Rotate your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen wallpaper with Paper Shuffle

Paper Shuffle for Windows Phone 8

Paper Shuffle is a Windows Phone 8 app that will rotate lockscreen wallpaper images automatically.  While there is a native Windows Phone 8 feature to do this through Bing, those images are chosen at random.  Paper Shuffle lets you choose the images in the wallpaper rotation.

Paper Shuffle is a simple app that lets you select images from your Pictures Hub that can be rotated automatically at various intervals. To add an image, just hit the + button on the Paper Page of Paper Shuffle. Unfortunately you can't add complete galleries but instead the images must be added one at a time.

Paper Shuffle

From there you can swipe over to the Settings Page to determine the rotation interval (hourly, daily, every other day, every week). You can also manually shuffle the image if you feel the need for change sooner.

Paper Shuffle is a nice app if you like variety with your Windows Phone lockscreen but really don't want the images to be random. Paper Shuffle has a trial version that is limited to a three image rotation. The full version is currently running $.99.

You can find Paper Shuffle here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Rotate your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen wallpaper with Paper Shuffle


I'm currently using the Astronomy wallpaper app, but I'll definitely download this for use at some point in the future.

Right now, you can add photos *one at a time* from online galleries such as SkyDrive, etc. (basically anything plugged into your Photos Hub). This is because I am utilizing a built-in SDK API for the photo chooser task, so it's all hooked up for free (from my developer perspective).
In my next update, I add the ability to add an entire album at once. There is no official SDK API for this action, so I had to write it myself. Because of this, I started with only adding local albums.
I am currently investigating adding entire online albums. It will depend on how easy the SkyDrive APIs are to work with. Hope this answers your question!

Is there a way you could add time increment in minutes too. I like it changing faster. And about the flipping tiles, why not show previous locksceen in the tile (smalll, mid and larger).

Unfortunately, due to limitations by the SDK, the fastest any developer can change the wallpaper would be 30 minutes. I can gladly add that setting in if you want it, but it's not *too* much more than 1 hour, so let me know how much you want it ;)
As for the tiles, that's a good idea, and I've gotten similar feedback. I'll probably do something schmancier with the live tile in a future update similar to your idea, if not exactly.

I would be happy with anything faster than 1 hour or as fast as it could get. I realize you could change wallpapers based on location (not sure) could you look into it. Thanks. (just bought it to add more photos)

Alright, I will add that in the next (next) update!
As for location aware changing, it might be very possible. I'll have to look into it.

Hi there, I bought your app, but its not rotating the pics I have selected! All I see is the Apps own wallpaper. I have it pinned to homescreen and even uninstalled and installed back a couple of times. What could the reason?
ps. just reinstalled again, have not waited an hour yet to see if it is now rotating my pics or not.

Updates are usually not *exactly* on the hour (if you chose hourly). There is a +/- 10 minute margin of error. The reason for this is because the app does not continuously run in the background (if it did, it wouldn't be good for your battery!). Please wait a little bit longer!

Let me just say I think it's fucking awesome for an app developer to show up and participate in the discussion. I will be buying this app the second I get a WP8 device.

Thanks! I really like to engage. When you make something, you have this preconceived notion of how people you will use it.. and typically it's shattered when you let it out into the wild, lol.

For example, I did not anticipate the number of people who would use incredibly large (2MB+) images, because personally, I like to use exact resolution wallpapers. The next update with cropping should help address these issues, but I am making even more fixes to make sure the experience is smooth for everyone.

There can't be a wp7.5 version, the auto-switching wallpaper is wp8 exclusive. Maybe that will change with 7.8

Cool, didn't another developer announce a similar app this week? I am hoping to make one for myself too. Good to have competition.

Thanks for this app. Looking forward to the discussed updates. Works great. Well worth a buck to see a new picture of my kids every day.

I'm using the trial, seems like the shuffle feature is kind of broken. It works sometimes, but not most of the time. Does your code check for how many photos are added? 

Because of the way the OS grants apps background permissions, there's no way to update the wallpaper *right* on the dot. Updates are usually within +/- 10 minutes of the requested setting.

Sorry, I meant the force shuffle button in the app. Most of the time I get the message "Setting wallpaper failed. Please add more images first" which makes me think maybe you're using a random number generator, but not checking for total number of images selected? 

Hmm this is the first I've heard of this issue. Is there any out of the ordinary about your images? Are they really big, maybe? And stupid question, but have you added at least 2 images? I know the "shuffle" button will definitely fail if you add only 1 image, because there's technically nothing to shuffle. Sorry if this doesn't help, but if you are still having problems, you can email me the images you're using to imaginarypocket@gmail.com, and I can try to reproduce what's going on with you.

I'm using the trial, so just 3 images selected. They're all just photos that was taken on my Lumia 920 (but selected from Skydrive album as I exchanged the phone). I just tried shuffling on and on again, and it seems that there's more success now. I would say probably 60% success. 

I found an issue where if the image is >2MB, the Windows Phone "set lock screen" API denies the image because it's too big. In my next update, which has cropping/resizing, it should get around this issue since you will be able to size the image to the appropriate size of your phone.
Deeply sorry for any inconvenience until then!

That makes sense! Out of the three, two were compressed, and one was uploaded in its original size to SkyDrive (1.99MB). And now I notice that uncompressed image never gets set to be the wallpaper.

this is great app, but there are a few really nice images that come default on my lumia 920 i want to use that i can't seem to access or save to my pictures hub.  by default in phone settings, when i go to set the lockscreen in settings, it lets me choose bing or a picture.  when i choose a picture, it opens up picture hub and one of the album is called "backgrounds" which has a few nice pictures and different shades of color that seem to be default with windows phone 8.  so i been using one of those pics for awhile, but if i try to go to the photos the "backgrounds" album doesn't show up or hidden from view.  how can i access that so i can choose one of those pictures to include in my paper shuffle?