Battery Level for WP8 updated to v1.1.0.0

Battery Level for WP8

Back a little while ago, Dan let us all know about Battery Level for WP8, the app specifically for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to keep an eye on your devices battery life using a live tile. Having read the review and being as picky as I am when it comes to keeping an eye on my battery, it was one of the first apps I installed onto my Lumia 920. Now, there is a new update available that bumps Battery Level for WP8 into v1.1.0.0. So what was added and what's new?

Take a look at the list:

  • Added support for FREE UNLIMITED trial with all basic functionality
  • Added support for PAID features such as: Battery usage graph, Detailed battery status on lock screen, Remaining time on standard and wide tiles, Changed application UI to support new features and web-based FAQ

After having used it for the past few days now, it's a great app to have around on your device. It's not perfect mind you, as the live tile doesn't update in real time. But overall, the app itself looks like it could be part of the OS and that's a good thing. Plus, the developer is actively checking out feedback and adding features in where it's possible. If you're looking for battery monitoring solution, give it a go.

Pick up Battery Level for WP8 here in the Store.

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Battery Level for WP8 updated to v1.1.0.0


I am new here, yes. However, I am not new to Mobile Nations sites. I write for CrackBerry, Android Central and iMore mostly. Having picked up a WP8 device, I'm trying my hand here as Daniel allows, lol. :)

The battery issue is cos of the screen. It uses a lot of battery at times. I did a test and didn't play games on my lumia 920 for 3 days, all i did was call a little, receives some calls and read at least in the whole 3 days + like 3 hours on it and just went to the market frequently. When it was at 11% i played some games so that the battery will drain faster ut to my suprise it took me almost 2 hours to get it to 6% i think. The battery meter seem inconsistent if you ask me. If you only listen to music and do light stuffs on your phone then it could even last you 4 day but if you are a heavy user then 1.5 days at most.

Pleaxse tell me how you get 18 hrs with hevay usage. I am not a fan so far of my lumia's battery life. what can be done/configured maybe to get 18 hours. Please share.

For some reason, the Store isn't letting me update it. It'll download the update and halfway through Installation, it'll say, "Attention required. Tap here." Then it says the usual "There's a problem installing the item. Then suggests I update my phone and try again. What the heeeelllll??? :(

I had this installed and all it did was make me obsess about my battery. I found once I got rid of it and stopped worrying about my battery I was much happier with my battery. My 920 is lasting all day, so I am happy.

Why couldn't you just look at your battery percentage in the battery saver options in settings? It shows you the exact percentage and remaining time.

This is a great app. The "live tile" does seem to update every 15 minutes or so and keeps relatively current with the actual remaining battery percentage. Plus the lock screen percentage is great so that you can view remaining battery life without unlocking the phone. This program also doesn't suck up any battery. If it does, I have the greatest Lumia ever made since I have this program running, along with bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc and my battery is around 70% after a 12 hour day with moderate use (texting, e-mail, a few calls, radio, etc).

Good app, I like seeing how much time I have left on the live tile. Sometimes when I haven't touched my phone in a couple of hours it says I have 3 days left!

Does this app or any other give detailed battery usage breakdown stats like android does? Im trying to narrow my not so great battery life before I get fed up and return my 920.

My lumia 800 battery sucks! don't make it a day now that's on light usage too. I'm looking for an app to help monitor battery but can't have this app as it not WP8. Any tips from anyone ?