Nokia Monster Purity Headset Promotion

Nokia giving away free Purity Headset to new Lumia owners (Updated)

If you've purchased a new Nokia Windows Phone over the past few days, you can cash in on a free set of Nokia Monster Purity headsets (the in-ear models). Just head over to and fill in the blanks, print off the completed form, include a copy of the original sales receipt and UPC/barcode from your box and send it all into Nokia.

Now for the fine print.

Qualifying Windows Phones include the Lumia 920 and 820 from AT&T, the Lumia 810 from T-Mobile and the Lumia 822 from Verizon. Purchases must have been made between November 20, 2012 and December 31, 2012 and at a participating retail store in the U.S. and District of Columbia. Your redemption form and proof of purchase postmarked by January 16, 2012 and received by Nokia's Promotional Center by January 31, 2012. The $90 headset offer is limited to one per device/person/household. Headset should be shipped out within 4-6 weeks after the redemption material is received and approved.

Update - We have a statement from Nokia on the confusion over the promotion, which should explain the limitations:

"We are very pleased by the positive response to our Lumia range in the US. And I agree, there are some great holiday deals to be had. However, this particular promotion is an exclusive offer available only through our 8 pop-up stores in the US. We apologize for the confusion."

Doug Dawson
VP, Media Relations, Nokia

Thanks, Jeff, for the tip!


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Nokia giving away free Purity Headset to new Lumia owners (Updated)



So... I bought mine online yesterday (Nov 23rd) because I wanted the Cyan color and now I can't receive these?
Sounds fair.  :(

I bought one on launch for full retail and got a free charger and barely got the cyan one on the 20th from the Microsoft Store so I'm eligible. Surprisingly I'm actually thankful now for att cancelling my order five times for the cyan.

I thought Cyan was only available online...  uf...  now, I'm just sitting here waiting for a shipping date.

Well, I'm getting a $100 gift card and apparently no sales tax, so I won't complain too much about not getting headphones.  I probably won't get the charger though either since that's apparently AT&T stores only.  I thought the 920 was originally gonna cost $150-$200... so I'm fine.

The Microsoft store has all the colors available just call ahead to make sure they have some in stock. The black one I got on launch day was for my dad so I don't think the no headphones worries him too much. Only buying from att are eligible from the free charger. I'm not sure why people are pissed off at Nokia this offer was specifically targeted as a holiday promotion for any US Lumia. Imagine the people getting a 920 for 49 bucks plus a free charger and also a pair of these. Nokia's going for the jugular here. I wish the cyan headphones were available instead of the pink though.

i posted on nokia's FB wall about buying for full price and not getting the chargin pad,,, they are sending me one directly for free

I posted on Nokia's wall about no free charger when everyone else is getting one, and they told me they have no control over Verizon promotions. How's that for playing it even?

I applied anyways even though I got my 920 on release day. Worst case is I wasted papers,envelope and a stamp. Best case, I get headphones in the mail around mid January..

This is pissing me off. I bought my 920 off contract, full price through a MS store on the first day. I'm not eligible for any of these discounts, free charger or free headphones. Why in the hell are the early adopters being excluded from these things? Especially the ones buying stright from Microsoft!

Are you serious? You paid for the phone and you got exactly what you paid for, and the glee of being able to use it and show it off before many people had the opportunity to obtain one.

A very generous gift from Nokia, certainly not owed to anyone.

He didn't say anything about being "owed." 
He was abitrarily excuded from a free offer.
It's bad business.

My point- Nokia doesn't to offer this to anyone, at any point in time. A phone was purchased, and that's what people paid for.

Anyone who purchases this device after the offer period should'nt complain either.

That's the choice you made, to buy a device off contract. The wireless charger deal was only for those getting the phone on contract so it doesn't matter where you bought it.

I wonder if a "purchase" qualifies as after November 20th if the phone was ordered before that, but not received and charged until after that date.

