Nokia looking to release DLNA app Play To for Windows Phone 8 in Q1 2013

Nokia released its DLNA app Play To for Lumia Windows Phones earlier this year, but it has been missing for those who have made the move to Windows Phone 8. According to Eero Penttinen, Lead Programme Manager of Nokia Windows Phone Management, the app is well on its way. The unfortunate matter is it requires DLNA components that still need to be delivered.

There is good news, however as Nokia isn't waiting on Microsoft, but is rather needing to release new firmware to both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 for such apps to be made available. Penttinen states the team is looking at a Q1, 2013 release, which will please many who are eagerly awaiting on the company.

We can expect to see an update (or two) rolled out by Nokia before a DLNA solution is available for Windows Phone 8 Lumia hardware. If you own a Lumia running Windows Phone 7.x (like the Lumia 900 in the above photo), you can download PlayTo from the Nokia Collection.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs, via: WMPU

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Nokia looking to release DLNA app Play To for Windows Phone 8 in Q1 2013


In this day and age not sure how you don't have something for Netflix on your tv I have a TiVo,blu ray player and Xbox all with Netflix and that's just on my main tv no to mention roku are down to 50 bucks

Asking for a buddy actually. Hr wants a Windows Phone bad but he lives in the country and only Verizon is his only choice so if he can't push Netflix to his TV he will have to go Droid with HDMI out.

Of course he has an XBox, but that doesn't help getting Netflix on a TV when his phone is his only Internet device.

u could tether the phone to xbox, not sure how well that works though... kind of wondering if there are any cable/phone that supports hdmi out coming...

At least you have your phone still waiting for my 920 to arrive been on backorder for 4 weeks. So consider yourself lucky

I was lucky to get my 920 from Rogers on Nov 1, I really didn't expect that sort of demand but am glad people are interested in WP!

I was just wondering this the other day.  Well timed article!  I can wait for Q1 next year.  Well, that is if the world doesn't end in a giant, raging fireball!!!!! 

It's nice to finally hear back about this. I feel rather shafted that I upgraded from a 900 to lose this app among others!

I was just looking for a DLNA app yesterday cause I couldn't find the Play To app. Perfect timing. This is definitely something every Nokia wP8 user will be waiting for. Just makes my L920 better.

I use AV Remote, its far better than playto, the only thing it cant do is stream my phones content out, but it does allow me to play "most" AVI files on my phone which is really neat

I'm also using AV Remote with my 8x.  It works well playing things from my NAS and I can play files from the NAS to my Marantz AV processor using AV Remote as a controller to scroll through and select music files.  I've been pleasantly surprised with the app.  

What's the difference between this and smartglass? By the way, I have a onkyo receiver, which I bought the onk remote app... Wonderful app, if you have onkyo. Lets me stream music using DLNA

Smartglass is just like an Xbox guide. Play to puts the content on your phone, say a picture, on your Xbox, blu ray playee, ps3, etc.

I also would like to know... I don't think you can. Just last night I was listening to XBox Music and I wanted to push it to my XBox, but no dice. Couldn't find the option.

Can you push music to the Xbox from the collection on your phone using SmartGlass? Or is that feature locked to specific regions.

UPnP Spy is also worth a look at, it gives you the raw upnp interfaces for devices on ur network, used to to make an xbox stream any internet radio station providing you know the stream url

Yeah definately, upnp/dlna is awesome technology, used right it makes your media accessible on any device controlled by any other device, it would be great to se M/S make better use of it

Disappointing not built into wp8. I talked a friend into getting the 920 by showing him my 900 and this was one feature that sold him on it. Not seeing this on 920 at launch and now finding out we still have to wait possibly several months is sad news. I too upgraded to a 920 and my better camera and video taking abilities can not be seen on the tv thru a standard m.s. Or Nokia app. Fail. Should've been integrated and as others spoke smartglass should have how somehow incorporated dlna streaming.

Have you heard anything from HTC about Connected Media (their equivalent for WP7) on WP8? I've tried raising a support ticket but they don’t seem to understand what I am asking – they keep telling me it’s now called ‘music + video’. Would you guys be able to ask HTC and get through to someone who understands the question; it’s the only DLNA player that I've found that works properly with my Sony TV?

So this is only for pushing content from your phone to another device? I can't see why that would be a big feature people would want or use. Wouldn't people rather stream from another device to your phone?

If you copy content from a friends computer and want to watch it on a big screw or listen to it on better speakers then this is a great way to do that.

It MUST be integrated into WP, the same way Airplay is to Apple products, but using the industry standard DLNA... Hurry up MS, this is a severely lacking area for me...

I scan that QR Code then it opens store and say: Not avaliable for your device... Any ideias why?
i'm on Lumia 820 Portugal
Maybe cause of country ?