AT&T pushes out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango for Samsung Focus 2

AT&T and Microsoft tonight have begun pushing out Windows Phone 7.5 build 8773 aka Tango to the Samsung Focus 2 (see our review). The previous version of the OS was version 8112 aka the LTE build. First reported in our comments by MDiBo, we were able to verify on our own Focus 2 that the update is indeed live...

Windows Phone Tango brings numerous small fixes to the OS, including multiple images in MMS, send ringtones (MMS), more reliable push notifications, new wallpapers and other optimizations.

After the OS is updated users will be prompted to do yet another update, which will install new Samsung firmware to coincide with the OS upgrade.Though we have not verified what this firmware update contains, it usually fixes minor issues related to the camera, proximity sensors, volume controls and potentially the display. We’ll try to verify any changes over the next few days.

We did test other AT&T Windows Phones including the HTC Titan, Titan II and Focus S and were not able to verify any OS or firmware updates for those devices at this time.

Update: The Tango Update for the Samsung Focus 2 took about thirty minutes.  Times will vary depending on how long the backup stage takes.  When all is said and done the new Firmware version is 2103.12.10.1 and a new Radio software version is 2103.12.9.1.


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AT&T pushes out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango for Samsung Focus 2


Wow I've had the update on mine for so long I'd already forgotten I had it. They are just now officially releasing it? Wow.

Well, obviously I missed it. So how about you let Mr Rubino answer if he so chooses, and go play snarky wannabe forum moderator somewhere else.

I read an article on Google news saying Microsoft may be will releasing 7.8 on Wednesday, I'm thinking it's not tomorrow though. Maybe next Wednesday...

They push this update *now* ??? Gee, thanks AT&T....it only took you how long?
Thankfully, updates are now OTA and we no longer have to be held hostage by your gross incompetence, negligence and greed.

Hope what u saying is true ,and we get them without at&t involve on them , cuz remember androids can get ota but is up to at&t that's why they never get em .

Android tends to be more of a problem because of OEM customizations so global over the air updates would have to be model specific not just OS specific.

I feel your pain... I pray every night that they'll bring 7.8 to us without AT&T getting their grubby hands on it...

MAKE SURE YOUR FOCUS IS version 1.3 and NOT 1.4
Get the 7.8 ROM from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2016769 and use the SMS Backup utility from the same forum (search for it on XDA) and the rest of the stuff will be backed up by zune. Only downside is you have to re-install all your apps and the App saves such as your progress in games and stuff will be lost. If you are okay with that then this ROM is 100% stable and working! I have the older 7.8 8835 ROM on my focus which has been running really really stable for months now and planning to update to this one soon.

Goodluck! (No more dissapearing keyboard and any other bugs!)

Thats what i want to say :) maybe a prepare... Is this nokia microsoft event tomorrow? :) So it could be possible

Maybe that's not true this time, and Tango is a prerequisite for 7.8 for some reason. I don't think any sane carrier would try to get in the way of 7.8, given the noise people made about their "older" handsets not getting 8.0.

Still, updates are designed to be applied to certain earlier versions. If you get an unused older model now and update it, it will install several updates in succession.

I suppose it would kill them to release an update for the original Focus and the inexcusable length of time it has been suffering the missing keyboard. still on 7220 thank you AT&T as I know MSFT has had this update to you since probably last January!!!!!

Sorry folks!  I got a group of psychics over here trying to get them to press the "7.8" update button.  But since KARL is being selfish he made them press the WRONG button!  My bad!
"You know who else pressed the wrong button?  MY MOM!" - Muscle Man

Severely off topic...I am new to this website and I want to tip my hat to Daniel and the rest of the team for keeping up to speed with all the windows phones news...thank you for being so quick.

Finally they pushed the updated out to Focus 2 user's. Focus S and Focus Flash got our Tango and Firmware Updates months ago. Original Focus Users are in EOL so no update's unless they manually update to Tango..

My fiance has my old OG Focus and she doesnt have the 8112 update yet, my focus 2 came with it installed....  im doubtful the OG will receive tango let alone 7.8

And having the rumor about 7.8 coming out tomorrow(?), it makes me feel that att had to put this out to update to 7.8.
Started the process now....  hope it doesnt really take 30 mins on my UVerse...

I'm in Canada using a SIM unlocked AT&T HTC Titan running on Telus. How do I upgrade to Tango and more importantly when 7.8 comes out? Would greatly be appreciate any tips.

An at&t rep told me that they released tango in June, I emailed customer support about my Samsung focus sgh-i917. I was told to connect my phone to PC and start Zune and it would update, I told them nothing happens and then they said to contact Samsung because there's nothing they can do. Samsung told me to connect phone to PC and start Zune and my phone should update. I'm in the process about email both at&t and Samsung showing them that my phone won't update and according to at&t my phone should update because they released the update in June.

tango did come out for certain models....
but the reps have absolutley no clue about WP at all, in store in Eureka, CA they are all iphone fanboys...  they do have 4 WPs on display but they know nothing about them...  

So I did the manual update for the HTC Titan but because it was a general update and not specific to the device voice notes do not work. ATT is a freaking joke at getting these updates out. If not for the manual CAB installer method my keyboard would still be doing magic tricks! Abra cadabra....disappear.lol

I am using jaxbot's rom and its very stable. I havent had any problems besides some unfinished things with the new resizable tiles. Hopefully he does a rom for rtm.

My original Focus will cry itself to sleep tonight. Wonder how many Focus 2's they sold compared to original Focus.

