Dune bashing captured on Lumia 920, part of OIS test

A video has been published by UK Mobile Review which will address concerns that many have before purchasing the Lumia 920 - just how good is the OIS that Nokia boasts so much about? For those who are still on the fence about the added feature, be sure to check out the video to see how the Windows Phone rose to the challenge.

Nokia created a short film to show off the hardware implementation that's present in its flagship Windows Phone, but opted to use a capturing device that wasn't the Lumia 920, which caused an expected disappointment cloud to form over consumers eagerly awaiting the handset. The good news was that while it wasn't the Windows Phone featured in the promotion material, the very same technology is present in the device. We can confirm this with consumers who have purchased the handset.

UK Mobile Review hooked up the Lumia 920 to the from of a Land Rover, recording 1080p HD video and secured by three cable ties. The crew then took the vehicle 'dune bashing', part of the desert safari experience. It's nothing short of impressive how the Lumia 920 held up when recording the action. This video can be filed with other tests performed by teams around the world to show off the OIS and how it improves video capture.

Source: YouTube; thanks, mrlinlee, for the tip!


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Dune bashing captured on Lumia 920, part of OIS test


Would be nice to see a comparison video with another phone of the same setup or even a side by side setup recording at the same time to see the difference it makes.

Seriously, to go to all this effort and then not have direct comparison shots is kind of disappointing. They should also have shots of the mounting mechanism and starting the recording on each device...

I did some recording of my little girl singing for 3 minutes. (church preschool choir). Needless to say, it not easy holding a phone straight in the air without some movement but let me say, my family was completely impressed how it great it looked on a 55 inch HDTV. I was about 15 feet away from the stage.

Anyone knows best ISO option for daytime still photography, mine are coming out blurred at time. Tried using both tap and camera button.

if it´s comming out blured it has nothing to do with ISO. It´s your exposure you should be worried about, which in this case is too long.

The only issue I noticed in this video and with my own testing is that colours sometimes change quite drastically when the lighting changes suddenly. In the video there is a spot where everything becomes green.

You can switch the automatic white balance off, and set the lightning conditions manually. That gives you a "stabile" white balance result, and the colours are not changing all the time, if the light conditions change.

OMG that is unbelievable, I do have a 920 but do not plan on doing any desert/sand dune driving any time in the near future, nice to know though that if I do I can capture some awesome video with my red 920 :DD

not impressed, it is sand, thats the smothes thing you can drive into.  you could clearly see the shaking on the rough parts.