Microsoft branded Windows Phone headed to production?

Microsoft Windows Phone Concept

We've heard rumors on a Microsoft branded Windows Phone for some time now. We've seen concept images and even Nokia CEO Stephen Elop mentioned a Surface Windows Phone would stimulate the ecosystem.

The latest rumor has Foxconn International Holding (FIH), a manufacturer of electronic devices, receiving a handset order from both Microsoft and Amazon. According to the sources of the rumors claim a launch date of mid-2013.  The source notes that both orders will only have a limited shipment volume initially and may become a new business model for the manufacturers in the future

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FIH has declined to comment on the matter. There has been rumblings about Amazon working on a smartphone but could this be an order for the much speculated Surface Windows Phone from Microsoft?  Maybe test units? 

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Source: Digitimes, Concept Surface phone by YrOnimuS; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


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Microsoft branded Windows Phone headed to production?


You should've said "That comment was totally unnecessary" as saying "this comment" refers to your own.
BTW, Hello Like.A.Boss / Don't.Disturb.This.Groove

Shouldn't be, the 8x is still a good phone and from what MS says, a pure WP8 experience. I'm still very happy with my 920.

I just bought an 8X aswell. I'm impatiently waiting for UPS to drop it off any minute now, but a surface would ruin my new phone high a bit :/

Be prepared for tons of people to gawk at your device's color. I feel like I'm making some sort of fashion statement every time I pull out my cyan 920. :)

I wouldn't worry too much.  Microsoft did endorse the 8X; it's a good phone.  Besides, there's bound to be kinks in their first handset.  Assuming you got the 8X on contract, get the Microsoft Phone 2 when you're up for renewel again.
I expect MS Surface and MS branded phone sales to be similar to the original Xbox.  Everyone expected MS to fail miserably, which they did.  But, come Xbox 360 and it's a complete turn around.
I would anticipate similar events for MS Surface and an MS branded phone, considering people seem to already be expecting MS to fail...  sooo.. waiting patiently for Surface 360 and MS Phone 360.  :)

I have tons of people who are interested with the Surface. I don't think Surface will fail, but unfortunately they won't sell as many units as apple. Apple & the Ipad is a fad just like their SpyPhone.

You will probably be off contract if and when a MS phone actually hits the streets. The Surface has turned out to be OK but not awesome and a Windows Phone would probably be the same. The Zune really was very nice but didn't actually hit it's stride until the Zune HD which debuted soon before Zune was discontinued altogether. Enjoy your phone and take care of it, then sell it on eBay if a MS phone comes out anytime soon.

Personally think microsoft should copy google on this one, every year pick a manufacturer and let them do a WP8,9 elite bla. lets call it surface phone

I don't agree with this. I would like Microsoft to build their own phone in-house (not even by Foxconn) to their own specs, even better if they can get to customize the hardware for their needs. Custom made SoC, that if there are real performance and efficiency bennefits for Windows Phone out of it.

apple does make a custom soc for their iPhones.... Samsung may be the ultimate manuf, though that's like saying AMD and NVIDIA don't make GPUs :p

As for the in house manuf... Where is the surface tablet made?

All Foxconn foes is manufacture the phones. Microsoft would have to build factories and hire workers if they wanted to cut out Foxconn. There's no point.

Everyone I know with a 920 haven't had the phantom reboot problem including Daniel R here at wpcentral

I'm with you. I think MS would be able to craft a phone true to the soul of WP. I still love my Nokia but I would love a Surface phone.

Would be all over this. Hopefully if and when this happens, it'll be direct-to-consumer, unlocked, pentaband and contract-free (ala Nexus 4).  Bonus points if it is also subsidized by Microsoft to get it to a sub-$400 level.

I really hope this doesn't turn out to be true.  Nokia and HTC are bringing some very competitive devices to market, MS can't afford to tick them off.

I don't know...I mean if Microsoft does the same thing it's doing with the Surface tablet in restricting the sales channels to only online and Microsoft Stores, it should help appease manufacturers.  Most people still buy their phones through carriers/carrier stores and are used to paying heavily subsidized prices for hardware...so if the Surface phone is contract-free and unsubsidized, it won't by any means push other WP OEMs out of the market.

