Gleek! 1.8 Windows Phone 8

glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8 now available on the Windows Phone Store

Popular Twitter client glƏƏk! is now available for Windows Phone 8 to take full advantage of the new tools and functionality available to developers. The developer, Liquid Daffodil has introduced a number of new features in glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8, pleasing those who have just invested in a new Windows Phone.

Of the new features included in the latest version, custom wallpapers are now beamed down from Starship Enterprise should the user configure glƏƏk! to have access to the device lock screen. The setting will include a selection of high quality images that show off the larger displays found on Windows Phone 8 hardware.

Speaking of lock screen integration, both the counter and billboard for new mentions are now supported, providing the user the option to use either when customising the locked view. But what's probably more interesting to power users are the added voice commands that are now present in glƏƏk!.


Using the Windows Phone speech recognition feature, users can launch glƏƏk!, compose new tweets and more. But that's not all as the developer has gone the extra mile by including voice commands within the app, that don't require a press + hold on the Windows button. Example: when selecting a tweet, one can simply say "quote" or "reply" and the app will start a new tweet depending on which command is detected. This is available for a number of actions.

Check out our quick walkthrough of what's new in the Windows Phone 8 version (as well as a look at the new voice commands):

You can download glƏƏk! from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (£1.49), with a free trial readily available. Thanks, The_coolestnerd, for the tip!

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glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8 now available on the Windows Phone Store


The sad part is, it's a really good client, but I desperately wish it had a different name. I just can't bring myself to use something clearly named after the TV show Glee and it's Gleek followers. I just can't do it.

The app name has NOTHING to do with any teen TV. The term "gleek" is slang for the inadvertent squirt of spit that sometimes accompanies a yawn. We had never even heard of the show actually until after we created the app. But, note, the app is actually named glƏƏk! and is pronounced "gl-uh-uh-k". Not that it helps, but at least we provided accurate info. :)

Hey Codesmith, I just gotta say ... your active feedback on here makes a huge difference. Knowing you guys are active in your support is a really big deal (precisely why I chose Nokia over HTC this time around with phones). I'll give Gleek a go... just one question... when can I get it for Windows 8 too? Full screen on Surface would be sweet. ;)

Thanks! We love our fans! BTW both glƏƏk! and Cowlick! have been available on Windows 8 since RTM. Check 'em out.:)

i searched for the apps its not available on  windows 8 store or windows phone store 
why not launch the apps to all countries  

It's the same if you happen to have any sort of issue with one of there creations. be that Mobile or Win8  spot on with getting back to you. Try cowlicks too

LOL ... uh, thanks, referring to it as spit makes it SO much better! :-\
But seriously, I appreciate the information, and I meant what I said... it is a great product. We'll see... I'll give using it some thought... but I *still* hate the name.

Some people are just bothered by it..don't blame him for being who he is. Icon design is precisely why I went with Flashlight XT vs Flashlight-X even though X had more users (and a higher rating I believe).

Those are actually "schwas", real characters, not inverse. Ñ ü and œ are also real characters. Some people just aren't used to looking at them due to language and culture. :)

It also uses reverse letters for some other content in the app itself, maybe friends or so.
It's like htc sense skin, they keep trying to destroy the original experience for no reason just to be "different'

Not often but I'm the person who leaves bad reviews for apps with ugly icons or interfaces. I'm just a bit of a perfectionist like that and its our right to be that way. Microsoft put a lot of effort into making their interface simple and beautiful and I would like to keep my home screen and app list looking good.

I agree about the icon and the UI... but I think the aethetics of the app list is going a little far. It's not the most visual part of the phone as it is and it's usually hidden away so it doesn't have to look amazing.

Really? I somehow destroy your faith in humanity because I don't like the name of a program? If that's the case, I weep for you knowing you'll never find peace in this world.

It's not not liking the name it's the reasoning behind it, it's so silly it actually made me chuckle, your life must be complicated, like Santa Claus is surely a reference to a German name, let's hate the big fellow he might be Nazi.

Yea but so what? What's it to anybody why he doesn't like the app? How does that affect your or anybody else 's experience?

I thought it was named after the monkey in the 60's tv series Lost in Space...or was that the Wonder Twin's monkey on The Super Friends cartoon?

Gleek was the wonder twins monkey, IIRC. As for those not able to get past a name, well... U did the work for me, what else can be said. AMIRITE!?

When is whatsapp coming to wp8?
Btw...the Lumia 920 is the best damn phone i have ever owned/used... its just friggin gorgeous... And all the talk about the weight is just rubbish...oh...the doesn't use pure-view uses pure-sorcery...not even slightly kidding...

Plus 10000 more! just one thing when will cyan be available on at&t I got the white but my heart is set on cyan...

I tried searching it but I couldn't find it...I even tried to download it via just says that this app is not compatible with my phone...

He's talking about WhatsApp. I actually had this for my phone last week but I think they removed it from our store for some reason (running WP8).