Yeah... and there are now Xbox 360s with bigger hard drives and free games too, but not when I first bought it. They should give me those things for free.  ;) Bah!

Don't be daft. There's a difference between getting an xbox  and a new offer coming out 5 years later and getting a lumia and 10 days later they're offering $90 earbuds for free. This man/woman, like me, has his reasons to be mad. I am not going to act like I am owed this thing, though.

Yup you got nothing... but a phone and a free wireless charger......nothing else though.... oh and the lates WP OS.... but nothing else besides a phone a free charger and the latest OS.... NADDA!

Ah but I bought my phone off contract and ATT refused to give me the wireless charger claiming that it is for upgrades and activations only. So I got a phone, nothing else.

I upgraded and I didn't get the wireless charger either. AT&T's website sucks for upgrading and I had to do it with a supervisor over the phone and they said they couldn't do it. It was online only.

It's funny cause when I called in trying to get the charger, I was told that the charger was an in store only deal and that was the only way I could get it. And of course in store they said it was upgrade or activation only.

The complaint is clearly that people are getting the phone for $50 with the free $50 charger and free $90 earphones, while those who got it early paid $100 and are getting a free $50 charger. Granted, many of us here used the Black Friday sale to get refunded the $50 difference on the phone, but it is still an annoyance to willingly be an early adopter (not that I'm complaining about that; love my phone), and we sort of get punished for it.
No, I'm not saying I DESERVE more free stuff, just that it's kind of a bad PR move to say that the most loyal of your customers get left out of the offer..

Try buying it from Verizon where you pay $100 for a lower end model (822) and get no head phones and no wireless charging. In fact, Verizon sells the charging back for the 822 separately so the cost to go cordless is $90. So please...if I have to hear how 'bad' you have it from another AT&T owner :(

+1 Tmo here. But at least I can get an 810. Poor Sprint customers get absolutely no love at all.

Huh, a Verizon rep told me I don't need a special back for wireless charging, even when I asked directly. I didn't see the back on their website. This would be about par for the course at Verizon. Of course I didn't order the charger anyway, as I want to buy as little stuff from them as possible. But otherwise, service-wise, I am stuck with them. The 822 has much better reception than the Trophy though.

That's pathetic. Most of us are paying 699 euros for the phone, just that, the phone.
While you guys are getting wireless charger and some even free 100 euros headphones on top of that.... and STILL complain. C'mon. 

Don't Complain. Take your business elsewhere. You know. One of those plethora of other handsets. Yeah, the ones that don't give you jack else other than the handset itself? Stick it to the man!

So you would feel better if you got a cheapie pair of earbuds? They already dropped the price of the phone to record lows. ANy other WP8 device is going to cost you $150+ in the states right now. Not sure if they come bundled with a cheap pair of buds, but as I said, take your business to them. Seriously. If they sell better, at higher prices, because they package in crappy earbuds, Nokia will learn not to drop their prices and just do what all the other companies do.
At the end of the day, people always want more...

Yes I would. I would LOVE to even have a pair of cheapies.  I used the heck out of my Samsung cheapies.

I got the phone. Exactly what was prmised to me when i paid 699 euros for it.
You don't see me complaining as i got what was promised. 

Well I was told I was getting a wireless charger. Do I have one? No. Is there one ordered for me? No, because ATT says you only get one if you buy on contract.

Yet you still purchased the phone! And you're complaining? If getting the charger was that important, then you shouldn't have purchased the device.

Nobody, as far as I am aware, said the off contract Lumia's on AT&T were receiving wireless chargers. Where did you read that?

Nobody said they weren't until after I purchased the phone. In the press release regarding the 920 it states that the free wireless charger offer is available upon purchase. Not a single att rep could find anything stating that it was with upgrade or new activation only, but still refused to provide me with the free charger I feel I rightly am owed because of the promotion.