As of this moment, Windows Phone 8 isn't for everyone. I really enjoyed the 2nd generation Windows Phones, but all the amazing and incredibly good looking Windows Phones are now low-end devices instead of high-end, it's crazy! I really want a Surface phone because I know it'd be a thinner and lighter Windows Phone that feels expensive when holding it, but doesn't force you to sell your house. 

I don't think Microsoft has to worry about ticking off Nokia by cranking out their own phone. They are all in, and they are very cozy with Nokia. And they seem to be rather cozy with HTC, given they have the "signature" phone. If anyone would feel left out, it would maybe be Samsung, but they don't appear to really care much about WP anyway. Are they even selling anything yet?

I said it before.. I will say it again.
Surface phone is my next phone. By mid 2013 wp8 will be stable 100% same as w8..
Im doing the waiting game this time

There's the rumor that Barnes and Noble College  Book Stores will be pimping Windows 8 Surface devices preloaded with Nook at College Book Stores as part of Microsoft's $300 million buy in. An unlocked Surface phone wouls just get added to the book bill :) while students chooae between a Nook Reader (2 choices at a sub $300 price point or a Surface tablet  and 2 choices).,

Keyboard? Wtf? Its called smart phone because it doesn't need Jo damn f*Ng physical keyboard ya hillbilly! Just kidding. But seriously, a physical keyboard will never happen. That is the stupidest idea ever concocted by anyone who understands hardware. Besides, adding a 16 wire bus between the CPU and keyboard means fatter design, more weight, and ultimately a hotter-running device. On top of that, there is the crosstalk from the magnetic fields generated from the wires which causes interference with other hardware. Keyboard? Never. MS knows better than a big mistake like that.

A keyboard would make it heavier than the 920, and we already know that the 920 creates a black holes due to its enormous mass that exceeds anything god had intended... We don't need other black holes....

What if... and believe me this. is. a. hypothetical (lol)... What if it was a combo touch keyboard and cover like Surface?! That would be amazing.

I'll race anyone on my Arrive who thinks that there's no advantage to a physical keyboard. Us business users need to be a bit more verbose and physical keyboards fit the bill nicely. Also, being able to use that real "shift" key for faster and more-precise text selection should not be underestimated. My company touches all of the phones and I've never found anything, including the 920, that can toe-to-toe with the Arrive for text entry.

I can seriously see a Surface Phone with a similar ultra-thin touch cover that is removable and, just like the tablet, can be flipped back. Also would love it to have the snap-out kick stand. So, in other words, the Surface tablet as a phone. Would reinforce the brand and people would "get it".

Remember, everyone thought the iPad was the best thing ever and didn't think they needed a physical keyboard. Then came Surface.

You are so right about the arrive. Ashame sprint didnt get some advertisements and 30 day challenges out there. The arrive is a business mans beast of a smartphone text entry is second to none ("Period"). There is not a problem with the slideout keyboard, never had and issue with the movable parts and have never heard of a keyboard problem. I still have it and my contractg is over, I just cant find a phone that can match its comfort, usablility, and feel. I use it for taking care of business (not entertainment). I got an xbox for my games and have a blu-ray and 1080p tv for my movies. When you need to spend less time on a phone and more time in life the arrive will help you acomplish just that. BTM android has turned into a cluster funk of icons and gadgets that require some navigating time.

I totally agree with you. The only thing that is speaking for the surface phone as far as i am concerned is the design shown (material e.t.c.). If they are able to get Nokia's technology in it, have removable battery and sd card slot then i will sell my 920 immediately without thinking twice.

For some, that is the only bar that needs to be set, especially since Microsoft dictates pretty much everything that oems can do with regards to the OS and some hardware specs.  Now, if Microsoft becomes lenient on hardware and eliminates the minimum mandates, then we can see something interesting things (from all oems) for that matter.
Maybe Microsoft will offer free XBox Live memberships, or free app purchases, to differentiate themselves, similar to how they offered the Office suite for the Surface... regardless, Nokia still scores given all of the mobile IP Microsoft will have to license from them :)

The bar may be high, but give me 32 GB + memory card slot and a swappable battery and make it available and fully compatible with EVERY carrier without any of this exclusivity BS. That would raise the bar higher for me. Plus we already know support would be better than any other phone available.

