Samsung ATIV S "in testing" at O2 in Ireland; coming soon?

Samsung's delayed ATIV S is in the testing phase at O2

A forum page over on O2 Ireland's site indicates that they are currently testing the Samsung ATIV S on their network. The post says that testing began on December 4 for both the ATIV S and the HTC 8S. It isn't clear just how long the testing process will take, but it may be an indicator that both phones are very close to being released.

The Samsung ATIV S was the first Windows Phone 8 device announced and the last to show at the party. For reasons still unexplained, it has been delayed, with rumored release dates ranging from the end of December to sometime in February 2013. Windows Phone Central received a communication from Samsung saying that the ATIV S was still on track for the "end of the year."

O2's testing of the device and appearances of ATIV S-related advertising materials various retailers' ads and stores both seem to corroborate this, though it still remains to be seen. Samsung was quick to throw their hat in the Windows Phone 8 ring, but has since been left in the dust by HTC and Nokia, who have both released hero and mid-range phones, along with massive marketing campaigns. Samsung is clearly focused on the Android market, but if they hope to get any significant slice of WP8, they had better get a move on.

Source: O2;  Thanks for the tip, Skunkwurx!


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Samsung ATIV S "in testing" at O2 in Ireland; coming soon?


It is a pity that this is the same company that made the Focus. That was a great phone that did a lot for Windows Phone. It didn't take a long time to release and it was the "phone to beat" for a good year in the Windows Phone spectrum.

I have the first Samsung Focus and it still works great. I'm holding out for the ATIV S on AT&T. I just hope they offer it in the near future.

The Lumia 920 is coming to Ireland on 1st February. So said Nokia Ireland on Facebook yesterday. No pricing or carriers mentioned.

Does ROI have LTE yet? The date of 1Feb sounds like a date that could be a launch of LTE in Ireland on any network (potentially VF?). Having UK and ROI terrestrial tv signals canned on the same date this year and the race to launch LTE in its wake this maybe the date for Ireland with UK following shortly. Further it also ties in with VFUK saying they'll launch with their inhouse retail teams WP8 in the new year.

I'm glad I got the sexy red HTC 8x with wireless charging backplate and awesome beats than waiting for this thing come to Verizon

Their holding back the US release until the Nokia 940 is released - maybe next year...  : )

Windows Phone is an afterthought for Samsung.  
I'd rather support companies like Nokia and HTC who actually give a crap about the OS and its community.  Thanks, but no thanks Samsung.  You can keep your shoehorned GS3 scrap of a phone.

Samsung AtivS is available on Phone4u thru Vodafone and is promised to be delivered within days. Check it out.

Does anyone just have the urge to facepalm anytime u hear anything about the ativ s. I swear it's like whatever now

I've been very happy with my Focus S and have been waiting for the ATIV S before I make a decision on a WP 8 phone.  It looks like Samsung is unable or unwilling to compete in the US market so it makes the decison eaiser now.
Now it's between Nokia and HTC. Samsung is in the rear view mirror. 

Seem to remember something about a removable memory card on this phone. That might make it well worth the wait for some. Anyway, can't have too too many wp8 phones afaic

The situation is picking up pace in Canada too. Just yesterday, I saw flyers advertising the Ativ S from Telus for $99 and Rogers for $79 only to find out that BestBuy is trying to sort out some "inventory issues" so they won't be available this week. I'm expecting this to come out before Boxing Day at least or they'll miss out on quite a few sales.
Nice to see it finally come through though as it is the only option for some people (carieer wise).

Phones 4U have dummy units on show, they wouldn't be showing this if the devices wasn't going to launch within the next few weeks.

Samsung is a piece of Shit... I am cursing myself to take Samsung Omnia W... Samsung doesn't care about WP... they are just shoving GS3 up each others asses.... and then they come up with ATIV S when they are tired of shoving it...

Samsung are crap. They know the ATIV isn't going to sell when alternatives include the 920 and the 8X... they'd do better to kill the ATIV now before it loses them any further money...

Guess im one of the few actually looking forward to this phone. But, if it's not here by upgrade time, just might have to get the 8X.