I'm sending one in anyway even though i got mine the second day. Hopefully they send me a pair. ::fingers crossed::

I'm ok with getting the wireless charger. Those style headphones don't always stay in my ears. And I have a set of beats solo HD anyway.

The purchase dates for the submission form actually says between November 16 and December 30

That's true @Riffany, but the form says November 16, not November 20. I'm sure it's a typo and I expect that it will be updated before long.

Cannnot submit anything. I keep trying and nothing happens. It just refreshes to the same page, no errors provided or anything. 
I do think it is lame that the early adopters are not getting anything. I purchased mine on 11/19 and to think I cannot get it for a day, it's also absurd. 

Return and repurchase so your date is in the window to get the headset, Att has done this for me in the past but you have to go to the store

It would be better id Nokia hadn't offered the headsets at all. So many whiners! Maybe Nokia will learn not to give away free items since they aren't obligated to do so...just make everyone pay for accessories like other companies.

You paid for one of the most innovative phones on the market and that's what you got. Not sure why that is no longer enough anymore.

I agree. I got my 8x on mobile for 240 on contract and I didn't get anything for free. Att is selling the Lumia for 100 and people still complain. I don't get why people feel so entitled. Even if u didn't get a wirless charger or headphones u got an awesome phone for a great price. And to the people who bought the phone cash why would u expect anything. The whole reason for the free extras is cuz they would have locked u in for 2 years if u signed a contract.

I did bought my phone on the 10th almost $150 with the charger included, I will write Nokia and make sure that I receive the damn headset especially when I had to pay a Sprint ETF...

The site says November 16 and the terms say November 20. I am tweeting @NokiaCareUS on twitter to see what they say. Also asking about early adopters :(

I'm printing the form NOW.  Once they get wind of the error, they'll probably fix the form to say the 20th, but hopefully honor the forms printed with the 16th (my purchase date).  This is almost worth returning and rebuying, even with the restocking fee.  Hmmm....

How long must any offer include early adopters? What is a fair expectation? Early adopters do so knowing what the terms were at the time of purchase.

With that said, many "early adopters" didn't actually get a phone in hand until much later. Some still don't have their phones.

I understand your point, but it puts a barrier up for buyers who consider purchasing early. If potential early buyers think there's a better deal on the short term horizon, it may make them wait.

But I agree, there is a reasonable cut off date. I'm just not sure that 2 weeks meets such a reasonable cut off date.

You are right. Bust early adopters are the ones that are going to hype the phone. They are doing a lot of the marketing for you. Do I feel like early adopters (on this forum) are being babies right now? You bet! But that doesn't matter. Marketing is marketing, and if people start telling others to wait a few weeks because Nokia will start throwing in freebies, that's bad business.

Offer is not combinable with other promotions. So if you got a free charge plate, you already got your freebie.

Interesting on a couple of accounts:
1. Most people still don't have their charge plates, so I wonder what cancelling that order would do.  A $49 plate vs. a $99 set of headphones isn't a tough decision for me.
2. The way that AT&T rings their purchases is that on ONE receipt, they sold me the phone and gave a generic $50 credit.  In a separate transaction, they "sold" and charged me $50 for the plate.  The receipt that Nokia is asking for shows only the purchase of a phone. 
Regardless, I'll roll the dice and bet an envelope and stamp and see what the outcome is.  I'll expect nothing and will be ecstatic if I get a surprise around Christmas/New Years.

I just wish they included a headset with the phone, every BB and iPhone I purchased in the past for myself and a business account had them in box. I'm using old BB headphones from a BB curve from 09'. Used them with my l900 and now with my l920

I was shocked that not even a cheapie headset wasn't in the box.  My old Samsung ones have finally petered out.  I use my headset a lot.  I use them in the car for handsfree chatting and I do a lot of my errands on foot in my neighborhood.  I still need to buy some cheapies in the short term, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for an upgrade. :)

What? AT&T doesn't include headphoes in their uglyass Lumia packaging? Lulz.
Thank the gods in Europe we can buy original Nokia phones, which all come with headphones. And amazingly, the 820 comes with a pair of nice WH-208 in color matching the phone instead of the cheapest ones.


