Rogers set to get Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow too?

Rogers has earned themselves some angst from potential customers who want to pick up the new Nokia Lumia 920.  Between making unofficial/official announcements of selling the device (even boldly proclaiming to be the “first” like a child on the internet), they so far have failed to deliver. Stock is barely existent and when it can be found, customers get one choice of color: matte black. That’s especially bad since we all know the 920 comes in many more options.

Peeking at Nokia’s servers though through the Navifirm software tells another story: Rogers may be getting yellow too. It’s common practice for Nokia to have slightly different firmware for various colors, even though at their core they are the same package.  For instance, the AT&T version of the firmware (1242.1001) has all five colors listed correctly and it would seem to be the same for Rogers (1242.1002).

The next obvious question though is when?

Seeing as Rogers has yet to announce anything we’re betting the hold up here is Nokia who seem to have some trouble getting those much-coveted yellow versions to customers. Those on AT&T know this as many have yet to receive their early pre-orders of the color, though we are now getting word that some are actually starting to ship. That means supply is very tight and most likely will be until Nokia can appropriately ramp up production in the coming weeks.

When that happens, we bet we’ll see Rogers announce this as an option.

Source: Nokia (Navifirm); via Nokia Poweruser; Thanks, a2k, for the tip


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Rogers set to get Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow too?


I cannot believe they would only add one new color and it is yellow.  This is seriously messed.  Still no real selection.

I agree, if they are going to add only one more colour, yellow is the wrong choice.  Yellow is probably the least popular of the colour options of the 920.  They should have chosen white.

I was thinking the same thing. I have nothing against the Yellow though. I was actually hoping I would have had a chance to see all colours and decide because I was never really sure which colour I wanted. Leaning towards Red and Yellow. But Black is being forced upon me and I already ordered it and waiting. Now I'm torn on this news.

They can create an exclusive matte finished red just for rogers like the cyan for at&t, now that would be EPIC

totally agree. I think girls might want the yellow, but I want the white or the silver. Seriously Rogers, do you have a brain?

Glad Rogers is getting it in more than Black.  I'd go bumblebee yellow over straight out black on this one.

Seriously though, we've been trying to pick up a Lumia 920 in Winnipeg so we have for our developer to use here on testing out the site (and for me to play with too of course), and trying to buy one has been a MESS.

That first day when a few showed up in stores, there were three in Winnipeg. I went to the store to buy one, two were sold, and they wouldn't sell me the one they had as they said some guy was coming back tomorrow to pick it up who tried to buy it earlier that day but had some issues with his account. Color me mad. I tried to bribe them to sell it to me for an extra $100 but they wouldn't. They said they should be getting back more "tomorrow"... we called every day for a week, never more phones. The store said to call in and try to order. We phoned in and people didn't even know what it was, then they said to call the stores. Been running in circles trying to buy a Lumia 920 from Rogers. 

Hope they get their act together on it... if people want to buy it, they *need* to be able to sell it, or at least have everybody on the same page as to what's going on. Get the sense the internal communication on it has been non-existent.  /rant.

I called and ordered. No problem. Just waiting now. It could be tomorrow or early next week. 3-5 business days. Call the number on the site in the order section tel:18773316142

Seriously? This angers me since I ended up caving in and ordering a black one for a family member. What was so bad about communicating this to your customers? It is not like they'll be getting the black ones any faster. This launch by Rogers has been nothing short of a nightmare. If I'm sticking with them for the next 3 years, the least I expect is a little bit of respect.
They're nuts, seriously.

You are spot on. Couldn't have said it better. I hate how Rogers has kept everything so quiet and secretive for 920.

My yellow phone from ATT finally shipped yesterday. Just an hour before I got the shipping email I received an email saying that my items are back ordered and if they don't ship within 30 days it's cancelled. So needless to say I was very relieved to see it shipped.

I'm fine with black, i just bought it and it looks great, if i want another colour i'll just buy one of those thin hard shells off ebay for $2... 

I'm fine with black too (as I type this from my black920) but I would have expected red one being that's Rogers colour

Yellow? Seriously? Why oh why Rogers has NOT offered a red one is beyond me. Red is hot, and the frickin Rogers logo itself is red! It's a no-brainer.

I managed to snag the last two at Fairview mall last night. While I was calling the call center to authorize my gf for a family plan the guy was telling me how great his SG3 was :S

Picked up the black yesterday. I think it's the right colour for me as I really prefer the matte vs the glossy. I am pretty annoyed that there is clear evidence another colour is coming and they couldn't announce that.

This is the best news I've had all month. I was livid when I heard they weren't getting any other color options, most of all yellow. I've been searching night and day to find a black one in my area with no luck so perhaps it was fate. Cancelled my reservation online as soon as I read this news. I'm holding off for yellow :)

I'm wondering if I should do the same. I just wonder if the Yellow will have the same AWS frequencies built in and will it be unlocked or not.

That's a good move,more colours means you stand out from the rest of the crowd. I still want a red one though.

Got mine unlocked today by Rogers and have it on Koodo. Screen is not as black as my 900 was and tethering is not working.

I have a 920 from Microsoft Build on Telus, and Internet Sharing is working fine (assuming that's what you mean by tethering). I realize it's a different network, but at least you know it works in general.

As a cyan user lumia 900 im getting the yellow gloss that's how you know it's wp8..shame on you if you put a cover on ur lumia!!!

F*ck yeah!! Yellow all the way. Already bought the cases on eBay. Too paranoid of accidental drops. Dropped my cyan L900 once.. Minimal damage but scarred me mentally for weeks.

I had a very bad experience with Rogers, had a Nokia X7, which I could never upgrade to Symbian Bell, according to this company would not be upgrade. I'll never trust in this company...

That's great to hear. I'm pretty sure yellow is my favorite Lumia colour anyway although red would be more logical for a Rogers phone. It's like Orange not offering an orange phone when it's one of the options.

I wanted Jessica Alba red, not Kesha yellow. But I just might cave in for the first non-black 920 that becomes available.

This service isn't available in Canada?
Seriously, this country needs to get its act together with media rights.  We suffer from crippled services all over the board.  No Pandora (or anything similar), Netflix has only a fraction of titles compared to US Netflix, no Hulu, etc.

I just stopped by a Rogers store and they had no yellow but black. However, how can try expect to market this phone when the model they have on display isn't even on or able to e turned on. It's just a dummy model. Turn them on Rogers!!!!

Just went to see if any were around at Rogers outlets in Calgary and they appear to be selling quick as I can't find one. Mind you they seem to be getting in 4 at a time. Black only so far.

I also bought the black handset very reluctantly.  I do have two lines though, so when the colour versions do finally reach us (RED PLEASE), I will upgrade my 2nd line and give my mom the black one.

That sucks. My rogers contract ends in december and i get a free upgrade.. I wanted the lumia 920 in red ! Not settling for a black or yellow one.. Might end up getting the htx 8x in blue :( rogers...you suck and are blind,which is why you are going bankrupt :S

Anyone here have any more news about when Rogers will be getting it in Yellow? Luckily it's the colour I wanted all along so it works out for me.