Amazon offers AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for a penny, ditches colors

In a case of good news/bad news, we’ll start with how Amazon Wireless today is offering the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 in matte black for just $0.01.  That penny deal is only as good as the contract you sign though, so you’ll need to enlist for 2 years as a new customer to get that offer—but that’s still a darn fine one...

If you're just upgrading/renewing, you can grab the deal for $20. Not as good as a penny offer but not too shabby either.

Now the bad news: due to “overwhelming demand”, it looks like you won’t be able to get this phone shipped to you for at least one to two weeks—maybe even more. Even worse, as we noted you only get the matte black color option. In fact as far as we can tell, Amazon Wireless have scrubbed the four other colors (white, yellow, red and cyan) from their site, as you can no longer order those. From what we’ve been told, stock for those colors is extremely low so matte black it is.

But hey, if you won’t mind waiting a few weeks and you’re into the absence of color, then head over to Amazon Wireless to claim yours (and before they stop offering that one too).

Source: Amazon; Thanks, riffraffy and Chad, for the tip!


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Amazon offers AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for a penny, ditches colors


With pigments, black is the combination of all colors. It's with light that black is the absence of color. So Amazon is offering the bargain of all colors combined, as opposed to the silly single colors. :) right smart lot, them.

Of course, if one cancels... one risks getting the phone even later... but for $100... it might be worth it.

My wife and I tried to do this, and Amazon was going to stick us with the 3GB data plan and an unlimited family text plan.  We went to the AT&T store where we got to keep our 300MB plan, and 200 text plan (which is good enough for us, we spend a lot of time in Wifi enabled areas.)  So if you already have a 3GB (or higher) plan, and family text plan, this may be a good idea, for scroogier people (like me) Buyer beware.  (Also I got a red and she got a white.)

Thank you. I'm wary of buying online because of what you mentioned. I don't want an online purchase mess up my 200MB plan; two AT&T stores already told me I can keep it. I'll wait a month or more, since I want yellow.

Yep, I did this too. The amazon wireless service selections would have increased my monthly bill by $30.  I went to the AT&T store and kept my 200 text plan and upped my dataplan to 300MB (for $5 more a month).  I was very glad I did it that way as the store also still had a few of the colors left that were adverstised as sold out online.

Yeah, the wife and I ended up just grabbing them from AT&T, we're told we get to keep our 200 message plan and our 300mb data plans, we'll see what goes wrong (something always go wrong.)
If we hadn't we'd be looking at an extra $20/month per phone (meaning we'd bowl through the $80 savings in 5 months.)  Even if they let us switch back to the 300mb data plan (Since that's not actually grandfathered in) it's not worth it to lose the text messaging plan we have.
Plus I get red and she gets White so it's all good.  And we get wireless charging plates.

I ended up with a red Lumia 920.  I love it.  Upgraded from a Samsung focus which I also loved.  The apps are slightly different on th WP8 so I am adapting.

all this weekend it's $50 from att and if they dont have it in stock theyll order it online for you at the same price! (be sure to ask for the free wireless charging plate :D )

I'm kinda (almost) feeling like a rube for paying $449 off contract......  Still a great phone but signing up for only $.01 is a pretty cool...  

Got my black one on monday, it's leagues better than the yellow (and a few less leagues than the white), mostly for being matte. The glossy ones just feel cheap and slippery in comparison.

I got my white Lumia 920 last Saturday from stir and I'm loving it. I can't put it down and being glossy makes very easy to slip into my pocket. But what happened to At&t black Friday deal? I thought they would sell it for $49 and I could ask for $50 credit ???!!! Does anyone know?

I 611'ed AT&T about the $50 discount, but was denied because I ordered over the phone and the black Friday deal was in store only. I was told to try next week for Cyber Monday. We'll see...
My cyan L920 arrived Tuesday. :)

I ordered my wife a yellow 920 last week hasn't arrived yet.
I talked to the store where I ordered it they say it's still pending shipping. Its been a week now, since it was ordered. I bought a red 920 the same day for me.

Sadly, I'm becoming less and less interested in this phone.  Finally tried it out for myself tonight and it's a great phone, but I just don't know if it's the right for me.  I already thought it was bad enough that there isn't a Home button (honestly one of my biggest issues), but I didn't even realize until tonight that the power button is in a really awkward spot and the volume rocker is opposite of where I would expect it to be.  I'm sure I would eventually get used to it, but using it would still be uncomfortable.  And the lack of microSD support is still an issue.  But it's not like I can upgrade anytime soon anyway; the 920 won't even be around by then.  My wife is ready to upgrade, though, and she's probably going to get one and I'll be sure to steal it every now and then.

Hi all,
I have a question,  I want to buy an LUMIA 920 at USA, but I living on Brazil, if I buy the phone without contract, I can use it here on Brazil, or I will need to wait the 6 months of exclusivity of AT&T? If someone could answer me, I will be happy,  Thanks . 

Thanks for the answer! There is any place at USA that my friend can unlock the fone, or I need to wait something on Internet or the time of AT&T ? Many thanks!

WOW - I bought the 920 last week for $50 from amazon. I just called amazon wireless and asked if I could get a credit because the phone was now $20. She said, it actually shows up for a penny for the upgrade, let me check if we can do that. 5 minutes later, I received a credit of $49.98 making my 920 a shiny penny.