Deal Alert: Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker goes for just $249 on Verizon

We just ordered a JBL-Nokia PowerUp speaker last night but we're kicking ourselves now as Verizon has a great deal for the black version. While locations like AT&T and some online retailers are selling the monster speaker for $299, Verizon has it for just $249.99. That $50 savings is nothing to sneeze at as it makes the Nokia accessory a little bit more in reach for those considering it.

The JBL PowerUp features a 10W, output, two 2.5” full range drivers and a sharp looking (and dense) body. But the magic behind the speaker is the onboard Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR), NFC for paring and Qi wireless charging all in one unit That means you can tap-to-pair your phone, stream audio using Bluetooth and then just plop the phone down on top to wireless charge your device.

And since the Lumia 822 and Verizon HTC 8X both have wireless charging, either can use this device (despite Verizon not even listing the JBL as an accessory for either phone, which is a bit silly).

We'll have our mini-review on the PowerUp as soon as it arrives in case you are still on the fence. You can reportedly order this online or even head to your local store, where they may have them in stock for the same as well.

Source: Verizon; via Windows Phone Central Forums


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Deal Alert: Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker goes for just $249 on Verizon


The Power Up speakers sold by VZW has been $249 since launch. Most stores don't have any in stock though(at least in NYC).

Does anyone know if you can use this thing for speakerphone? I'm not holding my breath, but it would be pretty cool (the speakerphone on my Trophy is pretty bad, I'll see how the 8x compares soon).

I'm going to say yes I was playing around with it today, it was playing every sound and notification that my phone made same as it does when connected to my car Bluetooth.

Wow that adds up to one 5" speaker er "driver". Must be a monster of sound for that price. All 10watts.

heck, I have an old Emerson stereo boombox that puts out 13 watts into a couple of 3" speakers. That was like $20 at WalMart.
For this price of $249, I'd expect a nice 50watt amp, with a couple of 6" 2-way speakers in a cherry wood cabinet, DSP, 18 band EQ, wireless charging, bluetooth, NFC, with option to add more satellite speakers. Tune the cabinet with a nice port and I'm there.

I don't know how I feel about paying 200$ more for speakers then I did for my Lumia 920. I wish at&t had a bundle for upgrading my 2 year contract. I already have speakers now I just need a charger plate.

I bought one.  It is convenient with wireless charging and NFC linking since I have multiple phones in the household.  yes, I did purchase it for the simplicity and design.  But to be honest, the sound quality is amazing.  I actually think it sounds better than my Bose Soundock which I've purchased when I had my iPhone 3G.  You can definitely get cheaper speakers with equivalent sound quality.  This is one of those things that's a "want" not a "need".  ;)

I'm having that problem too, went through Xbox music support and now they're telling me that I have to go through Windows Phone support. Keeps telling me that it is "unable to confirm the media rights to this content". I can download from the store to the phone and the PC, but can't sync between the two.

Whats wrong with Bluetooth 2.1?? Its can transfer CD-quality audio easily and then some. I wonder where you might get those 7.1, 88khz, 24bit audio tracks.

Wow, never thought it would be above 100 bucks, let alone DISCOUNTED to 250!.... Looks like I won't be purchasing this till the inevitable price drop.

LOL. Looks like you wont be purchasing those speakers ever, if you expect that to drop bellow 100$. Charger alone is around 50$ which I think sounds reasonable price for now. I dont know about the sound quality of those JBL speakers, but I assume its good. Add bluetooth, NFC, dac, amplifier + whatever it needs function. That thing packs little more than your 'average' speaker.

That's cool then... I gotta admit I was assuming the quality if this speaker to be on the low end , and so I figured the price would reflect that assumption. But if the speakers are actually worth the money then I have no prob paying the asking price..... Eventually lol

I'm sure the price will come down in time. 200$ easily.. and even might find it less than 150$ eventually. But I think less than 100$ is bit of a stretch.

Untrue, I have an 822 and the wireless charging battery door is included. Glad to hear from a commenter that these JBL speakers sound good. $250/$300 is worth it for very nice speakers, but too rich for my blood for now. Maybe after the holidays.

Really? Have you tried wireless charging? Because I thought 822 wouldn't have wireless charing out of the box. What i've read you have to buy a backplate 40$ to get wireless charging.

The 822 deffinitly does not come with wireless charging out of the box. The battery plate looks like it has contacts to charge but I went into the Verizon store to try it and it would not charge on the Nokia pad. The charging back plate is needed and for some reason doesn't come in grey to match my phone.