Excuse me, is that a Windows Phone? [Poll]

In our forums an interesting discussion has begun regarding the attention some people are getting with their new Windows Phone, specifically with people coming up to ask what kind of phone thou art wielding.

Case in point, when we were recently traveling to San Francisco we were brandishing our appropriately titled California Blue HTC 8X and we had multiple instances of people inquiring and fawning over our phone. Yes, it’s the color that lures ‘em in and the Tiles that pique their interest. Personally, we hadn’t experienced that much attention to our phone in public in a long time, if ever.

The mystery isn’t too hard to figure out either—basically if you have any of the brightly colored Lumias or 8Xs that are now out there, there’s a good chance someone may ask you about it (it also depends on your region as those in the North East are less likely to come up to in public, so it seems).

If you’re sporting a matte black device, it will certainly be less noticeable and for some that’s a good thing. The biggest surprise from people is also consistent: they’re shocked that there is no case on the phone.

So the question for you folks with Windows Phones: Have you seen an increased amount of people asking you about it?

Take the poll and share your stories either in comments or our forum!


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Excuse me, is that a Windows Phone? [Poll]


I've had a lot of people ask me if that's the surface when using my surface RT. That for sure is cert recognizable. My Lumia 920 got a few questions too but mostly its the surface

I get asked a lot about the Surface too, especially when I'm flying. I've been asked about my Lumia 900 maybe twice, I don't have the Lumia 920 yet just ordered a red one today.

me too, only i have new lumia 900 white, they said its awesome, awesome than typical android devices ... eventhough they have casing , its nothing compare to my lumia =D

Absolutely. I am in college and have received much attention even with my matte black 920. I can't even begin to explain how many comments I have received, all positive. Someone who owns a galaxy s3 even went as far as saying they felt important holding my phone.

I was typing this on my phone before, with a baby in my other arm. Anyways, I had it out in class, and was going to show someone my schedule but the phone quickly stole the attention. I have a lot of foriegn studens in my class and WOW did they love it, I had a group of 5 people surrounding me blurting out questions faster than I could answer them.Needless to say they loved it.

Quality. I had to leave my phone at a gas station so I could get money, and they where amazed at it. "Not that we played with it or anything, but wow that phone is awesome."

For fun just tell them it is the Microsoft iPhone 6x and send them off to their carrier store to inquire about it.

When i had the Lumia 900 in black, people would still go... What the h&&& is that? I didnt know you could get phones like that. Where can i get it, how much is it? :)

I got a black 920 so the color doesn't bring anyone in, but I have been asked what type of phone it is by a couple people when they noticed my tile home screen. My friends have been showing a lot of interest and a couple have even said they are switching to Windows Phone when they are due for an upgrade. Microsoft is doing something right :)

Yeah, I got mine in black as well. I had wanted it in red simply to get attention (and share Windows Phone with others), but AT&T did not have red when I went, and I cetainly wasn't waiting 3+ days for my Lumia 920, haha! I also wasn't paying a $35 restocking fee to switch colors. As badly as I wanted an attention-grabbing device, I wasn't spending $35 more just for that color.
That said, I haven't really had a stranger ask me about my phone. I had a couple of classmates (one who already has a Trophy, the other is in the school's IT department and asked what I had when I was trying to setup my school's Outlook mail account). I've considered getting a vibrant case (such as a Chicago Cubs blue, as I am a Cubs fan), but we will see on that.

I've only had a few questions about mine but I do notice people looking at it. It's very bright and stands out quite a bit. 

This ^ - i have this happen daily to me on my commute to and from work. Red doesn't help :D
I work around traders and analysts that are heavily invested in AAPL, just waving this thing around makes them cring and I love it lol

"heavily invested in AAPL, just waving this thing around makes them cring and I love it lol"
That would make my day to see that reaction :)

They're beeing quite because they are trying to figure out how to steal if from you since Cyan is so hard to get.

Yes, with my black L920 I get people near me (e.g. at lines, train platforms, etc) asking ...
One girl said, "woah, that's a serious phone!" 
But I think there's more hype and awareness surrounding the Surface than WP.

Although the comment is somewhat crass, it's not actually sexist. If a guy looked at the phone and said the same thing, and the joke was made that HE likes big ones, it would be the same joke. So no, it's not sexist. And that aside, seriously... get over yourself. I like big ones too. Phones that is. :-P

Joking about and mocking women is NOT sexist. It would be if it'd be about some stereotypical thing. Like "who let her out of the kitchen" or something like that. Saying that she likes it big is just like saying that some guy likes big boobs. Maybe juvenile as someone said but not sexist. Tired of this PC crap...

