VLC starts up Kickstarter for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 development funding

VLC Windows 8

The popular media player VLC is setting its sights on Windows 8 and beyond. The developers are calling for donations to be sent forward to fund further development into hiring third-party aid. This will help create a top quality experience on Microsoft's latest platforms. At the time of writing the project has a backing of £4,532 pledged so far with 252 donators.

With 29 days to go, it's time to empty the pockets and support the team in bringing across the player's functionality to Windows 8 with an aesthetically pleasing interface. But that's not all. As the title suggests, the team is also looking at Windows Phone 8 (as mentioned in the video), which is a huge bonus for owners of new hardware from Nokia and HTC.

Snippet from the project page on Kickstarter:

"This new port will be natively integrated within the new User Experience and will also support ARM-based tablets in a subsequent release In contrast to the built-in media player, VLC for Windows 8 we intend to add support for DVDs and VCDs out-of-the box as well as unencrypted Blu-Rays. All the features known from our current releases will be retained like a full fledged equalizer, video filters and superior support for subtitles."

There are a number of VLC solutions for Windows Phone (with streaming and other functionality), but it's always better for consumers to have official support on the Store. A concept has already been drafted and the team is confident the app will be able to take full advantage of the Windows Store and with the backing of followers and fans, they hope for a speedy arrival. No word on Windows Phone progress, however.

You can add your donations on its Kickstarter page.


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VLC starts up Kickstarter for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 development funding


THIS I can got on board with. VLC has been amazing on any OS I ever ran it on. Donating now!
(P.S. We want video scrubbing not crappy 15-30 skips by pushing forward!)

I'm one of the devs who's working on this project.  This Kickstarter is for Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows 8.  Once we get the core VLC libs working with WinRT it will work on WP8 as well.  Unless I'm overlooking something, the WP8 release should basically happen at the same time as the RT release.  A beta for WP8 may even be availible sooner than the WinRT version because the store is more mature for WP8.
Your raise a great point with scrubbing.  It's something I've been disapointed with in WP7/8.  I actually listen to a lot of DJ sets which can be 2 hours plus.  To me the holding a button approach to scrubbing isn't really accurate enough.  Getting it right on a phone sized screen might be a bit of a challenge, but personally I think it's worth the effort.
For the desktop scrubbing will likely be exactly like (or extrememly close) to the Xbox Video app in the finished version. 

MPC via K-Light codec should be just fine on Surface pro... No need for VLC, though ARM support for the RT would be cool

Straight up MPC-HC is more than enough. No need for codec packs :) I don't use other players anyway, so no reason for codec installations for me

"we intend to add support for DVDs" - this is pretty crucial considering W8 drops out of the box DVD support.  Look forward to the release.

Well, x86 computers running Windows 8 can run the regular VLC just fine.
Chances are, if you have a DVD drive, you're either using a laptop or a desktop. Both of these will almost always have an x86 processor. Although, this would be great for plugging in a USB DVD drive to a tablet if you really wanted to.

Awesome indeed! Will definitely send a donation for it. MKV on Surface (RT and Pro) and the phone would be awesome! They mention some of the challenges on the post, but I think it still worth it, so I will support it. :-)

Yeah It would be nice to have mkv support on the phone, but if you just drop it in the video folder doesn't it automatically want to convert it to mp4.. ? -_-

I have VLC for w8 pro and it works great, I have always used VLC on most of my PCs. Works great and I love the support of almost all video types and the 200% volume option on a laptop is great because most laptop speakers are crap

dont really understand why they are asking for money, that has never been an issue on other platforms they ported it to.

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They say it in the video.. For Win8 they want to take full advantage of the metro UI but they are just some programmers no designers. They want VLC for Win8 to be beautiful

This is what I've been waiting for!!! This would make the rt even more awesome and of course WP8. Donating (in winning voice) LOL

Donated, primarily because they have never been good at interface design and this is what they're asking for (and I should say, need for Windows 8).
As others have said you won't need VLC on Windows 8 Pro machines as the K-Lite codec pack works just fine, but for the Surface RT and other ARM devices, this app would be utterly essential

this is what i need to know before i donate. there are other "vlc" apps on the store right now but they only support streaming or wifi. will this be like the desktop app where you can play your media files from the phone itself? this kind of app is missing from the store big time. will it support mkv also? i need to know these answers before i can donate.

If you donate one of your nuts, it will flash every 1000th frame. One of the developers apparently has testicular cancer, so this would be very much appreciated.

Have been using VLC on and off over the years so decided to donat, Hope we get 5 star product. Just hope there are enought people out there to give them some support.

Why would ARM support come in a subsequent release? I see no urgency in getting VLC to x86 tablets, there are decent alternative methods to having the Metro app, but on Windows RT there really is no alternative

Read their proposal on Kickstarter. They roughly explain the additional work that needs to be done to bring it to ARM processors.

Unfortunately their focus is only Tablets and not phones. See this response:
One of the goals of this endeavor will be to port an existing toolchain to add support for Windows on ARM devices. This toolchain could also be used and would be an absolute requirement for Windows Phone development. However, we don't have detailed plans at this point, while considering Windows Phone to be an interesting platform.

Did you read their site? They reason why they are asking is to not have people work on it in their spare time and have it take forever like their Android version did. I'd they get funding they will dedicate two guys to get it out faster for W8 and WP8.

well it isn't coming for WP8, and they said an ARM version is coming in an subsequent release so until that materializes for sure onthe Surface I'm holding back.

In the aticle yesterday they mentioned mobile devices as well so I assumed they meant porting to wp8.  Oh well still getting it to RT is the main thing I care about being a Surface owner. 

For all those that are complaining about donations.. Ask yourself this.. "Do I like working for free?".. I bet most of you wouldn't go to work if you didn't get some compensation..Right? I don't think what they are asking for is outrageous at all. Its a donation for all the time and work it takes. I think this is very reasonable. They could just have made VLC for tablets and put a price on it would that be better?

Thank you. People want everything for free even when its a great product. Thing is a lot won't even donate and still probably end up getting it for free.

VLC Media Player is a fantastic program that I have used without cost for a long time. I will use this Kickstarter as a way to give them something for their value, while speeding up progress on what will be another excellent product in the W8 app.

I guess there's a lot about Windows 8 that I don't know yet 'cause I figured you could just run the program in Compatibility Mode if it doesn't work.