Windows Phone Trick: Add Emoticons to your Contacts

Add Emoticons to Contacts

If you want to add a little something something to your contacts, we ran across a way to add emoticons to your contact's name over in the Windows Phone Central Forums. All you need to do is start a text message and add the emoticon of your choice.

From there, highlight and copy that emoticon. Leave the text message and go to your Peoples Hub, find the contact and choose to edit the name. Add a space at the end of the last name and paste the emoticon.  It's a neat way to add a little customization to your contacts.

Edit: As noted in comments by hopmedic, to prevent it from breaking voice dialling, put the emoticons in the last name field, but put a hyphen after the last name, and then the emoticons.

Thanks, danclyons, for the tip!


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Windows Phone Trick: Add Emoticons to your Contacts


Yea but would that affect voice dialing or even worse when you have voice notifications on to announce who's calling?

It absolutely fugged my voice command. Adding the space and heart to my wife's name and it didn't recognize the contact. Tried several times. Removed the heart and it worked several times. Added it back and it failed several times. Conclusion, adding the space and heart caused voice commands to fail.

Edit: I added the heart to the last name field, as per hopmedic's suggestion, and all is right with voice commands again. Adding the symbols to the comments through the app is a fail though. :)

Adding them to the last name still messes up my voice recognition, but another trick is to add it to the Title or Suffix slot. Title will put it in front of the name, and Suffix after. Works great!

I hate how the emoticon area shows the ascii characters instead of the emoticon it gets converted to... what's the ascii representation of the ghost?

You CAN do this in WP7. Just use an app with emoticons like whatsapp. ie. in whatsapp, send the emoticon to someone, copy it, than insert into contact. It's possible with everything.

I just did this with my wife, but the down side is that speech recognition doesn't recognize her name with symbols in it, so I'll have to go without.  I text while driving way too much to not have the speech recognition know her name.  :(

Ha!  Figured it out!  Put the emoticons in the last name field, but put a hyphen after the last name, and then the emoticons!  :)  Speech recognition now works and recognizes her name.

In WP8, if you send messages with emoticons, do those show up on other phones using iOS or Android? My roommate's iPhone emoticons almost always display in the messages he sends me, but mine don't show up when I send them to him. Is there some sort of standard iOS uses that allows those ones to show up everywhere, including Twitter, where Windows Phone emoticons often show up as question marks with a box around them?

Fun Fact: WP7 supports the emoji characters but they don't have the keyboard for it. So you can copy the pictures from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji and then paste it wherever you want. I am yet to try sending it in a text to another phone but it would be awesome to know if it works.
The WP7 emoticons like :D are emoticons which are just text that WP turns into a picture where as emojis are a unicode character. Try copy and pasteing from his text into yours and reply and see what happens.
I haven't ever seen my WP emoticons show up as a box though so I don't know what is going on there.

You need to copy the emoji type emoticon from somewhere else as WP7 only has the ascii emoticons... Check the various links in the comments

Correction.. This only works for me if I copy/paste the actual emoji pictures from the aforementioned Wikipedia page of emojis.