Agree the ATT packaging was lame, yet its ok BC the phone is amazing, seriously. v3 of Lumia 9 series should include a headset, even if its cheap. I use them all the time.

How do you believe the universe owes you something that 5 minutes ago you didn't even know existed?! - Louie C.K. Lol...

Or more like trying to entice more holiday purchases. Didn't really matter to me, I have to phone I want, plus the only times I use headphones are at work (I can use my beats) or on my motorcycle, which it doesn't look like those would fit under my helmet.

You've gotten the pleasure of having a sweet phone. Is Nokia suppose to not try any marketing strategies? B happy with what you got and quit whining.

At least you got your phone... I'm out of my contract and waiting for a ship date for the phone I ordered... which may or may not be emailed to me next week.

I got my phone on the 19th, but figured I would fill out the form anyway. I figured, worst case, it will use up a bit of my time and that's it. The form actually prints out as receipts dated November 16 through December 30, so something to keep in mind. I won't feel too let down if I don't get it though. I already got the phone deeply discounted (free + $25 credit) at the MS store plus a wireless charger and wireless dock stand. Needless to say I don't "deserve" more free stuff, but I will still take what I can get. ;)

The MS store gave you a wireless charger and a wireless dock stand?  How'd you swing that?  The one near me wouldn't give me squat and I bought it off contract.

Hm sorry, I hit the reply to lordofthereef's post but it ended up replying to yours, sorry for the confusion

Wow they finally give us free earphones and I can't even get any happy they doing things like this for us so hopefully when I get my upgrade I will get some earphones

So I buy the online exclusive Grey 822 on day one and not only do they not make the wireless charging back plate in grey but I can't get the free headphones because I bought it online and too early?

Paid 599€ for the 920 -> phone only
americans pay 50$ -> get free wireless charger and Monster headphones as an extra (Ok, your contracts are really expensive but that has nothing to do with Nokia)
I guess they really want to piss off us europeans
Everybody or nobody thats how it should be

While I don't exactly know the situation in Europe, I think it is fair to say that Americans and up paying more for the device over a period of two years so it is fair that they pay only $50.
Also, I'm in Canada and we didn't get any of these free goodies either so screw the complainers. Also, the U.K. got their free wireless chargers too.

Once agian, I feel slighted.  Paid full price for the phone at the MS store on Launch day....  No free charger for me...  No freeearbuds for me...

I'm confused... Don't all phones come bundled with headphones by default? I've never had one that didn't have headphones, usb & wall-plug included

From the website.

1.This completed submission form
2. Original or copy of sales receipt showing purchase price and store, dated between November 16, 2012, and December 30, 2012
3. Original or copy of UPC and barcode panel from the eligible Nokia Lumia device package

wow what an effin cluster.  I filled this out today when it said 16th...(got it on the 19th)  Now they say the 20th.....would someone with some EFFIN brains figure out how to do a promotion?

Don't you mean thanks for an awesome phone? If you want the other things just buy it. You do work right? Do you want your employer to just take your work and not pay you? That's essentially what you're asking Nokia to do. Just be grateful.

haha tell me where I can buy this in canada ???? I think ebay is my only option (and I will have to pay a lot of custom and "our new electronic fees"). I'm really happy with my phone, but I don't understand why we have only black, 3 years, 100$. No chargers (rogers salesman don't know what i'm talking about). no free earbud ... etc. 
the charges is at 69.99 on ebay with 11.99 shipping + custom + taxe electronixc fees. more than 100$ for this thing that you have free. Some place have the big headphone ... other have 50$ gift or etc ... I want to know what rogers deal we have ???? to be the first to have the phone ? emmmmm october 30 I think just 20 we're sold. I got mine november 15 because I know the salesman and they reserved one for me.
So yes I can say thanks to give me a really nice phone to nokia ... but I can ask why they are so strict with us.

