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Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated, feels faster and more responsive

Microsoft has pushed out a minor update to the Xbox SmartGlass app available for Windows Phone. Previously known as Xbox Companion, the app enables those who own an Xbox 360 console to connect and control content displayed on the big screen.

Unfortunately no changelog is available but we can note that we've found the experience in this latest version to feel smoother and more responsive when connected to a console. Should you notice anything that's new, which we've missed, be sure to let us know in the comments. Xbox SmartGlass is now on version 1.5.

You can download SmartGlass from the Store for free.

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Reader comments

Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated, feels faster and more responsive


But it also works on Android and iPhones. My daughters old 3GS shows the forza map. I find it hard to believe MS would give this functionality to other phone operating systems but not their own.

I am stunned.. My guess is that the 1./2. Gen winphones have a great deal of limitations that this is an issue It was designed a few years ago now... I agree totally, it puts Microsoft in a bad spot in regards to current and potential future users.

The smartglass extension in Forza horizon only supports Win8/RT. It's the map. I've tested.. The feature is "too heavy" to run and no use. I would prefer to have a message explaning this rather than a black screen.

If you have a lumia use the playto app. Or find a DLNA app if you don't. Xbox fall update added comparability for the standard

What SmartGlass really needs is the ability to always be connected when, when you connect to your Xbox over Wi-Fi.  It's really annoying having to wait for it to reconnect whenever your bring the app back to the foreground.  It's much slower than turning on the controller.  This refers to Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 versions.

I'm curious about that as well. I'm very disappointed that MS allowed Halo 4 Smartglass functionality with iOS and Android before their own platform.

Its very fast on my Galaxy s3, but my Nokia Lumia 920 is loading for almost 10seconds after my phone recovers from standby.

Why is it still quitting on me :( im using lumia 800, n for the past month since I downloaded it n updated it several times it just keeps quitting after I open the app!!!

Does it have the Social panel?  Where you can see who is online and send messages to your Live friends?  You can with the iPhone version.  The old Extras version used to have this capbility.

I just want it to work.  I could never get it to connect to my XBOX using my 900. My son could with his android but my 900, not happening.

OK, so, my Surface, son's iPhone, and my iPad  all work with Halo 4. How in the heck does my WP 8x not work? Umm, hey MS, clean your own house before doing the neighbor's.

Yeah I get the same, when using it from my l800 if from my win 8 laptop or desktop, I just get your device is lacking certain features, all my friends have it working on their iPhone and androids though.

While on the subject of smartglass has anyone tried using the app while watching a film on netflix or xbox movies. All im getting for any film i watch at the moment is a picture of the film cover and a message no information available at this time. Are there any films where this function actually works?

SmartGlass doesn't work for Halo 4 on my HTC Arrive. It says my phone is missing required features. After this last SmartGlass update it added this explanation; "requires: touch". Touch? Touch! WTF?

Hey, can any one confirm how do I stream vidoes/music/pictures that are there on my wp 920 to the XBOX (TV) using the smartglass app. It looks like I don't see any option available to do this. I am aware of what all Smartglass does in terms of gaming and controlling the xbox from the phone, but will it be able to stream anything from the phone like apple TVs airplay option does?