Windows Phone 8S by HTC available at Three UK

The HTC 8S is now available from Three UK on contracted plans as well as Pay As You Go. Pricing starts at £17 a month with no upfront cost for the smartphone, or £179.99 SIM-free (locked to the carrier). The device joins the HTC 8X and is the company's low-end Windows Phone 8 offering, but isn't a slouch by any means.

The Essential Internet 100 mobile plan starting at £17 for the HTC 8S on Three includes 250MB data, 100 minutes, 5,000 SMS and is a 24-month contract. It's also available on the carrier's One Plan at £28 a month, which sports unlimited data, 2,000 minutes, and a 5,000 SMS allowance.

Three Windows Phone

It's an affordable Windows Phone, but powered by a dual-core CPU and sports SDCard compatibility and will run all apps and games with no problem at all.

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Windows Phone 8S by HTC available at Three UK


At AU$275 that is insanely cheap! Considering the 8X and 920 both failed to deliver on microSD, I could see myself getting this or the 820

It's smart for $275... I really want the 8X or 920 - but without microSD I'm not willing to pay $700-800 when they fail to deliver on my #1 priority - storage. My HD7 only has 16 GB and I'm constantly moving things off or deleting things. The 920 with 32GB is pretty good, but it really annoys me that the mid-range phones can have more storage (64 Gb plus onboard) than the flagship model. The Ativ is close, but the screen is too big, it's not available and I hate the build quality of Samsung phones. At $275 I'd be willing to UPGRADE from my HD7 as the 8S is still better than that. Sure, the resolution isn't as good as the 8X or 920, but I'm happy with the res on my HD7 so should I really care?
The reality is, I'm not going to upgrade to WP8 until I can have a 4.3" mobile with 32GB and microSD. Perhaps I'll be waiting for a long time, but at the moment there are no compelling reasons to upgrade to WP8.

true this is a mid range phone. God knows why they call it a low end phone. Its specs are bascially the same as the iphone 4, even better in some instances and you wouldnt call the iphone 4 a low end phone. I picked my 8S up today from Phones4U. £230 for the black/white one unlocked :D

What a missed opportunity not having it come to the US! I know a phone like this would be PERFECT for my dad. I would get it because he doesn't need fancy features. Just the basic smartphone features and the Windows Phone interface rocks!

prob a cheaper and better phone is the newly announced lumia you kind of lucked out nt being able to buy this

They haven't announced the 620 for the US, either. I would love to see it in a blister pack in the Walmart prepaid section, though. It would make a nice 2nd phone for me.

Also, a large part why Android has such a large smartphone market share is because a lot of people opt for cheaper smartphones. I think this would eat away at that market. Especially of what you are getting for the price!

You're right... Fortunately AU$25/month is only $5/month more than I'm paying now on PAYG. If that deal was available in Australia I'd jump on it!

this design deserve higher spec or at least with that price there should be a front facing camera ,nfc and 8g storage