I've had ppl ask me if its an android. That's annoying. But they do notice its different, and come up and ask me about it. The white of the l920 next to the boring looking white iPhone is so noticeable. This thing is shiny, big, and attractive

Get that all the time too. Noo ... just because its a Samsung phone DOES NOT mean it has to be an Android. Therein lies the problem.

Ha! That's funny. I actually get asked about my arrive but its because I do the "smoked by windows phone" thing against my friends and their phones... People can't believe how smooth it is... Even for an "older" device... jejeje

I've had a few but I'm know as the phone guy who gets a phone every year. So I made sure I got red on the Lumia 920 and I've had a few people ask. My surface get the most attention do to the commercial

Likewise, I own a white 920 and I have had multiple people ask me "what kind of phone is that?!!" The first encounter was on the bus the day after the phone was released and the guy that was stanidng next to me asked if that was the new Lumia 920 and said he wanted to get it. I love being unique in the iPhone city of SF.

I think for a lot of people iphone = smartphone just like Kleenex usually just means a  tissue or coke means any soft drink and not an actual Coca Cola.

I've had lots of people ask me about my Surface. If it's the "clicky thing" from TV and have generally been impressed. I've also had lots of people ask me about my bright red Lumia 920 having no idea what it was.

I have a red touch cover with Surface and a red 920. They work together like a red STOP sign for people going by me. LOL.

A friend of mine said my 8x screen was small and started to take my phone apart thinking the blue was a case. Haha I said that's my phone foo.

Hahah, yea EVERYONE thinks the cyan part of my Lumia 920 is a case... I'm like bitch please, that's mah phone!!! Lol.

I've had the Cyan 800 for about 11 months.  Living in Seattle I don't get any questions about my phone.  I have also been out and about in Calgary, Vancouver, L.A., San Jose, Taiwan and China.  I can probably can on 1 hand how many peeps have asked about my phone.

I carry around my Arrive and cyan Lumia 920 (on Straight Talk).  The Arrive has gotten a few questions since I've had it, but the Lumia by far in it's short life has gotten many more questions. Most people simply ask 'what phone is that'. I answer, show them the main screen and rattle off 'built in Xbox LIVE and Office'. Those two features usually catch people and make them go 'wow'.
A lot of people also tend to think the cyan color is a case on the phone itself... I show them that it's not. Pure, smooth polycarbonate, people!

Generally it's like. It's that Android?! (Canada is slower when it comes to new stuff)
No just kidding some know what WP8 is but BlackBerry is still popular in Canada so you get the general idea...

Wife had the Magenta 900 and always asked about her phone and that they like the case. Now she has the white 920. For me, I had the Cyan 900 now the 920 and I notice many people stare at the phone. People think I have a case as well and when I tell them no, they are shocked.

I was letting a cashier at the local movie theater hold my phone to scan the QR code ticket on my Fandango app and she asked if it was the new Nokia Windows phone. Such notice is unheard of where I live.

I get a lot of people looking at my 8X and going, "is that the new Lumia?"

I guess that's flattering in its own right

I've been asked about my phone a few times. A lot more people recognize them now on sight since there's been some decent advertising lately.
I heard someone yesterday talking about phones. A kid with them said, "I want the one like Cam Newton". That ad hasn't been out long, but, it's already effective.

About 2-3 people per day on average ask me about my white 920. I've also converted 5 iPhone users with it. :)

Lol, hopefully once I get colorful 8x people will start walking up to me........mostly because I have no friends.

I rep my Lumia 920 always got someone on my case about me having a WP since focus days but now I just crush em when they ask and then they all want one ur welcome Microsoft I've gotten nearly 20 to get a Lumia and another 5 or so to order a surface, they need to hire me electronics engineer/w8 programmer

Yup! Went out karaokeing the other night and had two random strangers ask me if my yellow Lumia 920 was a "Windows Phone," and the other asked if it was "Windows 8" :P

I've had people say my Red 920 is "a beast" and I've had several people ask if that is a new Windows Phone. This is Virginia too!

Not a single person have asked about my HD7 in San Francisco, commuting on Muni.  Will expect the same when my Cyan 920 arrives next year...this waiting is killing me.

