Buy a Nokia Lumia 920 in Vietnam. Get a free rice cooker? Deal.

We’ve seen some fairly fantastic offerings paired up when purchasing a Windows Phone lately, whether it’s a free charging pad, discounted phones or a Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

And it makes sense to see regional variations of such deals, such as in Vietnam where you can get a free wireless Microsoft mouse and a rice cooker.

Yes, for USD $695 (13,900,000 Dong) you can buy the Nokia Lumia 920 in white and get a free Philips rice cooker—because it just makes sense: white phone, white rice. Right?

Personally, we're on the lookout for a deep frier deal in the South. Have an interesting regional offering for a Windows Phone? Let us know.

Source: Nguyenkim; via: Reddit


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Buy a Nokia Lumia 920 in Vietnam. Get a free rice cooker? Deal.


I thought it was a quite obvious one considering the info related in the article.. :-P Would be nice if it had NFC inbedded aswell, tab the phone to start the cooker and get info on your phone when the rice is done ect.. ^^

A Japanese company did demonstrate a high-tech rice cooker which can be controlled by a smartphone app via NFC. But it's pretty overkill because even kids know how to cook steam rice from scratch in east Asia.

Nokia Vietnam offers free charging pad and wireless Microsoft mouse for pre-orders in some major retail stores ;) Trust me, I'm from Vietnam lol

Dooood! I would love a free rice cooker. I love my rice cooker! Seriously. :) Somehow I don't think it would be as popular in Canada.

If it was a bottle of maple syrup, I'd be sold. I always bring some back with me whenever I visit Canada.

Yet another offer early adopters miss. I'd love to be making rice as I wirelessly charge my 920 all while using my purity headphones. Psh.

I seriously wouldn't doubt that this is an easier promotion to fill than the charging pad, and part of the reason why they are offering this instead.

I wish nokia 920 body design and very light weight like HTC 8x many weak people will not complain too much of nokia weight

Great now I can eat with it on my food. Instead of boring American food of cold cuts and chip & dip. Hahaha

Nokia Vietnam only offers free wireless charging for preorder Lumia. The rice cooker (about 25 usd) is Nguyen Kim's bonus deal :-)