Another amazing concert captured with the Nokia Lumia 920

There are few things we've learned lately about our readers: One, they love shooting concert clips with the Nokia Lumia 920 and Two, they love Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Frankly, we don't blame you for either...the 920 is amazing for video and Trans, well they rock the house.

Such is the case from this video tipped to us by the mysterious 'Q'. We happen to like this video a lot because of the aforementioned band but also because it's shot well--no jumping, no unnecessary shaking. Once again, the Lumia 920 does a fantastic job capturing the wide dynamics of the lights and sound (although you can see the image sensor freak out a few times with the ultra-blue lights).

Make sure you watch it on 1080P if you can and make it full screen to really appreciate it.

The amazing sound quality, as we previously reported, is most likely due to the 'High Amplitude Audio Capture' (or HAAC for short) microphone array on the device. That's not to say that the HTC 8X can't do a fine job on video but we think here, the 920 does edge it out with the OIS and HAAC microphones. 

Regardless of the technology onboard, we're just impressed. It's crazy to think that in 2012 we can do such things with our phones, especially when you consider where we were just 3 years ago.

And as a bonus video, our forums guru Dave Blake posted this video of his trip though the Bosque del Apache. Sure, we could have done without the wind-noise but shooting right into a setting sun and still getting nice color saturation? That's just awesome. 


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Another amazing concert captured with the Nokia Lumia 920


I don't think it looks that good. The framerate is high and its smooth, but the quality still looks bad in this one IMO.

LOL the iPhone video is in portrait, if thats not a perfect descripter of most iPhone users than I don't know what is! 

No contest.
Even if the EQ on the 920 video is off it can be adjusted because it's clear.  You can't EQ distorted music period.

I took some video of the same song at the same concert last year with my old Android phone. The audio was completely distorted and the camera couldn't handle the lights at all. Was a blurry, but psychedelic, mess. This video is 100 times better.

You need a comparison. It's "amazing" because it comes from a 1cm thin phone. 

One more thing to take notice is the sound. It's not distorted.  For a comparison, just search "deftones" on youtube.

Well, it looks bad if you are expecting network broadcast quality suitable for pay-for-view, but this is rather impressive considering that it is a phone shootin g1080P and the audio isn't overwhelming the mics to the point of distortion.  I'm not sure what people expect.  Should this look just like what an 8K Red Camera kit looks like? 

I was just looking through some videos that were saved to my computer of a Madonna concert, filmed with my L900. It's bad to watch and even worse to listen...so distorted. I had 6th row too....disclaimer - wife is a huge fan and SHE paid for the tickets. Wishing I had a L920...some of the stuff she did was....well, you know, it's Madonna. Anyway, Daniel, to what you said, crazy to think even from just this year!

Baby steps! hehe. We just got OIS and very impressive audio recording capabilities. I don't even know if there is anything to supress wind noise (anyone?), but it would be awesome! :-)

yeah, that's why you see those large mics on a boom stick during movie filming have a fuzzy thing around them. That fuzzy thing blocks the wind, and thus the noise. Cover your phone in fuzz and that might do the trick

I took at least 5 videos so I couldn't have lost 60% in that one video alone, I can tell you that. I think in full HD, the battery only went down a smidgen per video. It's probably noticable but nothing too suprising. The thing that made the battery took a huge hit on was when I uploaded a full song directly from the 1080p video I had just recorded and posted on facebook. It converted down and uploaded over 4G (not LTE) on flaky reception... doing all that made it go from full to about 25-30% in 5hrs.
HOWEVER, my friend that was with me also had a 920 and hers only went down to 50-60 doing the same activities minus the converting/posting over 4G.


If the device has several mics, you can do some useful wind noise reduction. I suppose it's possible without multiple mics but it probably only works well if you have a couple of audio samples to help isolate wind noise. My canon TG-1 tough camera has a wind noise reduction mode. I think it's primarily a software feature. There are probably some decent audio filters you could apply from your desktop after-the-fact as well.. it'd make a great smartphone feature though!

did you turn up the quality levels in Youtube? it started for me at a crappy resolution but crtank it up and it's the best damn cameraphone concert video I've ever seen.

I think the point of this article is more about the audio than the video quality. While the video looks okay the audio is amazing IMO.

Oh, and another thing. My hands were on the shaky side because I was focused on enjoying the concert and occasionally checking if I'm still even pointing the phone in the right direction. So... it's safe to say the OIS is fantastic.

To me, it looks very good. I searched for a few concert videos to compare. Here is the best I found recorded with the iPhone 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1dLmq9xU_0
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Image is good but not as solid as the video taken with the 920, and audio has a higher volume, but not the quality of the video taken with the 920 IMHO): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5amfc-EReo
Galaxy S3 again (Same concert as the one taken with the iPhone 5 - Again, you can really tell the difference against a video taken with OIS, it is not that solid. Sound volume again higher than the 920, but quality is not better than the 920):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MscbiYPcJZM
Sure the Lumia 920 is not a GoPro Hero, but to me, the two concert videos I've seen so far taken with 920s are better than videos taken with other new smartphones, specially when all of them are seen at their maximum available resolution, and I also find sound quality impressive for a phone.

This would be much more helpful to potential buyers if they also shot it side by side with a competing phone...maybe the HTC One X and the iphone 5.

For those who are "not impressed", I wonder if they are either not watching this in 1080P or have too high of expectations.

Definitely change to 1080p SO much better quality. THIS is the phone you want to get. Forget about iPhone or Android. WP8. That's where its at now.

To bad she lost 60 percent of her battery in just over 4 minutes, yep still getting shitty battery life on my 920

Have you done a full drain? Checked all the background apps?  Dunno man, I get very good battery life.  Install that battery monitor app and see what kind of drain you're getting throughout the day.  The battery should be good but something is hitting it pretty heavy if it's draining that fast.

I always loved this song on Savatage's Dead Winter Dead record. Nice to see it became a well known hit eventually. R.I.P. Savatage. Great quality on the 920.

Yup very nice clear quality. I have feeling windows phone will have 3 million sold phones or more before Christmas if they keep selling it for low price

Side by side videos of the same concerts from other phones really shows the difference.  The 920 is getting dedicated handheld camcorder quality ... from a phone.   Other audio clips are distorted immensely.  Even if the EQ is off a bit on the 920 it can be adjusted in post.  If your audio is distorted (clips) then you're SOL. ;)

Now if Nokia could somehow shove a quality zoom feature in there I would be stoked. Until then I will continue to prefer my camcorder.

This is too funny. I got my new 920 on last saturday, then on tuesday i went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Salt Lake City and recorded most of it. I've been showing that video to all my friends to show off how amazing the camera is. Granted, this guy had much better seats than I did...