I'd definitely be interested. I'll have a hard time choosing anything over the 920 though. There's something about that phone that makes me want it the way iPhone people want iPhones.

I definitely see this happening in mid 2013, say sometime in the first 2 weeks of June when a certain other company usually has a big event...

Actually, the late Spring is usually a time when big smartphone releases have rolled out.  It's post CES, and most of the stuff shown there begins hitting the market around mid year, close to the Summer season.

Would love to see a MS built phone that TRULY compliments and integrates with the next gen Xbox coming out 2013 as well.

Finally got my Cyan Lumia 920 last Friday (preordered, waited two full weeks) and I love it. However, if a Microsoft-produced phone is produced and I'm not eligible for an upgrade I will buy one off contract and sell my Lumia 920.

I'd like to see M$ just make the best high-end phone on the market regardless of cost.  The Surface Phone should be THE phone that the enthusiasts spend ridiculous $ on.  Not a mainstream consumer device, but the Rolls Royce (or pick your favorite high-end car) of phones.

I like to differentiate between Microsoft and Mulitple Sclerosis, a disease from which I suffer that goes by the same acronym of "MS" and is far more important in my life.  So, if you don't mind (or if you do I don't really care), I'm going to reserve the right to use the same old tired "M$" thing.

If we were being honest, the Surface, while well designed doesn't do anything really innovative apart from the touch cover. Camera is average, screen res is beaten by cheaper rivals, lacks NFC, GPS, wwan. I don't see a Surface phone being significantly better that what Nokia especially can offer. Judging by the impact of the Surface so far I doubt a Surface phone will have any more impact than the 920 & 8x are having. At best I think it will bring more attention to WP so I guess that will be a plus.

The 8X is the nicest looking WP device on the market IMO butttt Im interested to see what kind of quality MS can put in a device.

What would stop them from doing the same kind of flip cover and kickstand that is on the surface that would be pretty cool. just a thought. I think whatever it is it will be innovative and a step above what we have seen. Id be in for one even though I love my NL 822!

Time will tell but I think it is really stupid move my Microsoft. There is no way it will compare favourably with the Lumia 920 so it will hurt the Surface brand.

I just bought 2 920's. I would buy the Surface Phone out of contract if it has the same high end hardware as my 920.

New hardware is great but it won't matter unless they make Windows phone 8 more of a powerhouse OS. Still have my HTC HD7 and would like to see way more OS improvements and development rather than hardware. Unless a surface phone has something unique in both hardware and software, it might as well be the 920 part 2. Seriously, where is all the crazy alien technology MS research has been working on?

I am curious as to what "hook" it will offer. The 920 has the camera and exclusive apps/tools to hook consumers. HTC is pushing some Beats audio, some fun designs and being the "signature" WP (not to mention it is widely available). What will MS say? "We are offering a nice looking handset!". I am interested, but if they do not offer something unique, why bother?

Good point. Personally, I can only wish, but something like a slightly smaller/thinner 920 with expandable storage, matte finish, and beats audio wouldn't go a miss. :)

^^This.  I just don't see what Microsoft can offer that 'bests' their oems, other than extra/free Microsoft services and possibly a nice looking phone.  Camera and audio-wise, I just don't see an advantage for the 'Surface' phone.

If Microsoft is bringing out a Surface Phone it needs to do one of three things,
Innovate - Bring some new kickass feature that makes it a must have, this is hard to do with phones like the Lumia 920 packing most features apart from a few like microSD card capabilities.
Make it affordable - By doing something similar to the Nexus 4, Microsoft could make a great phone at an irresistible price point, whether they could do this in house is debateable as it's easier to use a prior manufacturer (e.g. LG with the Nexus 4) and piggyback on their economies of scale.
Do what they're doing with the Surface RT - Make it a standpoint of design, shown by the VaporMG casing on the Surface RT, it's a classy thing. This might tick off other manufacturers especially HTC and Samsung, but by limiting the supply to online channels and microsoft stores it gives other WP makers a chance.
(Or alternatively, blow other manufacturers out the water with great distribution and any combination of the above three and make Windows Phone a success off the back of the surface phone, making it more like the iPhone in terms of the single device focus)
I'm interested to hear what other people make of my thoughts!

