T-Mobile's Cyber Monday Windows Phone Deals includes free HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 810

T-Mobile Cyber Monday Deals

T-Mobile is currently running a Cyber Monday special that could land you a HTC 8X or Nokia Lumia 810 Windows Phone for free.  The deal is for new purchases and requires a two year contract with T-Mobile.

The deal on the 8X includes a $350 instant discount, a $149.99 web only discount and a $100 rebate.  To qualify for the rebate you'll need to sign up for either T-Mobile's Classic Talk + Text + Web plan or Classic Talk with web service of at least $20 per month.  Once you meet all the terms, just fill out the rebate form and mail it in.

The Cyber Monday deal on the Lumia 810 is a little more straight forward with $400 discount and $149.99 web only discount that drops the price to zero, zilch, nadda.  You do have to sign the two year contract and sign up for one of T-Mobile's Classic plans.

The fine print reads that these are web only offers and may not be available at retail stores.  You can find all the details here at T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile's Cyber Monday Windows Phone Deals includes free HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 810


I just called T-Mobile to see if I can get the web price for an upgrade and they said no. The best they can do is $249.00 + plus $50 mail-in-rebate + $110 credit on your bill. So the phone ends up being $100 but you first have to dish out $301.10 with taxes and S&H. That's what I get for being with T-Mobile for 10 years...

I've been with them since 08, my wife has been with them for around 10-11 years and 167.99 +tax is the best they can do unless I switch to their value plan and pay it down every month.

Which phone are you attempting to purchase?  If it's the L810, Target has is on sale for $69.99 for both new and upgrade service.  It's not free but it's still a good deal.  The sale ends 12/1/12.  Not all Target stores have this deal however, because some of them only have the pay as you go.  But I'm sure in due time there will be another great deal right around the corner.

Not really, they are better than att in few places. Here in Columbus I used to get 7-8 mbps on their 4g pan, on att i get 3-4 max (theres no lte here)

Pay no attention to him because he's just a trolling T-Mobile hater who's most likely never even used their service.
Really great deals on these phones! I just got the 810 a week ago and it's a spectacular device.

I was with Verizon for a long time but got tired of paying the High monthly bill so I did some research and and tmobile was the best deal (cut my bill in half). Now there network is not as big as Verizon but looking at the map for my area and the places I might travel to, Tmobile had them covered. Not sure how much it will add but they did just acquire metro pcs. my current plan is unlimited talk text web and it is not a month to month. good luck.

I was waiting on the Samsung Ativ S but it's taking took long...so I'm getting the HTC 8x and then if the Ativ S come out for TM then I'm giving this phone too my son and get the Ativ.... I'll go with the HTC for now..

I'm waiting for the ATIV too. Still between this 2 it's hands down the 8X. The 8X is the top HTC and the 810 is just average. Only bad thing is the 8X doesn't have a gyroscope.

While the 8x is a great phone the specs aren't much better than the 810. The camera and screen only... The 810 allows for memory card so the 8gb limitation really doesn't matter. I have two of the 810s and one 8x on my account and I really do not see any difference aside from what I mentioned above.

Also T-Mobile offered me a 1 month credit for my entire bill plus the $50 rebate for.my second 810 today. My monthly bill sits at about $250.... So I got the phone for free plus walked away with around $75 extra after s&h. Not a bad deal at all!

My friend is telling me that nokia has more exclusive apps compare to htc, do you guys really thing that I would miss the apps from nokia If I get the htc phone ?

Yes you would miss the apps and the support. BTW after seeing the apps, i wont buy anything other than Nokia phones. I have a HTC and i am selling it.. 

My mom is getting the lumia headset and Im getting the htc 8x and If I dont like it she is willing to trade phone her :) by the way Im still in high school so dont use "You still live with your parents" Jokes on me :P 

since there are no deals on the Value Plans, couldn't I just open a new account on a classic plan right now and only pay $200 as a termination fee and just use the phone on a value plan?

not exactlt. if I do the down payment. I would pay $149 plus $20 monthly payments for 20 months which equals $550. If i do it this route I would pay $100 plus a $200 termination fee minus $100 mail in rebate. 

If they had this deal for customers that are eligible for an upgrade, I would buy the 8X right now. Mostly because T-Mobile doesn't currently have any Android phones I'm interested in. I guess I'm not jumping in to WP8 quite yet. 

This is only for new customers... existing customers- even with the full upgrade must pay 149.99 and 99.99 :(

If there is one in your city, also try a Microsoft Store (brick & mortar, not online). First, they're offering a "$25 off $75" coupon to anyone that takes a lite version of the phone challenge (and WP7.x phones DO count). Second, their system was only charging $99 for an upgrade to the Lumia 810 last week, so the final price is $74 + you get awesome customer service (at least in the Seattle store). A friend upgraded last week, asking a TON of questions, and the MS staff person was patient and very polite. Personally, I've also found that they tend to go out of their way to take care of you if something goes wrong with a purchase, so they're head-and-shoulders above both the T-mobile and AT&T corporate stores (who seem to like to pass the buck, at least in my experience).