Deal Alert: Nokia Play 360 only $99.99 for a really limited time

Amazon Lightning Deal

Throughout the day Amazon.com offers Lightning Deals on various products.  The discounted pricing is typically hard to pass up on but the deal is for a limited time and quantity.  Right now the Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker is being offered for $99.99, about $50 off the regular price.

There just about four hours left on the deal and as you can see from the graphic about 10% of the speakers have been claimed.  You find all the details on the lighting sale here at Amazon.com.


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Deal Alert: Nokia Play 360 only $99.99 for a really limited time


Probably on sale because the PlayUp will be out soon... It's replacement with NFC. For those who don't need that option, this is a great price.

The Nokia Play 360 has NFC and it's a superb speaker, rated as being superior to the Jawbone Jamboxx by most reviewers. 

I already ordered the PlayUp, but may get the 360 because it's cheaper. I just can't find a comparison between them.

I highly recommend 360. It doesn't have wireless charging, but build quality is amazing, got NFC and imo it looks better than the new speaker.

This has 20 hours battery life and can pair with a second unit for stereo Bluetooth sound. The new ones are more rugged using a rubberized exterior, have only 10 hours of battery life, no word on stereo pairing. Yes, these are awesome. Sucks that amazon wouldn't let me buy 2.

The 360 may be the way to go. Thanks for the info. The web site shows the PlayUp has different response.

360: 20 - 20,000 Hz
PlayUp: 85 - 22,000

I love you guys! Just got mine from Amazon two days ago...that baby is going back. Have the white, but replacing with black one. You guys saved me $50! Swoon!

worth about $40...Nokia's accessories are horrible overpriced.  and since I found out Zoegour makes most of their stuff, a web search will find you can get most of Nokias high priced stuff for a 1/4 to 1/2 the price.

Mine was delivered Friday, using it now. It's pretty nice, easy to use, and much smaller than I anticipated.