An inside look at the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

If you've ever wondered what the inside of your Nokia Lumia 920 looks like but aren't willing to break out the power tools, Nokia has made it a little easier. The video dissection reveals the Pureview camera, Snapdragon processor, wireless charging, and all the other nuts and bolts used in the Lumia 920's construction.

Nokia designed the Lumia 920 from the inside out and it appears that made use of every millimeter of space in the Windows Phone's shell.

Bonus Trivia: This video was used to premier the Lumia 920 back in September on stage for the media.

Source: Nokia via: Conversations by Nokia


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An inside look at the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone


Mine doesn't get warm unless I'm charging it and using it for something intensive like a 3D game and even then its not as hot as my T-II use to get. My battery life is also seems to be good compared to some accounts so maybe there is something to that.

that makes sense since that's where the SoC sit according to the vid
mine gets pretty warm if i open and close a lot of programs

Or "On sale now" would do it for most folks. Even better though, Imagine never knowing about this phone, and next thing you know you're watching this during a football game...Bam!! 
Instant curiosity.

Absolutely. Too bad that all I can think of is "Look! It's the phone I want in the color that's super backordered!"

I love both Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. Windows Phone 8 is awesome, but need more apps in Store.

Yes, great phone! But seriously, this website should be renamed nokiacentral.com.  All I ever hear about is the Nokia. The HTC 8X is a great phone as well. //endrant

Sorry bill_clanless but unfortunately until HTC have events and announce new phones what reason would they have to talk about HTC or Samsung when they have gone over everything there is to know?

Badass video everytime I look
At my 920 when its laying down I just want to pick it up its the best feel in the hand for a Nokia cuz its not a phone its a Nokia. A phone is a little petty piece of shit u talk on a Nokia is a masterpiece of art that looks and feels badass

Wish it launched on every carrier, in every color; no numbers on how many sold yet shows AT&T exclusives are questionable

Big my a**, there is a reason why it has this size, the space is not wasted on crap! Oh I love my yellow Lumia 920 lying on my desk :-D

This video always reminded me of the matrix, often thought it'd be amusing if they went through a sequence like this every time they made a call

Yoo-hoo! Got my phone! I was somewhat worried about the weight and thickness. I honestly think its all overrated just to make Nokia look bad. Its perfect! Marko A. was not lying when said it feels good in the hand. Though I do have some quirks about the camera. I'm no convinced yet. I need to see a true earth shaking camera photo battle against the iPhone. No one, not even in youtube has truly done this. Guess I'm gonna have to do it myself, against my coworkers. So that she'll never brag to me about the iPhone ever again! You know she says to me, "once you go mac, you'll never go back." Gerrrrr! What do I say?

I switched to my Lumia 920 from a 4S. I was deciding between iPhone 5 and the top shelf windows phone. I use my old windows phone 7 as my work phone. The 4S is currently collecting dust.

Love my red 920. Got my wife's yellow yesterday along her yellow charging plate but not my red charging plate still waiting.