Nokia releases City Lens 1.5 beta for Windows Phone 7

Nokia City Lens

Nokia continues to show its support for Windows Phone 7.x owners and has now announced a new release of City Lens for those who own a Lumia 710, 800 or 900. Version 1.5 is a public beta and will include a number of new technologies and features, including the recently unveiled LiveSight, a technology based on a highly accurate 3D map of the world.

The beauty of this beta is that owners of previous generation hardware actually have early access to the new solution, even before those with a new Lumia 820 or Lumia 920. So what's new in the 1.5 beta?

The current version of City Lens displays all placed nearby, even those around a corner or some distance away. It's a useful service that many of us have come to love when checking out new places of interest. The new Sightline feature enables the owner to switch the view to only show what's in direct line of sight, limiting the congestion of information (this functionality is only available in supported areas).

Nokia City Lens POI

Should you locate a point of interest and wish to view more information, it's now possible to tap on the label to have more details displayed - a further tap reveals complete information of that particularly place. It's functionality like this that makes City Lens easier to use while walking around an unfamiliar location. Freezing the view enables users to not have to hold their Windows Phone out in front of them throughout.

In the new version, users can also pin not only categories to the start screen, but favourite searches as well. Pretty neat, eh? Be sure to head on over to the Nokia Beta Labs to download the latest version of City Lens for your Lumia 800, 900 or 710 windows Phones.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs, via: Nokia Conversations


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Nokia releases City Lens 1.5 beta for Windows Phone 7


Coz may be thwy are working on something better... You city lens lense in the camera lenses... Lol thats too many lenses

I really wish this comes for wp7.X If we can get all the apps available for wp8, I dont think Ill feel so bad about not getting a new phone within just 7 months

Bummer. Would be nice if it was for all WP7 devices. My Trophy gets no love. Even if I upgraded to an 8X I can't lavish in these exclusive apps from Nokia. :'(

That's the reason l only considered HTC and Nokia for my WP8 device. Samsung support ends at installing WP on their Android hardware from last year...

Why do you think that Nokia would or should develop apps for their competition?  Is it just because Nokia's apps are better than the ones put out by HTC and Samsung.  Go yell at Samsung for having their ChatON app only available for Samsung devices on Windows Phone, but also EVERY SINGLE Android device by any manufacturer.  Go yell at HTC for not making their HTC Hub available for all Windows Phone.  While you're at it, tell them to make the flip-to-speakerfphone feature available to all of Windows Phone as that is the best thing that they have to offer, in my opinion.
The idea that Nokia should pay to develop applications and just hand 'em over to OEMs that aren't invested in the platform is ridiculous.  The OS is the same across all of the devices.  If you like what Nokia has to offer, reward that by getting a Nokia.  It seems simple to me.