Microsoft will never release a new hardware product without a new OS version. I believe that they will release a "Surface for Windows Phone" along with the new version of Windows Phone 8.1 code named "Blue". And also a new improved Surface for Windows RT with Windows RT "Blue" and Retina display.

Are you retarded? Do you know what 'retina' means? Stop commenting with useless advertising propaganda unless you know wtf you are talking about.

I won't call you the "R" word, but I'm not sure what you meant.  You ARE aware that Retina is a brand-name for a screen by Apple and Microsoft will never, ever be able to make that happen, right?  You are ALSO aware that just because Apple put that brand name out there doesn't mean that it's the best screen.  The HTC and Nokia top end phones both have better resolution now than "Retina" does, so going there would be a DOWNGRADE. 

Really? Is it really so difficult to understand with saying "Retina" I simply meant a higher res display? I simply used this word to make my comment be shorter. Now this gets really ridicules..

I've seen/heard 'retina' being used outside Apple products(not often tho), so it shouldn't be too difficult to undertand the meaning. The funny thing is, the one who is calling you a retard, himself thinks Surface must have '1920x1080 4.7" clear black screen'. I wont even bother to point out the irony here. LOL :D

I have a better idea. Why dosen't Microsoft buy Nokia and call the Lumia - Surface WP XXX. We all know that will sell !

Surface phone needs this for me to upgrade from L920.

-Quad core snapdragon (1.2-1.5 GHz)
-4 gigs ddr3, or 2gigs ddr4/dl ram
-1920x1080 4.7" clear black screen
-Dual 2x2 mimo antennae
-Solid, single-piece vaporMg
-2400mAh battery
-Slimmer than L900
-...and designed by surface team.

This would make one killer phone capable of killing most laptops, some desktops, all phones and tablets. The likes of surface phone shan't be boggled with.

If MS makes this, it will be the absolute death of Apples iFaggot phones, Google's laggy, unsupported, malware infested, virused, broken-andriod, and the rest of the sea full of bad battery-life, cheap hardware, mass-produced trash.

What? The same kernel? LOL
It isn't even 64bit nor x86 architecture. The Windows Phone 8 kernel may share the most code with Windows RT kernel because both are running on ARM based hardware. But the WinRT and Windows Phone Runtime are very different as well.

There's aren't any apps and there isn't an OS? I'm not sure what you are talking about. If you mean that your precious Instagram isn't available, you shouldn't have to wait long. Other than that, this comment makes no sense.

No. Thats not what I mean. Unless YOU feel wp8 and apps written to it, feel laggy and unsuffient with dual-core and 1gb ram, there's no point in quad-core + 4gb. If apps are written to run smootly on current HW, you gain little or nothing in experience with quad-core and 4gb ram. Probably nothing. Do you really feel wp8/apps need the quad-core and 4gb ram?

I got converted to WP last Dec 2011 at version 7.5 when it was still running on one-core. But WP still needs to run on 4 and 8 cores to silence the critics. The OS does not need it, you don't hanker for it, I don't hanker for it but it is unfortunately required by the Windows Phone as a whole to impress critics and to steal mind share from both iOS and Android. But I suspect that as we speak, the WP8 team is already working to optimize the OS to run on quad-core. I also have a gut feel that the first OEM to put out a WP8 device to run on a 4.7" quad-core will be HTC.
As for the "Surface Phone", I'm all for it. MS needs to put out their own phone as a hedge for the future, where the possibility of their OEMs abandoning them is great. LG has already abandoned WP. Samsung is showing strong indications that they're lukewarm to it. And who knows what will happen to Nokia and HTC next year. So Microsoft's own branded phone is a necessity.

