Windows Phone and Surface both guest star in Hawaii Five-O episode


Nokia Lumia in Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-O, a TV show currently on CBS here in the states that is a "re-imaging" of the popular series by the same name. I had no clue people watched the newest incarnation, but I've been informed it's quite popular. Anyways, the Nokia Lumia 900/920 and Surface RT both make an appearance in the latest episode.

There are two scenes in which we get the Windows Phone, one it's clearly a 900 based off the old Windows key. However, a later scene make's it look to be the 920 (to me at least) based on the thickness of the device. What do you guys think, Lumia 900 or Lumia 920 in the image above?

Also, we get a glimpse of the Microsoft Surface with a bright blue Type Cover in a scene. Oddly, the cop uses it on the hood of her car to look up information on a car based off its' license plate. Which is odd as the Surface only has Wi-Fi. Check it out below.

Surface in Hawaii Five-O

Earlier last week we reported on the marketing plan Microsoft has for Windows Phone 8. While this isn't directly tied into the campaign, its' nice to see products we use on a daily basis get slipped into a popular TV show. If you're curious on where to catch action. Look for Surface at the 9:00, the Lumia 900 at about 12:30 mark, and the final Lumia 900/920 shot at 26:16. If you're into solving puzzles, help me figure out if that's a 920 or not. Catch the episode on CBS here.

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Windows Phone and Surface both guest star in Hawaii Five-O episode


Yeah, it seems as though CBS has a deal with Microsoft to showcase their things on many of their shows. Including some of their Showtime series' as well. Love seeing the Windows logo on shows after the over saturation of apple logos in movies & media.

Another U.S. show that has featured a Nokia Lumia 900 (mixed in with a ton of Apple products, oddly enough) is NBC's "The New Normal."  The Assistant to one of the main male characters uses a white Lumia 900.

I watch that and I have seen it also! I was shocked though but you can barely tell its a Lumia and its annoying. The Lumia 900 is the normal.

I watch Hart Of Dixie and in recent episodes, all the main characters are using Nokia Lumia 900. Even I sent a link to a screenshot showing one of the characters using one for the twitter of Daniel.

C'mon, good MS users would know to use wireless tethering on the Lumia 920 to provide WiFi access for the Surface!

Im just assuming she had it tethered to her Lumia 900/920 in her pocket. I might start watching this show again :)

Also, I do think that is Lumia 900 in the image.  I base it on the little lip the flat glass on the 900 has on the corners, that appears to be that in the top left (as the user is looking at the phone) corner in the image.

Saw one in last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. A Lumia 900. I know they've used Windows Phone on the show a few seasons ago. Lately, its looked as if Androids were primarily promoted on the show. GS3's in particular. So it caught me by surprise

I hate to admit to this but I was watching gossip girl with my wife last night and don't know the character names but one actor was using a HTC 8x in a scene of the show, the blue one.

One of my favorite shows, they just need John (main character) to get rid of that iPhone he keeps using; its probably a 900, they usually don't show off the latest phones in this series; I've seen Danny, Chin and Kono (the main guy's team) use the HD7 often

Funny, everyone's wondering about the tethering. My first thought when I watched it was, "Why is this not password protected?? It's a police computer!" :)

I do love seeing WP used in public and on TV.

I don't know if it was Windows 8 or a Surface but one was in the Anne Hathaway episode of Saturday Night Live.

On a side note, from where are you Sam? (Editor)

I had no clue people watched the newest incarnation

The show is actually on-the-air for 3 years now.

yep, there was a thread started about it then. The thread is what got me started watching it from episode 1. And like previously stated, this was not the first episode to show the Surface.

Agreed with earlier commenters, they've been using Windows Phones since WP7 debuted, even going as far as overtly telling a character to Bing something during a couple of the early episodes.  I get a kick out off the non subtle product placement :) on the show.  Pretty sure they have been using the original Surface table as their main system at headquarters since 2nd episode too.

I wish Nokia had signed American Music Awards, Samsung did a good job with all the presenters looking at the phone to announce the winners. Nokia would have looked better especially if they had all the colors and each presenter had a different color rotating. Damn, I should be their marketing guy!

I don't think it was ever covered but there was a significant cameo of the Titan in the 'We Are Young' video featuring Janelle Monae.