Basically, was on mobile,( suncom plan), wanted to upgrade to the 8x, was told no cause I was still on my suncom plan, and would have had to pay the full price of the 8x. Told my rep, that I was goin across (literally) the street (att) he said ok. Long story short, am now on att with a Strom trooper 920, free chargin plate, which I must say, brought my phone on the 17th, and I will be picking my plate up Monday. They told me 3-5 business days, and the 3rd is when I receive. Att has not made me happy in the 2 weeks I've been with them! Still have my activated Hd7 on T-Mobile. Great phone, underrated, but awesome. I want those ear buds. I will get them! FOR FREE!

meh not really angry, I got my phone 2nd day of release, my charging pad is being shipped and I got credited 50 dollars for the black friday sale. So I got a 150 dollar value for 50 dollars. I think thats a deal even if I didn't get those headphones.

Talking to Nokia on their chat and they are saying it is being ran by the carriers and they can't help with it...

Of course the carriers are paying for it. Nokia isn't just going to lose money. Who do you think paid for the chargers.

Well, sounds like Nokia is paying for it since it only applies to purchases made at their pop up stores.

Ohhh nice nice...I got my Nokia 920 yesterday $49.99 black friday sale, free wireless charger and im about to get free Purity headset hehe....i do love Nokia for this.

While to bad i cant get that in my country, om still in love with WPCentral for clearly pointing it out, thqt ITS US only. It's a small detail, but it saves me the trouble to go looking for it. So thnx and keep up the good job.

A lot of whining here. The comments section on this site is getting more and more like wmpoweruser. Seems like the rest of the world also has the same attitude of entitlement as the U.S. Cry babies.

Not all US consumers are crybabies... but there are a TON of them. The entitlement mentality here nowadays is kind of creepy scary.

Wait, so im a crybaby because I was excieted enough to pre-order the device on the 7th at 5am before heading into work? Meanwhile the dingbats that are just randomly walking in and getting a lumia because its cheap and takes good pics are getting free stuff and a cheap device. I think its ok to complain a little bit in this senario.

Well the carrier's we are paying for our service are the ones paying for these free earphones. So if anyone should feel entitled, it's Verizon/AT&T customers. They missed the promotion by a couple weeks.

Oh shut up. Nokia is basically just telling everyone NOT to buy their new phones on the first day because if you wait 2 weeks then you get the phone for cheaper AND get more accessories. I pre-ordered my Lumia 920 but if I am ever going to get another Nokia phone I'm probably just going to wait 2-3 weeks because I'll get a much better deal. 

The site now says postmarked by the 8th and received by the 15th. I just order a 920 via amazon and its not estimated to get in until the 8th! Hope it gets in sooner, or a better deal comes along and I can cancel.

Wow these comments are sad, unbelievable that you guys think you're entitled to a headset that's made by the same company the beats ones are that you guys love to trash to death. Grow up seriously.

Why is it that people think that consumers should accep;t everything? Yes, entitlement is a big problem nowadays, but so is a lack of consumer-brand loyalty, and that goes both ways. It's not something where I think I DESERVE earphones for free, or even that I EXPECT them. What it comes down to is customers who show Nokia and Microsoft some early loyalty with their purchases (and have been occasionally met with underwhelming battery life and software bugs) are getting less than the late-to-the-party sheep who wait to see whatever the flavor-of-the-month device is.
This isn't something where we bought our phones yelling "GIVE US EARPHONES!" This matter is that we paid more for the devices (in some cases; I actually got the Black Friday difference taken off of my phone bill) and are getting less in return. It's not entitlement.
Oh, and the complaint about what Monster makes isnt' that it's useless garbage, it's because the stuff is overpriced. Getting these for free isn't overpriced.

