Windows Phone Central 152

It's been a few weeks since our last podcast so we're back to catch up on Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8, some marketplace woes and missing Xbox games.

Tune in as Jay Bennett, Rafael Rivera and Daniel Rubino discuss the latest news for Windows Phone...

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 152 for 30 November, 2012

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Windows Phone Central 152


I'm not seeing it either location. In browser it says to stream on the app, but that's just a link to the store.

Daniel already answered... In the App swipe right from the main screen - you'll see a wall of tiles, one is Podcast. Use that :P

Images, Video, Download App, Show in Browser, View Links, Save to Offline..., Share

Those are my only available choices in app.

You're in the article menu - go back out to the main menu in the app under browse and you'll see podcast. Have to have the full version though...

Great viewing with a splash of comedy here and their lol but what I want to know is on the Windows Phone 7.8 is their going to be screen capture? It wasn't brought up in the chat.

Re: comment by Jay about a phone with VaporMg casing.  Wasn't one of the reasons 3G/4G wasn't built-in to the Surface due to reception of that body with those radios?  I suppose they could find a solution to mitigate that, but maybe that would be a big challenge to going that route.  I guess we'll see if MS is making an in-house WP8 device if they go that route.

Close. They didn't use 3G/4G because of a survey that showed most people never used it on tablets. But, they didn't include NFC beause of the VaporMag casing and reception issues...

Great podcast guys. Glad to hear you describe the exact way I look and feel everytime I open Nokia Maps. The traffic does suck on it and the program leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to Bing Maps. I let them know this the other night also.

I'm really excited for the pro because of the pen as well. I can't wait to use OneNote on it for my chemistry and molecular biology courses
Question for you guys: on the lumia 920, if you make the background colour white, do you see any light bleeding from the edges?

About the Nokia-maps hate..
Here in Sweden Nokia maps is freakin awesome compared to Bing Maps. Nokia Maps actually has POIs here. The maps experience was pretty much useless on my Omnia7.
Same goes for Nokia Music that finds gigs around me.

These things are actually useful on WP over here thanks to Nokia. Bing is still dead outside US so it doesnt matter if it loads faster and automaticly changes to satelite view when zoomed in etc etc.