HTC 8S not headed to the U.S.?

HTC 8S Windows Phone not headed to the U.S. Market?

While the HTC 8S Windows Phone recently passed through the FCC with support for both AT&T and T-Mobile bands, word from HTC is that the 8S won't be heading to the U.S. Market any time soon.

HTC puts it all in a brief statement.

"The Windows Phone 8X by HTC is our signature Windows Phone available at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in the U.S. With our focus on the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the Windows Phone 8S is not currently planned for distribution in the U.S. market."

While the 8S wasn't expected to set the world on fire, it was expected to be an entry level Windows Phone option for those not wanting to invest as much as they would with the HTC 8X. All may not be lost though. We may still see the 8S pop up as an unlocked option through retailers such as Expansys. Plus, "not currently planned" doesn't really slam the door closed on the 8S.

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HTC 8S Windows Phone not headed to the U.S. Market?


I think they should've released this phone on carriers like Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and other pre-paid carriers .. grabs more attention. Specially from teenagers.

It's not meant to compete, the 8S is a $300 phone, while the 8X and 820 are $600.
The 8S would be a worldwide hit like 610 if HTC played their cards right.

MetroPCS allows Android phones only, but Simplemobile works with WP and everything is unlimited for $40 flat

Need more 4" screen phones in US. At least T-Mobile has cheaper plans if you bring your own phone so buying an unlocked 8s and using T-mobiles wouldn't cost anymore over the 2 year contract period then getting a subsidized phone with a more expensive contract will.

No sense to use T-Mobile since SimpleMobile is using their towers and there's no contract with SimpleMobile.

You don't need to have a contract with T-Mo. Or, if you want a less expensive plan AND like subsidized phone pricing, TMo's Value Plans let you spread the cost of a phone over 20 months, no interest. (Given that, why didn't I grab an 8X or 810 over the holiday? Not the phone I'm looking for...)

You can't beat SimpleMobile's plan $40 everything unlimited...I'll wait for unlocked 920 and stay with SimpleMobile.

You are wrong.....and you can't deny that SimleMobile beats T-Mo with the $40 flat rate all unlimited with the same service T-Mo provides.
Stop trolling ¿ LOL

You just haven't been caught yet, I would rather not have to worry about that and for me that's worth the extra $15/month that I pay on the equivalent T-mobile value plan which allows streaming.

On my Tmo value plan the first 2 lines are 99. My other 3 are 40 each unlimited text, talk 2GB of 4G for each line. I then get throttled to 3G.

Does anyone else cringe when they read an announcement from HTC that uses the 8X's "official" name? "The Windows Phone 8X by HTC". They make it sound like a perfume or clothing line.

Don't think he is being particularly sexist there as men also shop for clothes and fragrances. :) I think he means that they make it sound kind of snobbish. Like saying "the Calvin Klein Euphoria Cologne" instead of just "Euphoria by CK".

Perfume and cologne have the same function but you usually only see perfume advertised on tv. The closest equivalent for men would be axe bodyspray. He was just pulling the first thing that popped into his head, i.e. The thing he sees most. It's not that serious.

Thanks ladydias I was trying to point out it sounds silly and kind of pompous. Not sure where sexist accusations came from.

While I kinda like the 8X official name, I feel weird reading about the "Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy". Probably cause I've never heard of the "fatboy" brand before, and don't know if that's denim or perfume or whatever.

It's not 4G.
No carrier wants to pick up a 3G phone anymore, other than T-Mobile - and they already have a budget Windows Phone.

I don't get why you people are complaining. You get more phones in America then we get in Europe

maybe that means it'll become available sooner elsewhere? Oh wait. It's already december and NOBODY KNOWS when this phone will arrive anywhere. Good job htc.
what a clusterfuck of a launch

As a few others have said, I think this is a mistake on their part. They should release it unlocked on Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, Virgin, etc. It's a great option for those looking for prepaid, affordable options.
Additionally, I know several people who have suggested that they still want "smaller" displays, and this fits that bill nicely.

I think you're right. Spec wise the 8X is only so-so. No GYROSCOPE.
The Zenith (titan size) is out there. It is truly a high end. I think it will be coming real soon. I'm set on the Samsung 4.8 screen but if the 4.6 HTC comes sooner I might cave in and get it.

My 8X HSPA+ has a Gyro... Try Clinometer on a 8X... Works on mine. Not sure who released that 'no gyro' rumor. Look at my Avatar...

Let Straight Talk/NET10 offer the phone unlocked and you will see WIndows Phone adoption soar through the roof.

Straight talk/NET10 subscribers are lower than T-mobile and even Virgin mobile so I don't see where you got that from especially since you can use any phone on those networks already.

Look, in the US the 8X with only 8Gb is the basic phone. HTC would be wise to release 32 and 64 Gb variants of the 8X. Many want more storage, pls give this option to all clients!

All I'm seeing here is HTC dropping the ball. How can they claim this when during the lifespan of windows phone they put out a at least two different phone with each volley and now they're just keeping it to one for all US carriers. This phone would be very popular with teen markets purely due to the flashy two tone color scheme. We all know how children love to color coordinate. That
domino color scheme would be a runaway hit in my humble opinion and frankly is they 8x has a similar style it would be even more attractive.

Oddly enough, very little/no rage displayed here at its exclusion when compared to the Lumia 920 exclusivity with AT&T and other carriers/operators in other countries (which is understandable).

In regards to the latter, I don't find it that big of a deal if it came out in that state here in Malaysia as I can just buy it unlocked from outside retailers and use the SIM card of my preferred operator if they didn't offer it on contract (since I don't like buying phones on contract). But I digress.

HTC is smart for once, and I applaud them. Release ONE phone in the US, on almost every carrier, and market it to the masses. That's what has helped the galaxy s III reign supreme, no confusion, no multiple devices kinda looking the same, you walk Into your carrier and say I want the Galaxy....and now, they can walk in and say I want the WP 8x!!

Interesting debate here. I would have liked to have had a chance to try this out as I need to buy a WP8 outright. A cheap option is always nice. But, it is very low and for the basic US smart phone market. I do see the need for a pre paid option, and I agree that the 8S would have been a nice competitor in that market.