Official PayPal app gets updated for Windows Phone 8

In a small update for Windows Phone, the official PayPal app has been updated to version 2.2 and making it Windows Phone 8 compatible.

All that really means is it has been run through the new SDK with the code tweaked up a bit. In this case, we’ve noticed two new changes including the addition of a doublewide Tile for your frequent PayPal’ers and fast-resume, allowing you to tap that Tile without having to re-launch the app...

Those are small things but they can make a big usability difference for everyday users. In addition, the extra little performance boost is always welcomed. Notice any other changes? Give us a holla in comments.

Pick up the official PayPal app for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, Atif A., for the tip

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Reader comments

Official PayPal app gets updated for Windows Phone 8


dear god, has anyoone actually used the update?  It combined the skeumorphic aspects of iOS (fabric texture for background, stitching!!!! between panorama title and content) with Metro-style panorama control.  Very smooth but my eyes are bleeding.

Yes, I have the same problem (every 8x user has that of course). Some apps are already updated for WP8 and the new screen resolution and some games too (angry birds space and starwars are the only 2 I own that are in the 16:9 ratio). But I have too many apps and games which are not using the full screen size, and I think that's a missed change. But I hope they are all developing there apps and games for WP8 so every app make's use of the screen size and resolution, and also other WP8 functions like the notification icons in the lock screen. I really want to see wordfeud and whatsapp get that lockscreen feature, and also the wpcentral app can use that too ;)

Nice looking ap - hopefully others will look at this aps design as a model.. looks clean and a nice blend of ios and wp8..

The update was never push to my phone(lumia 920).
I had to delete my app, the. Download it again which it is now 2.2, I had 1.1 before.
Something wrong with my automatic updates?

It wasn't pushed to my phone either.  And now it doesn't log me in.  Guess I'll delete and retry.

I downloaded 2.2, and now the PayPal app crashes every time I try to open it.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't help.

Same here, running WP8 on my Nokia Lumia 920. As soon as I signin, the app will close and send me back to the app tray. The version before the update worked perfectly fine. Why "fix" what isn't broken only to break it and make it unusable? Thanks for the trolling PayPal.