The old HTC stuff looks like any damn phone though (mostly Android boring style)
the Lumia is going to stand out like Dog's bollocks :)

I was out in a restaurant with my gf an was texting or something when the waiter came over and started chatting to us, he then offered us complimentary drinks for no reason! I then realised he did this so that he could ask about my lumia 920 (white), an get a closer look! About 20 mins later he brought another waiter over to show him my phone, I let him hold it for a bit, an then he gave us another round of free drinks before we left.

Tl:dr The white Lumia 920 got me 2 free rounds of drinks.

im sure i would....IF I HAD ONE!
BUT i have gotten looks and seen peeking eyes when i use my cousin's Lumia 900 (which i convinced her to get).
cant wait till my contract is up!

I have the matte black 920 and I've gotten WAY more attention than I'd have ever expected. My one friend is even in the process of switching from his iPhone 4s to my phone -- despite the cheaper upgrade to the iPhone 5.
***Side note***
Is anyone else (Lumia 920 owners) glad to have a phone capable of bludgeoning someone with? Lol

No one's ever asked about my Trophy, and I doubt it will change with the 822 that's coming tomorrow.

I was showing off my new Lumia 810 to my teammate in my bowling league on Sunday and a guy who was bowling next to us asked me, "Is that the new Windows Phone?" Was pretty cool. :)

People really seem surprised when they realise my blue 8X doesn't have a case. Also, my blue touch cover (if it isn't obvious, blue is my favourite colour) gets attention when I pull out my surface for notes. In fact, when I got both devices, my girlfriend commented on "how cute" they looked. Not really what I was going for, but I'll take it.

lets start a 'its not an iphone' campaign.  Everytime someone asks me, i tell them its not an iphone in a negative tone to make mine superior and sexy.  

I like it, but in a sense u r marketing the iPhone. It would have to be like the Mac vs PC ads to be effective.

I've gotten a lot of looks and questions about my Blue 8x in the 5 days I've had it.  One Apple 4S owner thought the display was stunning as I let him read an email message on it...yeah...just a text message! 

I've only ever had one person ask about my phone, asking 'is that a new blackberry'. I wanted to punch them in the face so hard...
They asked it because i have an LG Quantum (so it has a proper keyboard, like all phones should!) plus i live in the middle of england, which is dominated by terrible phones such as BBs and cryPhones :(
Only other person i know with a Windows Phone (or have even seen!) is my girlfriend, who fell in love with my phone and wanted her own. Shes never had anybody ask about her Cyan Lumia 710 :(

I bought my wife and I both LG Quantums and they are really solid phones. Loving my L920 tho. Even without the hardware keyboard it works well.

Guess that my shiny yellow 920, which is arriving tomorrow (Norway, yes we finally got them) :D will draw some attention, yes :)

I was asked alot when I had my Focus and even more now with my cyan 920. However one positive note is that more know about the 920 (far more) and recognize it than the Focus. I still get the occasional "is that the Galaxy" comment.

I've had repeated compliments on the "case" I had my Cyan Lumia 800 in, then surprised reactions when they found it it was the phone and not the case.

Had a few people ask me about my black 920. My wife just upgraded from the LG quantum to the 920 and loves it. She felt like her quantum was a toy compared to the 920. Response has been good.

My experience. I'm using HTC 7 Mozart. Some people asked me, is that a Nokia LUMIA? 
Hey, ca you see the HTC's logo on this phone?
Many people thinks the Windows Phone OS is Nokia LUMIA OS. Only in Malaysia.

Nope. Not only in Malaysia.  It's like that in all the countires where Nokia advertised the hell out of the Lumias and Microsoft advertises nothing.

I have a Samsung Focus S and they don't notice or ask about it until I turn it on. Then they are impressed by how smooth and sleek it works. It's a shame almost NO ONE knows there is an operating system besides iOS and Android. They ask if it's either of those. Also, even if they want one, they have to wait until their contract expires. And by then, they are fully enveloped into that phone's ecosystem. =/

I get asked about my phone all the time, and 99% of the results that come out of it are positive. Most want to get a WP8 phone,...and I'm happy to help them with the transition.

This is why Nokia,Samsung. HTC should demand carriers have more than on colour of the same model per store. I'll go as far to ask these vendors to not have a black model at launch of any one of these devices.

People used to ask me about my HD2 running 7.5.  I remeber 4-5 people asking how is it? Two of them even knew what exactly HD2 was and they were really impressed

You know it is a good phone in the US because sprint didn't want to carry it. They never are first to adopt the great phones, just like how they only started carrying iphone in the last year.