That  4/8-core, 4/8gb ram whatever only appeals to some retarded teenage kids who don't understand anything about tech. Or anything else for that matter. Android needs those specs, since its laggy and constantly evolving(and fragmenting). I doubt there will be any hardware upgrades to 2gb ram or to quad-core for wp8 devices, since as far as I understood there isn't true multi-tasking in wp8(only quick resume), and any app written to require 2gb/quad-core will fragment the ecosystem even more. To fragment the ecosystem after 6 months would be just plain stupid. Maybe when wp9 comes out, or maybe to wp8.x from 1year+ from now..

Why are you here? From your comments you don't like WP, in which case you probably stick to what you like. This is from a respect perspective, not being rude but the people in this forum are here because we support WP. If you don't, this isn't the place for you

To your list, add the next gen Pureview with OIS; Nokia Drive, City Lens and a plethora of other exclusive apps; legendary Nokia durabllity, style and service; Nokia's colour options and viola we have the Lumia 950. Which is what any Surface phone would have to compete with and won't stand a chance.

Why would MS want to drive Samsung and HTC away from WP? Windows Phones sales being 2-5% compared to Android for them, I don't see why Samsung/HTC would put any research or effort in their WP phones after MS brings Surface phone. Even Nokia might consider switching to Android if MS comes in strongly with their Surface phone.

MS, Samsung, and the rest of the OEM's know that android is about to get crushed by WP. Apple is already declining 12%/year. Android is only growing because People simply are staring to hate apple. Where else would they go? WP didn't really be known until L900 in April. People waited to switch until wp8. Now that it is out, Ms wp8 sales increased ~%300 in a month. You just wait.

You don't see Samsung bringing any R&D to WP right now do you? You announce the Ativ S months ago then don't release it....what does that tell you about Samsung & WP? As for HTC, their already loosing millions on their Android devices; How long can they lose on both Android and WP??? MS is simply planning on them and Nokia potentially going it alone, because HTC is sinking fast. I like the 8s/x, but the fact is that HTC is bleeding fast in the cell arena and MS isn't going to pay to keep them afloat while their primary focus is Android.

No, I don't see Samsung bringing any R&D to WP right now. Why would they? Nokia is the only oem bringing new innovations to WP because they are all-in in WP8. Basically what Samsing did is, they stripped S3 from HW and ported WP8 to the device. Ativ is just a lesser version of S3 both hw and especially app support wise. I don't know what it tells me that Ativ hasn't been released. Maybe lack of interest for WP from Samsung? MS bringing its own Surface phone certainly doesn't help Samsung to gain more interest in WP. And as for HTC losing money on Android.. gross margin in Q2(27%) Q3(25%) and net margin Q2(7%), Q3(5%). HTC is making tons of money and is anything but sinking. Nokia is the one losing tons of money. I dont know where you get your facts. Maybe you can give me a link. What I am saying is that MS bringing their own 'superior' WP8 device so soon would hurt the WP8 platform as whole, since it would drive away other OEMS to Android or some other new platform. The headline says "MS branded WP headed to production?". There is a difference between planning or having a back up plan, and driving other oems away. 2-5% market share at the moment doesn't leave much room for competition, and MS bringing their own device would essentially destroy the WP8 platform.

As much as I love WP and want it to be on top, I still don't see it happening just yet. Apple is still very strong, and growing stronger, in the U.S. Although I'm seeing it begin to loose mind-share to Samsung elsewhere. But Android is still growing stronger by the day simply because of Samsung. As to W8 and WP8, I'm also seeing more and more people become aware of it because of TV ads, and the growing hype on the Surface and the Lumia 920, and to a lesser extent the 8X. I'm even beginning to suspect Samsung purposely postponed availability of the Ative S to diminish the WP8 hype so as to protect their enviable position as top dog of Android. But I hope I'm wrong and you're right. 

Well, Nokia has lots of experience making telecommunication devices :)

Surface phone or Lumia, Nokia will still get your dollars :)

Get the 920. I'm all for MS coming out with the "Surface Phone" but it will probably be almost a year yet before it comes out.