Ur right...gleek is an awesome app...probably the best twitter app in the was one of the first apps I downloaded on my phone....(I just did this entire post by using predictive text)...wp8 is just awesome

It should perhaps be mentioned that you need to have the English (US) speech pack installed in order to use voice commands.

Thanks for that clarification. NOTE: Speech support for at least 4 more languages being submitted next week.

Our experience is this is more of a personality choice at this point. glƏƏk!, Cowlick! and Rowi are all top downloads, but usually different types of users.

That's funny I use both as well one each day or I'll use cowlick on the PC and Gleek on my mobile or reversed.

Is that what it is...its so fast and I love the extra tiles you can pin for quick tweets. Even the #nowplaying one is snazzy

Yea I'm curious how this will be effected under Twitter's new restrictions that are set to take hold next year.

We it does, but we accidentally forgot to uncomment one line of code on submission. Update coming in a few days.:)

oh....the famous commenting error :)
I do that a lot of times before moving code from Stage to Prod...and then for a small mistake comes the famous SLA...

Does this app take advantage of the share menu . . . If I open a picture can I hit share, Gleek or do I have to use share to twitter. I like rowi because I don't have to share to Twitter and have it link to SkyDrive. I love peregrine but it drives me crazy they're not in the share menu.

Yes, you can share to app since version 1.0 and even integrates with Local Scout to get Twitter info on restaurants, businesses etc. RE: Fast Resume: we accidentally left one line of code commented out in submission and so Fast Resume coming in a few days. :)

Love this app, bought it and I am enjoying my investment. I like it on windows 8 although I think that it should be cheaper for people who already bought it for WP8. An incentive to see the advantage to be in the windows ecosystems. But I have highly recommend this app with friends and my review.

One thing about the developer, he is one of the most charitable souls around. Which is sad because, IMHO, and as with most developers, they don't make enough. I buy the guys apps just to support his work - more updates, fixes, and other apps. You can't hardly buy a cup of coffee for the asking price of these apps. Take a bottle of water from home and spend the coffee money on guys like this.

Thanks and here at Liquid Daffodil we totally agree. Look for our "Free for Fans" program coming up around Christmas time! :)

I just need to say that you folks at Liquid Daffodil should be celebrated for the support you give to the platform.  You are fantastic.  We need more developers like you who are behind the product and love what you are doing AND who make robust and decent products.  Whether they are to everyones taste is neither here nor there.  Quality develoeprs and products are what will make WP move forward.
Thanks for all you do!

You seriously have no idea how much that comment means to us! We only do what we do because our fans are the best in the world (and Windows Phone rocks!). Thank you for this comment!

Quick query: i have two gleek twitter accounts pinned on my screen. when I come out of one back to the start screen and launch the other, it opens the old one everytime. Is this normal? Its slightly annoying. Surely each tile should launch each account, not just the last one i happened to view.. Thoughts?

Thanks for looking at this. Its when I return to the main account from previously viewing the second account tile that the second account info remains and not the main account.

Anyone else having issues getting the app to remember your place in the timeline? I have that option selected, but it's still taking me back to the top of the timeline every time I open the app...

Yeah, I have the option set to stay where I am, but if you also have it set to refresh on load it loads any new tweets and goes to the top.
I'd like to be able to stay at the tweet I'm on and any new ones load above it (so can read them in order).

You're welcome for the tip guys. Also liquid daffodil also makes some of the best apps for WP and hope they become one of the key indie devs for the platform

My only take on this wonderful client is a very small UI issue, the space wasted for the image and time stamp columns, it males the tweet take a very large vertical area, making the screen take 2-3 tweets only, while not utilizing this space.

We do understand this desire...our goal though was to emulate the spacing of email layout as much as possible...but we are probably going to add optional adjustments for users to make everyone smile.

This has been my main gripe with your app. The horizontal layout for spacing the tweet text is not optimal IMHO.
You can work it out moving the inline-images to the bottom (or top) of the tweet via the settings menu so we can have a choice to fill all the available horizaontal space for the tweets text.
One example of a great layout is Mehdoh, which due to this issue, is still my main twitter client. I'm constantly chaging to Gleek! after every new version to see if you guys have worked on a new layout/options.
Keep the good work!

Great job. Two things, I feel the app is too slow when I press back from a tweet. Also, when I reach the end of the loaded tweets, I press load more, and nothing happens. Does this happen to someone else? Also, did anyone else noticed "verge mode" :D?

hmm for some reason it keeps sending me back to the main gleek page. not sure if im accidently pressing something or what. try to do an update took me a bit cause i get going back. also, no way to include a list in the main area?

How do I get it to stream new tweets as the come in? Do I really have to hit refresh every time I want to see new content?

I've been retweeting by voice with no problem. I do wish that when you voice opened a new tweet you could dictate it though.

@Codesmith I may be in the minority here but can you make the live tile the same color as the phone accent again? Or make it an option for WP 7.X devices? I don't mean to sound so demanding but I guess my OCD can't take the blue tile within green ones lol. Love your apps and more power to you guys!

So can I finally upload pics without it basically timing out? I guess some sort of size limit. Don't experience that with Rowi which is what I have to use if I want to post pictures.