who are keen to grab one.

The Lumia 920 is a premium quality phone with a set of features and specifications that puts it well above some other flagship devices. AT&T is already offering the device at a seriously good price of $99.99 on a contract basis so when they offer up the unit for $49.99 will folks be able to resist?

Here in the UK pricing of handsets has been something of a token consideration almost since the explosion in retail mobile phones kicked off. In the US devices have been kept at rates which in some ways help consumers differentiate the higher quality nature of the handsets. Well, that and the carriers rake in even more money of course.

A quick look at the deal shows that the HTC One X is going for $199.99 as a black Friday deal, but will the new Lumia 920 pricing make it look slightly on the cheap side? Sometimes cheap can just look 'cheap' when people are buying into something. One only need look at the pricing for luxury goods to see why price is key to perception but this is a slightly differnent market.

This is of course a black Friday deal and if you have been waiting for the best possible moment to pick up this superb handset we’d urge you not to miss out.

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Lumia 920 on AT&T price drop to $49.99


It bothers me how much Nokia are willing to lose in the USA to get a great marketshare (not a bad idea tbh, since it's a good phone). But the offside of that is that us International folks get screwed paying at least $700 for the Lumia 920. If not more in some places.

A person might say, yea cool phone but the Galaxy S3 is $600 when the Lumia 920 is $100 or more. I wonder how that will play out.

Dont, the Rogers one is locked now...
...Also its a bitch to get unlocked at a cost of $90 and 3 hours of your time.

What exactly is Nokia losing in the US? Carriers here buy the phone outright from companies and make their money back by offering the phone at a much cheaper price...providing you sign a two year contract that will almost certainly have you paying more for the phone in the end. There are literally millions of people here who have been trained to lock themselves into a contract to get the next best thing because it's cheap NOW. That said, it also means that a successful smartphone will reach far more people in a short period of time and guarantees more sales down the road if they like it because of branding.

Well to allow AT&T to sell the Lumia 920 for $450 or whatever it is unlocked, or $50 on a contract, they have to lower the price of their devices. AT&T won't like taking a hit to their profits to sell a device, it's not how business works. So if AT&T sell it for $450, they'll be buying it for less. Assuming the device costs $350 to make (just using a figure), Nokia would want to sell it for at least 400 to make profit and allow AT&T to buy it cheaper. Or I could be wrong and they could be breaking even to sell it to AT&T for that price.
Where as overseas they sell it for $700 off contract. 

Phones cost around $200 to manufacture. They're not losing money, they're just not raping everyone in the U.S. like everyone does everywhere.

Not really sure about AT&T actually getting the phone for less than what they sell it for. There is some form of subsidy going on for the exclusive agreement.

We pay like $80/month in Australia. Don't see how that's different? (That's on a 2 year contract, without the outright price)

Move to  Murica because I don't like the phone prices in Australia? That's such an American thing to say. Oh you

What's $40 "extra"? There are no extra charges for having a Lumia! Even with LTE data the cost is the same..

How do you know Nokia is losing money?  AT&T and Microsoft could be the reason the 920 is so cheap on AT&T.  This could be part of Microsoft's WP8 marketing budget.
In addition -- AT&T wants to be more like Verizon.  Right now they are AT&T and iPhone really -- while Verizon is Droid and iPhone.  AT&T wants to be Something and iPhone and not just be an iPhone shop.

AT&T has said that there pushing wp8 so much cuz they want people to move from android and apple cuz apple is to costly for at&t and don't make much money back and android is messy

Hmmmm....bought my NL920 on the 9th in-store for $99. The 23rd is the final day for exchange for a lot of us. I wonder if they will do any sort of price matching for us?

I just bought mine this past Saturday. I asked the guy if AT&T does black Friday deals and he they never do!! By the way, do we know if it includes the wireless charger?

That is actually a good point...they didn't have the Charger in stock (obvously, none do) when I bought a Red one so they charged me $50 for the phone and said I'll get charged the other $50 when they ship the phone. 
In THAT case, I do not think I will be able to get them to price match it...but for my Yellow one which I ordered online, they charged me the full $100 for the phone and said to ship the charger later...that one I see no reason I can't get it price matched.  
Plus, I ordered the 7th, but didn't ship till the 14th, recieved the 16th.  I'd said I should get until the 30th.