Better late than never, I suppose.  Anyway, here are the WP sales rankings on bestbuy.com for today:
AT&T (95 phones offered)
21. HTC 8X Blue 8GB (37. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
24. Nokia Lumia 920 Black (17. a week ago, not available a month ago)
28. Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan (56. a week ago, not available a month ago)
35. Nokia Lumia 920 Red (53. a week ago, not available a month ago)
39. Samsung Focus Flash (63. a week ago, 47. a month ago)
42. Nokia Lumia 920 White (36. a week ago, not available a month ago)
45. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (38. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
46. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (39. a week ago, 26. a month ago)
61. HTC 8X Blue 16GB (70. a week ago, not available a month ago)
62. HTC 8X Yellow 8GB (71. a week ago, not available a month ago)
64. Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow (48. a week ago, not available a month ago)
66. Nokia Lumia 820 (72. a week ago, not available a month ago)
68. Samsung Focus 2 (59. a week ago, 56. a month ago)
69. Nokia Lumia 900 White (74. a week ago, 42. a month ago)
81. HTC Titan (84. a week ago, 69. a month ago)
82. Samsung Focus S (85. a week ago, 71. a month ago)
HTC Titan II is not offered
Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered
HTC 8X Yellow 16GB is not offered

T-Mobile (32 phones offered)
6. HTC 8X (23. a week ago, not available a month ago)
14. Nokia Lumia 810 (22. a week ago, not available a month ago)
21. Nokia Lumia 710 White (31. a week ago, 26. a month ago)
29. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (30. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
30. HTC Radar (19. a week ago, 27. a month ago)
Verizon (79 phones offered)
21. HTC 8X Black (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
23. Nokia Lumia 822 Black (60. a week ago, not available a month ago)
57. HTC 8X Red is not offered (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
58. Nokia Lumia 822 White (58. a week ago, not available a month ago)
59. HTC 8X Blue (59. a week ago, not available a month ago)
76. HTC Trophy (54. a week ago, 68. a month ago)
Nokia Lumia 822 Grey is not offered
Sprint (49 phones offered)
None offered

So the red 8X is exclusive to Verizon, yet they don't sell it. [SMH in disgust.] Give it to TMo, and I'll buy it.

que flojera con AT&T apenas si manda esa actualización para ese mobile, y que pasa con otros teléfonos como HTC Titan? es una pena y sigo diciendo lo mismo, un asco AT&T! :I

ATT's excuse for not pushing this update out: "Errr, we could not push out this update because there was a 6 month long computer error that we just fixed...everything is under control now, updates to your phones should come as soon as possible now." 

-I would so tell people that if I worked for ATT as a customer service rep. 


Haha they did say that they were testing it on the focus now, haha I bug them all the time and they've said the same thing since last June.

One of these days an update for my AT&T HTC Titan would be nice. 7720 is getting pretty stale with the disappearing keyboard action. Updating using the CAB method just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Why can't AT&T pull their heads out of their butts?

I had callt ATT earlier in the year and they said that it was coming in June or July with some nice updates from HTC added to it. Good thing I didn't hold my breath...

Jokes on me thanks at&t rocking the titan 2 still no love my wife's Lumia 900 go it months ago but hay its what ever right.


Who's to blame for this? AT&T or Samsung?

I've had mine on HD7 ages ago (using the update trick method (pull the network plug).
I'm thinking about getting the ATIV S, unlocked, If this is Samsung fault, I'd have to reconsider getting the ATIV S.

What do you think? Would the ATIV S unlocked/unbranded suffer the same late update?

WP9 rolls around and finally we'll get 7.8, hahaha. I thought Samsung devices were the first to get the Tango update then. Can't believe this is just coming now.

pretty late to release the update...actually i don't think it even matters now...i bought a Samsung Omnia W back in march and it was already updated...

So are they doing this so they can skip the 7.8 update? Since once 7.8 would have made the 7.5 update a "skipped" update?

I imagine those focus 2 owners being all like "OMG OMG WE GOT A 7.8 UPDATE" and then realizing it is a Tango update :D :/ :| :(

I really hope that starting with WP 8 MS has finally with this BS under control. I also really hope all phones will actually get the 7.8 update, including the models that are beyond the 18-month support window. I know, people have said time and time again all WP7 devices will be getting 7.8. I hate to be a pessimist, but I'll believe it when I see multi-sized tile glory on everyone's phones.

why wasn't there micro sd support in wp7? because apparently ms likes to leave basics behind thinking it makes 'em special (NOT)

I have 16g Patriot SD card in my original Samsung Focus. Microsoft did a crappy job explaining the high speed card requirements.

Wishes At&t would send out Tango Update and finally fix the Disappearing Keyboard on HTC Windows Phone 7 Surround, been waiting and waiting for update to fix that issue for months now. Contemplating just switching to Sprint and Android when my contract is up in April 2013, Unless something changes my mind by then, but I don't know right now

This i smy primary beef with Sammy Phones.  THey are so oddly customized by samsung that they're always left way behind at Update time.  Remeber how the original Focus turned out to have two different "Secret" versions an donly some could be updated to NoDo until Sammy bothered to write the necessary Drivers?  The best part was that son-one at Sammy ot MSoft seemed to be aware of it for weeks.
I loved my WinMo Sammy Phones, but until they either stop thsi nonsense and/or devote enough resources to keeping their 'customized' phones up to date I'm sticking with Nokia - the Update King!

Really?  It took them this long to release Tango to their customers?  Where is the outrage for thi?
wait, I realize this is not anti-Sprint propaganda...