If they "bring it" and do something that hasn't been done, then great.  If not, then they should support their OEM partners more.  Personally, I don't think they should position themselves as blaming bad hardware from OEMs as the problem and should refocus INTERNALLY on the OS and the ECOSYSTEM.  For all of the talk about 3rd parties, it is the in-house, "1st parties" that are dropping the ball.  No Photosynth at WP8 launch, which is as bad as the many months of no Photosynth on WP7 while iOS and Android users were loving it.  The Skype apps are behind in features that we are not promised will come with the "Gold" release.  I can't even send pics in IM with Skype...ON WINDOWS PHONE, but iOS got a new update today.  They need to fix XBox Music and let us use Zune software until they fix it.  Those are big things, but what about the little things like letting me attach a document to an email FROM the email.  Currently you can only attach pictures. To attach other files, you have to go to the file an initiate a share.  I had someone ask me for a PDF in an email and when I hit Reply, I wasn't able to attach it.  I had to get out of mail, navigate to the PDF, click share, choose the email account and start a new email.  Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company and I think they need to make sure that they have the SOFTWARE handled before they start dabbling in hardware as if the OEMs aren't doing their part.

I agree completely...Windows 8 is much better than IOS and android overall, but it lacks so many things that could be there to make is immensely better!  I can't wait to see the mess that might be a surface phone.

I agree that MS needs to focus on improving the WP OS and the ecosystem but who says they're not doing that already. They are coming out with an OTA next month to address the bugs in WP8. They have already rolled out updates to W8. There is already talk of WP8.5 next year. As much as we want them to move faster, these things take time because everything has to be tested with their OEMs and the Carriers.
BUT I DISAGREE COMPLETELY about MS not working on the "Surface Phone" at this time. They need to put out this phone as a hedge for the possibility of their OEMs abandoning them in the future. Already LG has jumped ship and Samsung is dragging its feet putting out the Ative S. No one knows what will happen to Nokia and HTC tomorrow. So MS needs to put out their own phone in 2013!

Just bought 3 Lumia 920's and one HTC 8x for me and the family. I would definitely buy a Surface Phone for myself. I'm really liking my 920, but after holding the surface tablet, I can only imagine how nice it would be. I don't think it would be a problem with the OEM's if it was sold through MS stores only.

The 920 is amazing and the Nokia mapping and Navigation apps are awesome.  I am looking forward to a Microsoft phone just about as much as a Facebook or Amazon phone.  All three of these companies should stick with what they do and try to do it better rather than get into a crowded phone market.
In the case of MIcrosoft, if they would focus on making the best Windows ecosystem to beat the likes of Apple and Google, then everything would come full circle.  If the Windows App store generated anywhere near the $2 billion a quarter Itunes does, then everyone would be better off in the WIndows ecosystem.  And a better ecosystem starts with the operating system.  Windows 8 is good, but I personally see a whole lot more that can be done with truley making tiles live and offering even more customization.  I hope they are working on advancement in the OS and not another piece of hardware.

I agree that MS needs to focus on improving the WP OS and the ecosystem but who says they're not doing that already. They are coming out with an OTA next month to address the bugs in WP8. They have already rolled out updates to W8. There is already talk of WP8.5 next year. As much as we want them to move faster, these things take time because everything has to be tested with their OEMs and the Carriers.

BUT I DISAGREE COMPLETELY about MS not working on the "Surface Phone" at this time. They need to put out this phone as a hedge for the possibility of their OEMs abandoning them in the future. Already LG has jumped ship and Samsung is dragging its feet putting out the Ative S. No one knows what will happen to Nokia and HTC tomorrow. So MS needs to put out their own phone in 2013!

I hope it takes some inspiration from the Zune and the Lumia 920. That would be a beautiful amazing phone!

I hope they do the same thing they did with the Zune HD by putting in revolutionary hardware, the Zune HD had the Tegra processor and was one of the first mobile devices capable of HD video and had an OLED screen

If your a Microsoft stock holder, I am pretty sure you hope they do nothing like the Zune.  Maybe it was great, but I don't know many friends and family who ever heard of one.  Honestly, I have never seen one either, but I know it was a big waste of time and money for Microsoft.
If anything, you hope they do somehting more like the Xbox, but then gaming is far different than a mini portable telephone.

Just because you never heard of the Zune doen't mean it was not a great hardware.  It just mean MS didn't do very well marketing it. But who can say that the experience they gained from the Zune didn't help them with their work on the Xbox, and the Surface!

