Microsoft getting Revenge on Windows Phone product placement

See what we did with the title there? Last night on ABC, the hit series Revenge evidently featured the California Blue HTC 8X quite prominently. Not only that, but ABC and Microsoft seemingly tied their new ads into the show quite effectively...

From fan of the show WPQwester:

“The phone was shown specifically in the scene were Victoria Grayson was alerted by a tipster about her husbands infidelity with his son's girlfriend. After the scene ended the Windows Phone ad with Gwen Stefani holding the same HTC 8X (BLUE) variant. Microsoft is doing a fantastic job with its product placements and advertisements in prime time, Kudos on the Windows Phone 8 Brand initiative.”

Indeed all weekend we have been getting tips on plenty of Windows Phone saturation on the airwaves—even iMore’s Rene Ritchie commented on how CBS was being flooded with Microsoft ads, as did Rich Edmonds in the UK. From product placements to ads, Microsoft seems to have it covered.

What about you? Have you seen many more Windows Phone 8 ads this year and what do you think of the campaign so far?

Thanks, WPQwester for the tip; Hamzie and Harry for the screen caps


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Microsoft getting Revenge on Windows Phone product placement


I'm not so sure about a windows phone being used to bring such disturbing news. Can't they use it for something a little more positive :)

"I use my Windows Phone to watch hidden cam videos of my husband having affairs"
Windows Phone, brought to you by AshleyMadison.com  lolololol

Just Demonstrating functionality.....such as the ability to share videos with the quickness! Oh, and if she wanted to, should could have used the chase bank app to pay the private-eyes who outed the low-down rotten scoundrel :)

I've seen plenty of ads on ITV during the high rating shows like X Factor, I'm a Celeb but also Five and 4 are improving on the amount of ads...
Near enough every ad I see tends to be an MS group ads... i.e. Windows Phone, then Win8 and then Surface

Saw cam newton windows phone commercials during nfl games. And that one 8x commercial with the remotes microwave and alarm thing

I find it strange that I've yet to see a WP tv ad. While Microsoft certainly doesn't need to convince me of anything, I'm just surprised that I must not fall into the target demographic.

You have to watch TV to see the ads...:P
But seriously, I don't watch that much TV, but I've seen plenty of WP ads on multiple channels, and I really appreciate it that they aren't joking around this time.

Haha, I primarily watch NBC and Comedy Central. The only WP ads I've ever seen were the smartphone beta test ads. Maybe I'll try to diversify my television tastes.

I thought that was a 920 at first, but I'm pretty sure that was actually a 900.  Take a close look at the screen at has the 7.x interface.  Also, Bruce Campbell tweeted pics from that shoot many months back, I believe a month or 2 after the 900 launched.

It was actually a 900, you can tell by the home screen. Either way I'm happy that windows phone is little by little getting more exposure seemingly from all over the place.

First email notifications are great keep it up wpcentral! 2 I must have missed the scene with the start screen none the less still cool to see it in these tv shows hope they keep it up.

I heard Nokia 920 promos on WFAN radio in NY. I don't watch tv since its 99% crap so can't say how many tv ads appear where I live.

There sure are plenty of 920 ads on TV right now. It's no wonder why people are going to AT&T stores asking for it. Too bad that the stock is so low.

Great job showing it on revenge show. At least it's better than seeing gay boring iphone commercial. IPhone commercial are corny and gay. Like the one showing a person saying cheeseeeeee using the panorama app. WP as an app that cam do that

You're right there, but I also said it a year ago that since windows phones are colorful, they should simply etch NFL, NBA, NLS, ect logos directly onto the phones instead of having customer purchasing cases. People with Lumia tend not to cover it up.....I don't, it's only covered when it holsted on my belt clip. Can you imagine that yellow lumia 920 with Pittsburg's logo, the red one with Washington's logo, the cyan with Miami's logo??? I this they would be a hit.

I'm absolutely loving the saturation of WP8 over the airwaves! Everytime our TV is on regardless of what channel or time, there is a WP8 commercial on within minutes! I've seen AT&T, Verizon, T-Mo, BestBuy, WalMart, and RadioShack all have WP8 commercials. I would really like to see Microsoft start pushing to have their WP logo next to Android and iPhone logos in commercials when an official app is available. I believe this is an area that they ABSOLUTELY MUST address. Hardware is no longer a complaint for potential buyers, it's the perception of a lack of apps available for our OS. WP8 needs to appear just as viable as the 2 major competitors in app selection to gain peoples trust, as the interest is legitimately there.

