Tickets for the Nokia + Deadmau5 event in London now available

Nokia's Deadmau5 event has opened up to the public, with tickets available for everyone to grab while they still last. We're expecting a large show with the Canadian artist blowing the roof off with intense sounds. We'll be attending, but we're sure Nokia will publish coverage of the event itself, so stay tuned if you're unable to attend.

Deadmau5 previously partnered with Nokia with the release of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. This time round it's Lumia 920 and Lumia 820's turn. The event description on Electric Brixton's website reads as follows:

"Deadmau5 is in London for an event with Nokia to celebrate the launch of their new Nokia Lumia range. The whole event will be shown at the Electric, followed by a full live set by Deadmau5. Nokia and the Electric are inviting people to come for this one-off event."

Be sure to head on over to TicketWeb to reserve your tickets. Details are as follows:

Electric Brixton
1 Town Hall Parade
SW2 1RJ  London
Starts at 20:00

Source: TicketWeb, via: Electric Brixton; thanks, MARCO300, for the tip!


Reader comments

Tickets for the Nokia + Deadmau5 event in London now available


The mau5 said on twitter he will be riding some kind of bike... hmm thats gonna be interesting haha capturing video from the moving bike and then perhaps filming the crowd from his view xD

Yes this is only striclty invite only. People who didn't receive the runners up email will be turned away as there is a guest list that the runners up had to RSVP.

Guys, can somebody ,explain this to me .If I have that email ,do I still have to get a ticket? I send RSVP btw.

I don't think so? I RSVP'd & got a reply saying 'confirmed'. So just bring the e-mail and some ID.

I hope!

Just glad that, for once, an event is occuring in a time zone that's several hours AHEAD of me.  If it's streamed I'll be able to watch from work. :)