Microsoft's marketing efforts were terrible during those years. I have the original 30g and the 64g hd version. I chose it because it had better features and a better price point than the iPod. Again, marketing was very poor for the Zune HD

Stockholders are dumb, they only care about numbers not quality products. You prove the point, by sticking to your story based solely on the blinders you wear. Get one, or at least find someone who actually does, then anyone will care what you have to say. I still have mine...still love it so much. Can I marry a gadget? =P

I dunno man, I have had my 920 for just under a week. It is my first Nokia ever and it is pretty awsome. The phone is about 5% too big for my taste, but the screen is good (it could use wider viewing angles), the camera is solid and it is the first phone I have ever used where the touch screen just feels right. Other than make the phone thinner, I am not sure what MS could do to make it better.
Nokia's apps are the fist added value apps that actually add value. GPS navigation is the reason why I bought this phone over the 8X. City Lens is actually really awsome, and I like just walking around town using it just to see stuff I never would have seen otherwise, Nokia Music is growning on my, though I will switch to Pandora when that becomes available. I just wish they would throw the full version of Viber back in the store.

While a tablet is comparitively easy to get right, I don't think a phone is.

If Microsoft made some of the mistakes that Apple have they would just not get forgiven, the maps fiasco, easily scratched phone, the antenna problems etc they would be roasted (lacking Apples formally teflon reputation). They also lack HTC and Nokia's prowess at putting a phone together (HTC have improved a lot themselves since the OneX was released), for that reason it makes a lot more sense for them to go the route that Google took and contract it to a current manufacturer.

For me the ideal company would be HTC since Nokia look to be dominant already, but the ideal phone they could produce would be a repackaged 920 without the Pureview camera and drop whatever it takes down to produce a cheaper mid range offering.

I do want to see a physical keyboard on a surface, all they would need to do would be to integrate it into the case just like with the surface tablet and I think it would stand out (and also be optional). A lot of people would go for a 4.5" or so smartphone with a keyboard that size in the business market.

They keyboard could even then be sold as an extra accessory/case for the current phones.

Dude, they aren't forgiven even now...how many people are constantly demanding their head for every little thing? At least they are not HP... =[

Just take extra care of your current WP8 device.. and then sell it online once and if the Micorsoft phone comes out.. you should get at least 300 for your 920 if its in great condition.. and the difference is all that'll keep you from getting it. most likely that'll only be $200-$300..... start saving! lol

If any of this rumor is true and MS does produce a phone, it won't be for the consumer market. Its headed straight to business and its going to be pricey.  If successful, THEN they will consider a consumer model.

The 920 is a great phone. So is the 8X. But I still believe MS should come out with their own-branded phone because it is a hedge for whatever could happen in the future. LG already left them and Samsung is big now could do the same thing. Both Nokia and HTC could either colapse or become big again and also leave. But if MS have their own "Surface Phone", they could churn them out together with the Surface tablet and continue to have a presence in mobile.

If Nokia makes it big with Windows Phone, they aren't leaving any time soon. They have all of their eggs in this basket. It's do or die. Plus, there is no way they are going to get big enough off of one phone cycle to decide to just bail on MS anyway. At absolute best, I would say 2-3 years.

talk about all in, free wireless charger, free monster headphones, omg so much stuff.  Plus carriers are pratically giving away the lumia 920 at 50 bucks.  Such a great time to buy a windows 8 phone.

I would love to a surface phone from ms. I love my red 920 I left Verizon for this phone it cost me 200 to term 2 months early but worth it.

I would have just slapped it on a dumb phone plan and paid the last two months. Surely that would have been much cheaper than this...

So long as we get updates being pushed to all Windows 8 phones at the same time, I am fine with it. If we start seeing the ridiculous fragmentation of Android, I will regret my current purchase (and promtply jump to the MS versions).

I love my Nokia, but a phone that equals the quality of the surface can have my money anyday.

I'd LOVE a MS phone!!! LOVE! 
I'm already on my 2nd 920 and looks like I'll be heading to a 3rd. (store won't let me update on my second new one)