Tunein Radio gets an update for Windows Phone. Kind of works again.

Good news for those on Windows Phone 8 or just use Tunein Radio, as you can now download version 2.3 from the Store.

The popular streaming radio app was “hidden” from Windows Phone 8 users due to compatibility problems but we were able to now download and load it up. The app has not been updated for Windows Phone 8 in the sense that it does not have new graphics, fast resume, doublewide Tile or anything cool—it just “works” now.  We put works in quotes because we still find some stations are hit and miss, but the majority are there and do play.

We’re still not fans of Tunein’s design too much—everything seems a little too tiny (they’d be better served by using a Tile system for the menu), but the app at least looks decent.  But like we said, you can use the app on your new phone and hopefully the Tunein team will now focus on some proper Windows Phone 8 features. Streaming radio is even more important on Windows Phone 8 due to the fact that FM HD radio is evidently no longer supported or included.

Grab Tunein Radio version 2.3 (though it may say 2.2) from the Store here. Thanks, Brenda, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Tunein Radio gets an update for Windows Phone. Kind of works again.


Yup. Really miss it since I went from my HD7 to my 810.  I didn't realize until that evening that it was unavailable on WP8 when I hit the hay and was ready to play some tunes.
I really like the Win 8 version on both my laptop and Surface.

Anyone see tango for windows phone 8? Can't find for the Lumia 920. Don't wanna download Skype yet because of hearing issues related to it.

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The problem is when I'm at the gym and they have dozens of tvs on. The audio of each tv is broadcast via inhouse fm stations. Used yo listen to the tv on my phone... Can't anymore.

YES!!! This made my day, was upset the minute I didn't see TuneIn on the Store for WP8, now I can continue listening to Pulse 87 :-D... So far this is the only app that has been consistent with knowing my previous settings... moved from Focus -> 900 -> 920 and every time I download the app all of the stations I have set as my favorites are already there :-D

Yes!!!  Been waiting (impatiently) for this.  Doesn't have everything yet (WFAN, for example), but close enough.

Not being able to install TuneIn after getting my Lumia 820 was a big disappointment. It's one of the most important apps for me. So that is really good news.

Excellent!  Didn't have to wait too long for this after getting my Lumia 920 a week or two ago. My favourite and most used app on both iOS and Android is now here. Great!

So excited to see where Tunein was available again to download, then saw where 3/4 of my Presets are blocked. Boo. I can't imagine why a Radio Station would want to restrict it's listeners ability to listen from afar. Still, happy that the app is available for WP8!

I don't understand this either because if you try tune in on windows 8 (the app), it will play all the stations that are blocked on the windows phone 8 app. How dumb is that! I really hope the update this soon.

I'm confused by what you can and can't do on wp8. When I heard that the 920 didn't have fm radio, I was dissuaded from giving up my 900. I use tune in to stream live phish radio often. Is this possible on a 920 or not?

No, you put "works" in quotes to add some air of potential controversy and negativity where none otherwise exists.....

I wonder if most of the channels that are blocked are from CBS radio, because a couple of the Fan stations i used to listen to stopped working on the RT app a couple weeks ago as well.  The only way you can hear them now is through radio.com.  So it looks like some kind of licensing spat between CBS and TuneIn.

So, the whole meme from Microsoft, about "all apps for WP7 will work for WP8" wasn't really true, was it?
The latter is essentially an entirely new OS that most applications will *need* to be updated for.

It works, but it does crash quite often on my HTC 8X. Music keeps playing, but the app is gone. Still the best webradio client available! All others seem amateuristic compared to TuneIn.