"Whoa, is that the new iphone 5?!" Yep, I had that question before....
Actually, even though I have a Windows Phone, I still ask people if they have a Windows Phone and compliment them on it.

I actually have gotten attention from my cyan 900 on multiple occasions! It's kinda fun! I'm extremely satisfied and can't wait till I can afford the 920!

I get alot of compliments on my Titan, I think where I live there's alot more Windows Phones (or at least in my HS) I've meet other Windows Phone fans and I've seen like 11 people with some (like 6 Lumia 900's, 2 Titan 1's, an HTC Radar, an LG quantum, and a Samsung Focus 1) and heard an unknown one go off in class, haha. But the people on the focus and quantum are still stuck on Nodo :(

I was out with some friends tonight and I set my phone down on the table and everyone either said "wow what is that" or "hey is that the new windows phone". It was the first time that I had heard anyone ask that it was pretty cool. I guess that the marketing Is really working.

109 comments that I don't feel like sifting through.

I have a Titan-yea WP7, I know...I get asked all the time what kind of phone I have if I'm standing in line for something.  Usually people see the ginormous screen and think/say "wtf is that?"  -Anyway seeing that iphones are everywhere on college campuses, as the younger crowd typically thinks that iphones are the only phones that exist on the planet, this typically happens everytime I step foot on college grounds.  It's kind of depressing though because some people ask to hold my phone and then compare theirs to mine...it ususally ends with a sad face because they don't have one. 

Anyway, I've made several converts over the past months...no regrets.


I had a random guy at WalMart make a comment to his friend saying "that's the new Windows phone." I have a red 920 and I gave my focus to my gf's son who is a freshmen in high school and he said he gets asked about it often and the kids love it... I would let him borrow the 920 one day but I can't have it more than wireless charger length away from me.

I carry the red and yellow 920 and a lot of ppl notice them. I let them hold them and they say... Wow these are light... And wow these are really nice. then I show off the camera and now they move from the iPhone to the 920...lol

i finally find a 8X at  The Source store near my place this past Sunday and once people at work saw it they fell in love with it. One guy was humming and hawing about the L920 for the last couple of weeks but as soon as he saw WP8 on my phone Monday morning he ran out and got a black L920 at lunch time. I also had another guy insisting that the beautiful blue must be a case until he finally believed me.

Yeah it is very common for people to ask such questions. Anytime I use my voice to chat with friends on my HTC d7, people ask a lot of questions ranging from " what phone are you using? To how did you do that?". I don't know the kind of questions people will ask when I get a windows phone 8 device which I will surely use early December.

Ok i don't usually go out a lot but what suprised was that i was having computer classes when my 920 feel to the ground from the table with the screen facing the floor. I picked it was and my professor saw that the glass was intact the next thing he said was windows phone with a smile on his face. I was astonished cos i never expected him to know what it was , i mean you will se Apple ads in my uni but not Microsoft, so i thought most of the profs were isheeps. 

For me, since I have a matte black one I don't get a tonne of people coming over but I have noticed people staring especially when they see the live tiles. It tends to get more compliments if im showing someone something and as soon as they get it in their hands they are amazed at how it feels and performs. I haven't had a bad reaction at all which is great to see.

I have had the black and then to blue 8x. I needed a bit more color and have been very happy at the response I have received. It feels very good to have a phone that is both practical and looks a feels amazing. Although I have still not seen another windows phone user I feel that I will soon see
some in the wild. The Verizon store here in Albuquerque is currently out of stock, got the last blue one.

So, after reading all these comments, yes all. I've come to a conclusion about WP8. First I want a 920. (can't on Verizon) I wish in the US you could buy any phone and use it on your carrier. Lucky everyone else. Everybody thinks windows phones are Lumias. (which is good and bad) Good for Nokia/Microsoft. Bad for Samsung, HTC, etc. Glad everyone gets asked about their new WP8s. About time people take notice, and no more hiding the fact we have a windows phone. Because they always ask, does your phone have this or that app. Why yes it does, and it also has things yours doesn't, and can also do more without an app. Can't wait to get a WP8. I see too many iPhones out there. This needs to change.

Well I have a lot of people complimenting how light my Focus S is. People definitely appreciate the battery life over android. I like Samsung. Just wish they gave color options. That will make me get an 8x or lumia.