I wonder the same thing.  I wonder if I can call the customer service and threaten to return it if they don't honor the price.  It seems pointless to go to the store to return an item that I'm only going to get back 2 mins later. 

I want the HTC 8X to go down by $50 for black friday so my gf can finally hop on the WP train. It being at $100 is slightly out of reach. $50 and she will get rid of her iphone for one. She loves what my 920 can do and that california blue in person is soooo her...

Good deal for those that were waiting. I already bought mine at launch. The curse of the early adopter. Damn you curse!

Can we still get a free chraging mat?? Or is it one of those "cannot be combined with any other offers" kinda thing?

So since I paid $100 for my Lumia less than 15 days ago does that mean that I can go into AT&T and get a $50 refund to price match what they are going to sell it for during Black Friday?  If not, then looks like I will be returning my Lumia (still under my 15 days) and getting a new one and putting $50 in my pocket.  ;o)

I may go in Friday and try to get a price adjustment. Technically you would think I'd be able to, since it's still within the 14 day exchange period. I could really return it and then buy it again, but it would be much less messy if they'd just credit me the $50. And if they won't, I'll be happy I paid the $99 and bought it when the stores actually had phones in stock. I highly doubt I would be able to go in on Friday and pick up a red one like I did on launch day.

You'll have to pay a $36 restocking fee if you return the phone. Plus the $49.99 price will not include the charging plate? I honestly cant ever see myself using a USB to charge my phone

I would hope that AT&T gives me a price correction on the Lumia 920.  I don't care so much about the wireless charger promotion considering I signed the two-year commitment for the phone by itself.  The charger was just gravy.
I'll be calling AT&T this morning to see what they offer. 

I am starting to hate that I left AT&T!!!! T-Mobile WP8 I don't want any part of unless they get the Samsung Ativ S....Regrets! Smh! I would buy that phone asap if I could..

Hey guys, I just had a first issue with my Nokia Lumia 920,that's scared the shit outta me.
My phone screen goes black after hitting power button ,and didn't turn back to original screen.
I pressed power so meantimes to turn it back but it still remain black.
Does anybody had a issue like this with their phone?
Let me know

Well I fix this issue ,I chat online with att windows phone technician,he reset my phone by holding both power and volume button for 10 second ,and its start my phone.
Well he said this issue is not official yet, once it get official there must be update for it.

If you peurchased a phone and got the wireless cahrger for free. Look at the bill you got the pone for 49.99 and they charged you 50.00 for the charger so you did get the phone for 49.99

Great, I bought one last night for 99. They are letting me use a red one till they get a black one in stock. Hopefully they don't get it till friday, maybe they'll pricematch.

Hahaha I am glad I waited. Now I will get it or maybe wait until black friday probably drop more to one cent. Wonder how other felt paying for higher price :-D

Well this should be interesting.  I ordered my Lumia 920 on 11/10/12 and I still haven't received it nor have I even received an update to my ordr status page.  Now they are going to be dropping the price of the phone by another $50... 

I ordered my cyan Lumia 920 last Wed., it is arriving today. I am in Dallas and the phone shipped out of Memphis. I also know if I had ordered last Friday the delay jumps to 7-14 business days. Hope you get yours soon.

And only in AT&T stores...  Does that mean I can't get a Cyan Lumia 920 if I order on the phone?  I live in CA and I know it's not in stock right now, but I hope I can still get an order in for the $49.99 price.

That is brutal.  I wonder if the stores in IL are doing anything?  i just called and they had no detail...

My upgrade date is June 2013, but called ATT anyways and was able to get the $49.99 upgrade. I basically was charged $99.99 up front and got a $50 credit on my Dec bill. They screwed up the color on the order confirmation, so I called back and got another credit for the remaining Dec balance! The only annoying thing is that I have to go to my local ATT store and exchange the white with a black one.

So a phone no one can buy is being sold at a discount? $49 is a steal, but there's the whole actually being able to walk out of the store with one part of it that I'm not getting here. How can they discount a phone that is impossible to get?
If they have a miraculous influx of inventory for Friday, then this should work.

wow what a nightmare. well after many calls they gave me the credit. its only for the western states that get the discount i guess. but if you call enough they well credit you so you stop harassing them. haha.  its a one time curtsey credit too.

This is categorially false.  AT&T is not offering this phone for $50 online or at it's retail locations.