I can't believe you guys are complaining. Sweet deal for $99 + a free charger. Early adopters get to play with the phone earlier than others. Some get headphones, so what. 

Meanwhile around the world we're paying more than $500USD on a 2 year contract, charger not included, hasn't been stocked yet and only with Yellow White and Black at the moment.

It's racist.

Everywhere else in the world gets the 920 in gray. Not everyone gets a free charger, either. If I was in the UK I could've gotten a free charger, and its not like the 920 comes with headphones to begin with anyway. So yeah

Verizon and ATT are footing the bill for this. If you have neither carrier tough shit. That's liffe. Blame your carrier not Nokia.

Boy do people feel entitled. I purchased my 920s early. Just got my yellow yesterday. But I got the phone! Woohoo that's what I was hoping for. The free charging plates the low price is all just incing. No reason for me to cry because I missed the date for this HOLIDAY INCENTIVE... I bought it for right then and there not for Christmas. Now where can I order the Purity Pro with NFC? I would like to get my hands on that for work. Would be awesome.

+1 You bought it knowing what u were getting. I think it was pretty reasonable to think att was gonna have a holiday promotion. U bought ur phone cuz u wanted it right away and didn't expect anything later.

I think it was easier to get the free charge pad by going into the att store. Got mine within a few days. I don't know why people are complaining about the ear buds, because they bought at launch. That's what happens when you buy at launch.

My att store had plenty of white/black 920s. I have to pay $35 restockin fee for cyan. Which I will do Monday, when I finally get my charging plate!

Are you serious? After calling my ATT store for a week straight EVERY MORNING to see if they had stock, i went online yesterday and just bought one there. I wanted that in-store experience. F U ATT
at least i was able to haggle down via chat to get a $50 credit for black friday

Where does it say that online purchases are eligible?  The General Rules section says "offer not valid on online purchases" - am I missing something?

No my friend, just going by the details in the offer. I will still try nevertheless, as my state wasn't listed in those qualifying for the Black Friday deal on the 920 but i still got it.

GENERAL RULES: Offer not valid on online purchases,

I m planning to buy lumia 920 today.. but confused b/w red and yellow.... pls suggest me one..

Just return your phone and repurchase. Call AT&T customer service and they will waive the restocking fee for you.

I'm just happy I have my 920 and the charging plate, no complaints here. I'm actually using my iphone 5 headphones :)

Do the buttons work ok with WP8? I've always wondered if it would be full compatibility. Eg. double press to skip, and triple press to start over a song.

I don't much like the earpods, I got a set with my iphone 5 too, nice bonus however.
I ordered mine on the 9th online and out of contract for $449+tax ... which is RIDICULOUSLY cheap for this phone. Also getting a free charger, making it more of an amazing deal. I still want the headphones dammit, so I'm sending in the form anyway.

I know, my first pair died, and I got the 2nd version. I checked on Amazon and they are still selling :)Unfortunately I can't get the Nokia headphones because I pre ordered on the 7th on att's online store. Are you eligible? Hope you get them!

Link to set Zune headset on Amazon? If they don't up the deal to 920 orders before Nov 16th I'm going to need to sorely update my BB curve headset :)

The people who don't qualify need to stop all the complaining and be happy for those who do qualify...if u bought a 920, u got a $200 phone for $99, be happy for that. And if paid off contact price that was your choice..

This thread is the lulz. I got paid 30 dollars for the lumia. So for negative 30 dollars I got a 920, headphones, and a charging pad. Best phone pick up ever.

wow, I'm gonna say I am pretty lucky had to return my phone and get a new one, got the black friday deal and now even though I bought the phone on the 7th I have a reciept for the new one I got on the 23rd NEW EARPHONES HERE I COME!

I'd like to know if anyone has confirmed that one can get both the wireless charger and headphones with this deal.
I'd be ecstatic with either one (hell, I'd be happy with just the phone at its current price), but I will drive across state lines looking for a phone in-store if it means I can get both deals.