I was at a tech conference recently and it felt like iDevice was taking over the world. Even the conference had an iApp. However in one session I noticed in the row in front a woman charging her Lumia 800 from her laptop. I told her we had to stick together as we were the only two with WP, pulling out my Lumia 710. She said that there three of us as her colleague next to her, had an 800 as well.
Turned out they worked for Nokia

I have a matte black 920, and I've noticed some glances when I'm using the phone, but haven't really been asked about it since I've yet to use it much "in public" (mostly at work). All my friends already know I'm into WP, so it was no surprise to them.

However, while I love my 920 to death, I secretly wish it came in California Blue.

I relocated from Germany to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) only two weeks ago. Only two days before I bought a Lumia 920 (wanted the red on or even the cyan but no chance, so I took the black) and was doing some test shots around Leidseplein near an Apple store. So a guy, that came out of the store (no staff member), ask me why I shoot photos I the dark and that I should go in into the lighted areas because he he thought no way there is something useful on the pics. So I offered him a little challenge: looking for a dark area and each of us takes exactly one pic and the one who shoots the worst pic pays the other 10 €. He accepted; Poor fellow I thought. so we did a short walk and found a dark spot and he shot his pic with his iPhone 5 and he said "See you ain't see shit ... All noise and dark. We should at least use the flash." - but I said it's okay. So I shot my picture (http://sdrv.ms/11bivB6 - sadly I forgot to ask him to give me his pic but basically the shrub in the foreground was completly black and you could only see the lights in the background but everything else was all noisy and silhouettes). He was shocked and I had 10€ to spend for some,drinks, so I invited him,and showed him the Phone in detail. I might have freed a soul from its Apple Inc. chains this day, because he really was excited and asked a lot of questions and played around quite a lot with my phone. :) He also told me, that he didn't knew about Nokia putting out a new phone. So that explains that he walked right in to the trap so easily. Other than that I see a lot of people around me noticing my Lumia 920 but only a few really come through and ask me directly about it.

Didn't attract a lot of attention from anyone with my black Lumia 800. Did get some glances, though.

They asked me where did I get my case for my lumia 900,, ever since I took off the case co- workers wants the cyan... Hahaha..
Im skipping 920,buying the surface when it's 299

With my Focus no one even glanced.  I've had several co-workers ask about the black 920.  I love showing it, too. :)

I get it with my Titan II since it makes iPhones look tiny in comparison, but people wonder if it's android at first.

I got asked many times with my white Lumia 900, even by strangers in subway...
Saw the lime color x8 in store the other day, pretty hot! But I still love my white 900 for now. :)

Having a blue 8x in high school means a sea of envious iPhones, and constant "Can I like, see you phone?." Yes, everyone else has. My friend got the black one, and no one cared.

I've opted for a bright red Lumia 920 and have had a number of people approach me and ask, "Is that a case? It makes your iPhone look big." - Then I smile, turn the phone and watch as their eyes light up with wonder.
If you're expecting to see the boring, static, stale-almost-moldy iOS interface then seeing beautiful, red Live Tiles flipping and changing and actually making the phone seem more alive will about blow you out of the water.
And of course (never start a sentence with "and") I always get, "Why don't you have it in a case?" - Again I smile and say, "It's built well. It doesn't need one."
I've actually converted a friend based solely on that statement. It's an interesting feeling to actually hold the device, not sterile piece of plastic or rubber, I mean the actual device. You can feel it in your hand the way you were intended to. Feel the lines, the way it fits in your hand.... this phone doesn't need a case, and I would argue was designed that way.
I feel like I'm interacting with the phone, not poking at a screen.

I recently bought the 8S and in the Philippines, I haven't seen any OTHER WP8 user so far.
There was this one instance where I went into a Power Mac store to have my dad's iPhone 5 fixed, so I was testing the Bose headphones on display. Some teenager noticed my phone (because I wrap it in a microfiber cloth as protection) and said why do you keep your phone wrapped in a cloth (in a loud voice)
I took it off and all he said was "Your phone looks stupid having two colors and boxes for icons and you have no apps"
He showed his iPhone that had stickers that said YOLO, swag all over it. His wallpaper was him doing a self-pic. I hate how people think iPhones are the only cool phones. (I'm 14, so technically he's also my generation)

Other than that, I had a long conversation with a group who was really interested in my 8S and I converted them into buying 8X's and 8S's right in front of my eyes. (I was in an HTC store looking for accessories)