I don't really watch TV but I saw an ad in an app on my Omnia 7 so I though I'd take a look, only to be surprised that the videos on the linked site won't display on my phone which is a bit ridiculous! Nice going there Microsoft...

Microsoft should be spending more time/money on retail placement instead of ads people fast forward through with their DVRs. I walked into a Best Buy this weekend and the Windows Phones had the worst location, and were fake phones. No one way paying any attention to them. Yet people were lined up buying Android and IPhones.

The tablet showcase was even worse. The one Windows tablet they had was shut off while three salespeople helped customers walk out with iPads. There was even a solid presence at the chromebook display. Yuk! The battles will be won in in the minds of the salespeople.

Windows Phone has not penetrated Best Buy.  There are no Windows Phones in their flyers.  And Best Buy doesn't have Surface, the only Windows Tablet that intelligent consumers want.  Best Buy is going to be a trailing indicator.  They are only going to promote and focus on what consumers come in wanting.  They are not in the business of promoting new products.  It is up to Microsoft to market Windows Phone to the point where Best Buy feels the need to acknowledge it.
OTOH, I walked by an AT&T phone store recently and the windows were full of Windows Phone ads.
Verizon, not so much.  Windows Phone gets the back corner surrounded by Android phones.

Every best buy employee in the computer department at my local store talks down about Windows 8 and has very limited knowledge of WP. Its rather disappointing, but as I watch best buy's stock price plummet, I feel a bit better about it.

Yup, I've seen plenty of wp8/w8 ads/product placement on tv lately. Here in Queens NY there are everywhere too.

I do not approve of tying in product placements within tv shows. That would make me not watch a show. I heard they were doing this with the surface as well. Kind of lame if you ask me.

When I visited NYC 2 weeks ago, there were Surface ads and a few for Windows 8, but I don't recall seeing any phone related ones. Anyone that lives there have an update?

Homeland last night (UK) is sponsored by Nokia and the windows 8 ads were cool. They showed the apps like Netflix then a Netflix ad came on the same with John Lewis and Xbox. Great marketing.

I am seeing frequent ads for Windows Phone and Surface.  I think the Jessica Alba spot is terrific.  I'm not sure if it makes me want Jessica Alba or the phone more, though ;-).

Funny, WP and Surface ads have reversed a TV-DVR behavior for me, where I would hit the 30-second advance button 6-8 times to skip all commercials. Now, I skip one at a time, hoping to see a WP8 or Surface commercial. ;-)

Scandals latest episode.. I tipped you guys last week. It had the lumia 920 and HTC 8x at least 20 times.

One thing to remember is that it takes MONTHS (~4-6) before a TV show goes from being shot, to getting on air.  It will take a little bit of time for a lot of the market placement spots to hit the air.  If your seeing them now, its a good chance it was a set prop and not a working phone ;)  Im sure we will see more.  Its an eye catching series of phones, the UI is great for TV (big icons) and it films well with its matte finish.  

In the Uk tv stations have to put a P on screen during product placement. I don't really look out for or care, as ramming wp8 down my throat will not make me buy one. Bad enough experience with Lumia to make me jump to Iphone or blackberry. :'(

Not at all. just disappointed with poor battery life on lumia 800, and the signal bug. Which only seems to affect this model of phone.

I'm not a m$ fan boy, you obviously are..

It's MS not M$ dumbáss. Your comment makes no sense at all anyway because there's a disproportionate amount of iOS and android placements on TV

I don't know if it's a 920 or a 900, but one or both has been on NBC's The New Normal for most of this season. I've seen it several times now.
I think Microsoft, Verizon, and Nokia are doing a great job with advertising. Been seeing stuff everywhere and I think it's paying off since each time I've been in or passed a Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mo, people have been trying out the Windows Phones.

Hayden Panitierre used a pink Lumia, and another actress used a white one in Nashville a few weeks back.

I have seen advertising for Windows 8, WP8, and surface on every network. I watch a variety if shows.

I see alot of Lumia 822 commercials and some HTC 8x from Verizon. I see many windows 8 ads and its starting to be repetitive. I see the Will Arnett commercial with the beautiful Lumia 920 so carriers so far are trying to show the phone.

I saw some 900s on Scandal. Olivia Pope switched from a white BB to a Nokia WP.
Also saw ads on The Walking Dead as well. Glad they are doing more this go round.

On November 25th's episode of Homeland a Nokia Lumia (not sure which model) was used by a CIA operative to take pictures. Pretty cool.